Tips & Tricks

Here I will be listing some of the tricks I have discovered over the years which make trading, gifting and catching more effective.
All walktroughs are for Firefox. I have no idea how to apply this to any other browser, but FF is free and good, so no reason to use anything else. :-P

If there is any topic you would like to see a thorough guide for, please let me know and I'll be happy to consider doing it (or link you somewhere where it has already been done). :-)


- How to make Firefox faster & better

- Trading (before Teleport - outdated information!)

- How to get Views

- How to catch somethin during a mass-drop

- How to create a Zombie

If you try any of them out, I really do appreciate feedback. :-)
(PM me at the DC forums, or drop me a line in my Guestbook, yes?)


- Breeds & Biomes (standard available DC breeds, their egg descriptions & where to find them)

- Sprite changes Spring 2010

Tools & Templates

- Lineage-planning Templates