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 A boy ( or old man) and his Skis
Lake Mead, Nevada

The thrill of riding a jet ski on a beautiful desert lake is something that makes life worth living.  The hot desert wind in your face and the cool water splashing over your body as you fly over the waves...it does not get better than this. (except possibly sex, naa) 

I present to you the "Pineapple Express" and the "Orange Crush".  They are Sea-doo Sparks...light weight plastic jet skis that are made to freestyle, and if you don't hang on when you hit the throttle the ski will leave you in the dust or should I say water.  You gotta love em, I do.


And when the summer is gone!!!!

High in the mountains it is time to feel the snow under my skis and the burn in my legs as I cruise down a steep mountain trail.  On this day it feels like I am standing still and the mountain is moving under my skis.  It is a good day at Squaw Valley.

Here I am with my good friend Jeff at Brianhead Utah.

Crystal and Noah
 My friend and sometimes girlfriend Crystal and  my son Noah, the best kid you could ever have.  He is smart and very funny.  He makes straight  A's (except a B in math).  He is in second grade  and he skis, swims, plays baseball, rides a bike,  scoots, and can play any video game you put in  front of him.  Noah is awesome and Crystal is ok too. lol

Hampton Inn 
Las Vegas/Summerlin
In a suburb of Las Vegas sits the Hampton Inn Las Vegas/Summerlin.  For 14 years I have gotten up almost every morning and gone to work at this hotel.  I am of course the oldest (in more ways than one) employee at this hotel.  I enjoy getting up and going in to work everyday because one never knows what challenges each new day will bring.  Heres to 14 more years my friends, at the Hampton Inn Las Vegas/Summerlin.

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