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You will have 30 minutes from when your challenge is announced to submit your answers for Round I, using the form at the right. Please note that this 1-page form will not be accessible until the contest is officially open. Be prepared to submit the following in the 30 minutes that you are allotted and keep a close eye on the countdown:
  • You will need to accept the Terms & Conditions as outlined in the Contest Rules, in addition to submitting your full name, email address and answers for the Quickfire Challenge. A preview of the form appears at the right.
  • The 200 highest scoring individuals will be selected to proceed to Round II. Scores will be based upon number of correct answers and speed of entry.
Round I:
Welcome to Round I of the App Engine challenge. Starting from now, you will have until 9:30 A.M. PDT to complete the following questions. All of these questions have a single right answer.

Accept the Terms & Conditions to the Contest Rules and submit your answers at one of mirrored forms below.

Use the form that corresponds with your last name:
A - L:
M - Z:

Submit a URL for an App Engine app that will take one URL get parameter called input (http://<yourappid>, that is an integer, and return a payload containing a json response containing the Fibonacci number for that integer in the format {“result”: number}.
  • Wrong inputs should return a json payload in the format {“exception”: “string that explains cause of the exception”}
A few examples of input parameters that were they handled correctly for the Round I challenge:

App Engine App
Create an interesting app using one or more of these App Engine APIs:
  • Blobstore
  • Fast image serving
  • Mapper
  • Channel
  • Pipeline
  • Task Queues