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Welcome to Round I of the GWT/Developer Tools challenge. Starting from now, you will have until 9:30 A.M. PDT to complete the following questions. All of these questions have a single right answer.

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  1. Which version of GWT was made available for download from on Dec 16, 2010?
  2. What is the name of the person who demoed on stage with Bruce Johnson at last year's I/O?
    Ben Alex
  3. What is the update site URL for installing the Google Plugin for Eclipse into Eclipse 3.6?
  4. Which Cloud Service Provider does the Google Plugin for Eclipse easily deploy to?
    App Engine
  5. Does the GWT compiler support Java reflection?
  6. What URL can you download the latest GWT source from?
  7. If your GWT module is named "myapp", what is the name of the file you reference in the <script src="…"> tag that loads your GWT app?
  8. What is the name of the interface you extend to create a view using an XML template?
  9. What is the four letter acronym for the mechanism that allows GWT developers to call from Java source into native Javascript source?
    JavaScript Native Interfaces (JSNI)
  10. What flag can you pass to the GWT compiler to enable faster, less optimized compilation?

Round II

Interactive simulation of a Countdown in GWT

To show our love for developers, we created a Valentine's Day version of the Google I/O countdown clock, where our exploding dots changed into hearts floating in the wind. Your challenge will be to express your passion for software development by re-inventing the countdown at Small tweaks or (better yet) complete re-imaging of the experience is welcome.   

  • Should allow count downs of up to 365 days to a given date
  • Must be written using GWT
  • You are encouraged to use latest HTML5 constructs such as Canvas, WebGL, etc
  • The application may work only on the latest stable Chrome build (does not have to work on older browsers)
  • Smaller resulting javascript code size is important
  • Fast initial load and overall performance is important
  • Hosting on App Engine a plus
  • Developed in Eclipse and publish source code on Google Project Hosting a plus
  • Bonus if it works well on Android
  • Consider submitting a video demo of the cool interactive of your app so we are sure to see all the great work you have done.   

Consider leveraging the following technologies:
  • Google Plugin for Eclipse -
  • App Engine -
  • Google Project Hosting -
  • Eclipse -