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Welcome to Round I of the Google Maps/Geo challenge. Starting from now, you will have until 4:30 P.M. PDT to complete the following questions. All of these questions have a single right answer.

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  1. What is the latitude and longitude of the Moscone Center at  747 Howard St San Francisco, CA 94103 as returned by the Maps API geocoder?
  2. What is the elevation at 37.4216227, -122.0840263 (hint: use the elevation service)?
    4.1554971 meters
  3. "A Fusion Table with id 54321 contains the following columns:
    name, type = STRING
    age, type = NUMBER
    location, type = LOCATION

    with the following data:
    Bob, 32, “Palo Alto, CA”
    Steve, 45, “Sunnyvale, CA”
    Alyssa, 33, “San Jose, CA”

    Construct a query to return the name and age of all rows within a 5 mile radius from the lat,long coordinates 37.1, -122. "
    SELECT name, age FROM 54321 WHERE ST_INTERSECTS(location, CIRCLE(LATLNG(37.1, -122), 8046.72))
  4. I need to find out the address at 33° 52′ 1″ S, 151° 11′ 45″ E. What is the full URL you would need to issue to the The Google Maps Geocoding Web Service to get the answer?,151.19583&sensor=false

Round II

Walking Tours of San Francisco
Build a mobile web app to record and recommend walking tours around the sights of San Francisco for I/O attendees who have never been to the city before

Extra points for incorporating:
  • Street View
  • Showing the elevation profiles for each walk
  • Implementing a Styled Map
  • Using fusion tables