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Welcome to Round I of the Google Apps challenge. Starting from now, you will have unitl 4:30 P.M. PDT to complete the following questions. All of these questions have a single right answer.

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We've included a list of ~150 URLs in the following Spreadsheet  Each of these URLs will return a text/plain document containing a stock symbol.  Each of these URLs will return a text/plain document containing a stock symbol.  Look up yesterday's (close of US stock market on March 28th) closing price for each of these stocks, round it to 2 decimal points, and find the median value. $10.59 or EPIC

Round II
Automation on Apps Scripts

Choose a task that you do regularly and automate it with Apps Script.  Some examples are here:
  • Bonus points if you integrate with a third-party (non-Google) API to solve this challenge.