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This site is dedicated to my ways of playing DC, so probably not interesting unless you're a player, too (if then ;-P)...
If you'd like to tell me anything, please use the contact data below or drop me a message in the guest book.

Contact & Basic Info

Forum name: Lastalda
PM me at the DC-Forums.
Timezone: Central Europe Time (= UTC+1)

My Wishlist

How I play

Collecting goal: Of every breed I try to collect a breeding pair and later a pair of frozen hatchlings bred from this pair. Exceptions are made for one-gender-breeds (there only one adult plus hatchling). If the dragon cannot breed with members of its own breed, then I'll find them another mate within my collection.
Now that my collection is done except for new releases, I'm mostly doing lineages. For this, I have collected at least two pairs of CBs of almost all breeds (the few missing ones are listed here and either metal, no longer possible to obtain, or newly released), and am now mostly breeding them or their offspring to make pretty lineages. :-)
I have also raised my CB goal to 5 CB pairs, where possible. An overview over my CBs can be found here.

Naming: I usually give my dragons Spanish names with a meaning that fits their breed. One word-names for females, two word (or longer)-names for males. Bred & frozen hatchlings are named "Hijo/Hija de [noun fitting their breed]", which means "son/daughter of [noun]".
Exceptions are made for lineage dragons (there usually females carry "Spanish" in their names, males carry "from Spain". Or they have a completely individual scheme, if it's wholly my own lineage).
Dinos and other unbreedable unisex (non-)dragons get a Spanish first name plus a Spanish word fitting their kind as surname.

Dragons in the "Families" section of my scroll get a suffix to their name if they're NOT CB.
- Hybrids (including alt blacks, alt vines and colored stripeds)
==> considered CB if they are 2nd Gens (since they can't be CB) and purebred (for blacks/vines/stripeds)
- Rares (Metallics, Prize dragons, Holidays)
==> only marked if inbred

So any non-hybrid Common without a suffix is CB. :-)

2nd Gen purebred*
3rd Gen purebred* EvenGen
4th Gen purebred* EvenGen
not Caveborn;
can be anything from random-mix 2nd gen to messy lineage,
but is NOT inbred
* Alts/different stripe colors/different seasons etc. are counted as one breed.

Breeding habits: I only breed dragons when I want an egg from them for myself or a requester. These days, that's mostly lineage eggs or BSA dragons (like reds). I do not breed my rares/metallics regularly anymore, though I do remember to do it every once in a while. (I usually gift all rare eggs.)
None of my dragons are monogamous. :-P

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