Season's Change

Project Goal

To build a 5th gen even-gen lineage composed purely of Seasonal Dragons from my own scroll, forming a changing mirrored pattern.
The names spell out the first verse and chorus of the Spanish version of the song "Seasons in the Sun".

Lineage Plan & Progress

Project Status:

The final dragon: Epocas de sol

If you would like a sibling of the final dragon, please let me know and I'll add you to the waiting list! :-


Summer 2011:
- Project Idea & Planning [DONE]
- Breed 2 2nd gen summers from CB Spring pairs [DONE]
- Test-breed 2 CB Summer-Pairs [DONE]

Autumn 2011:
- Breed 2 2nd gen autumns from CB Summer pairs [DONE]
- Breed 2 3rd gen Autumns from Spring x Summer [DONE]
- Test-Breed 2 CB Autumn Pairs [DONE]

Winter 2011/12:
- Breed 2 2nd gen Winters from CB autumn pairs [DONE]
- Test-Breed 2 Winter pairs [DONE]

Spring 2012 2013:
There was a 1-year break because Seasonal Dragons weren't breeding during Spring 2012!
- Breed 2 2nd gen Springs from CB Winter pairs [DONE]
- Breed 2 3rd gen Springs from Spring x Winter [DONE]
- Breed 2 4th gen Springs from Spring x Autumn [DONE]

Summer 2012 2013:
- Breed final 5th gen from Spring x Spring [DONE]

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