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There's no hiding the fact that Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon pays homage to the Original Dragon, Bruce Lee. There would be no Bruce Leroy without Bruce Lee. What would a website devoted to The Last Dragon be without giving credit to the First Dragon: Bruce Lee.

There are all sorts of references and direct homages to Bruce Lee in The Last Dragon. In the Classic Movie theater scene where Shonuff is introduced, Enter the Dragon is the movie he interrupts & of course there's The Glow video compilation/music video Laura Charles (Vanity) puts together to impress Leroy so she can show him some moves. (Scroll to bottom of page to watch Laura Charles' Tribute to Bruce Lee- The Glow)

Bruce Lee

Born: November 27, 1940
Where: San Francisco, California
Raised: Hong Kong
Died: July 20, 1973

After Bruce Lee's untimely death in 1973 hundreds of want to be Bruce Lees suddenly emerged in countless martial arts films. Claims that they had been taught or were close personal friends of Mr.Lee were numerous. Everyone wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. They tried to fight, talk, act and walk like him. They even used modified versions of his name and movie titles. Maybe you've heard of some of them: Bruce Le, Bruce Li, Bruce Leigh, Dragon Lee, etc. Some straight out used his name, others claimed that they were possessed by the spirit of Bruce Lee.

Don't be confused by these imposters. Bruce Lee only starred in 5 films: Enter the Dragon, Return of the Dragon (aka Way of the Dragon), Chinese Connection, (aka Fists of Fury) Fists of Fury (aka The Big Boss) and Game of Death.

Also be warned he is barely in Game of Death since the movie wasn't completed until after his death.
A small amount of footage was shot before his death sometime around 1972 or 73 but the entire movie was never filmed nor was the script (written by Bruce Lee) completed. The shots with Bruce Lee are exceptional and worth watching just to see the legendary fight between the 5'7" Lee and the 7'2" Kareem Abdul Jabbar. (who was actually a student of Lee's) The rest of the movie was made with a replacement actor (very easy to spot) and clips from other movies made by Lee when he was alive.

Many far fetched rumors surround the death of Bruce Lee. Who really knows what happened, but officially the cause of his death was a cerebral edema which occurred shortly after the completion of the filming of Enter the Dragon. This edema was caused by a hyper sensitive reaction to some sort of headache medicine.

Out of respect the to Legend I believe this report and feel it is not important to speculate and stir up misconceptions any further. Although I do admit there are some strange circumstances surrounding his death. One of them being the strange similarities in circumstances surrounding the tragic death of his son Brandon Lee.

Brandon was killed while filming the movie The Crow. He was accidentally shot by a prop gun that was not actually a prop. This movie was going to be Brandon's biggest film so far in his promising career much as Enter the Dragon was going to be for Bruce. Both were about to release the movie that would turn them into huge stars, but neither lived to enjoy the success.

Another eerie fact is that in the movie Game of Death Bruce Lee's character is an actor. While filming a scene in a movie within the real movie, prop guns are replaced with real guns and Bruce Lee's character is shot and seemingly killed.

This scene was shot in 1978 almost 15 years before a very similar accident killed Brandon Lee. Was this very strange similarity a coincidence?  Some sort of curse like the 1993 movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story refers too? Was Brandon's death really an "accident"... I'm not one to spread rumors so you didn't hear anything from me... for more on the strange connections between the deaths of Bruce and Brandon Lee check out The Last Dragon Tribute Blog article: Does Bruce Lee's Game of Death Reveal What Really Killed Brandon Lee?

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