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Welcome to Round I of the Game Developer challenge. Starting from now, you will have until 9:30 A.M. PDT to complete the following questions. All of these questions have a single right answer.

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  1. According to legend, one platinum-selling game ended up with more copies in a Texas landfill than ever sold to consumers. Who designed that game? Howard Scott Warshaw
  2. What is the probability of rolling 3 sixes in a row with a standard die? 1/216
  3. Complete this sentence: Up Up Down Down...Left Right Left Right B A Select Start
  4. In Super Mario Bros 3, what powerful item is only found on one stage in world 5, and nowhere else in the entire game? Kuribo's Shoe
  5. What data structure did the 1993 game DOOM use to accelerate raycasts? BSP (binary space partitioning) tree
  6. A decommissioned ICBM launch facility in the New Mexico desert is a prominent setting in what well-known game? Half Life
  7. What was the first game console to be classified as a supercomputer for purposes of U.S. export law? Sony Playstation 2
  8. Which is NOT a capital city in World of Warcraft:
    1. Thunder Bluff
    2. Darnassus
    3. Ironforge
    4. Stormcloud City
    5. Orgrimmar
    6. Exodar
  9. In multiplayer Starcraft II, what air unit has the longest range? Viking
  10. Red, blue, yellow, black, and white are the colors of which popular videogame creatures? Angry Birds
Round II

Create an Original Game
The game must use HTML5 features and run on an unmodified copy of Chrome, and it must fit one of the following themes:
  • Order in chaos
  • Don't be evil
The game must be delivered as a Chrome Web Store package (.crx). Publishing the game to the web store is encouraged but not required.