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Where is My Mind?
Mon July 30, 2007
I've decided two things, Googlepages isn't  much good unless you're going to create your own web page from scratch and upload it to their servers, and that this will just be an online journal for when I'm bored at work, which has been ALL THE TIME  for the past week. I'm not out to hide it, nor am I out to broadcast it. The only place I've noted it is on my little Facebook page I made last week, just for kicks (not like I have much else to do). I enjoy reading The Odyssey, but I procrastinate picking it up because it is tough reading, like walking through the knee-deep mud to enjoy the scenery.
     Part of the beef I have with blogs and things like this is that I would spend so much time on them while journals and scrapbooks go untouched. If I'm going to write the little I feel like from time to time, I'd like to be able to keep a copy of what I write without the "copy and paste" stuff. This page is simple enough I could print it off as is without losing much of the contextual feel. I could also save it as a simple web page and keep a digital copy of it for the future. I do not mind anybody reading anything I write, but I would personally feel a little bit narcisstic asking or advertising it to be read, since this more of a journal than edutainment. This is mostly for me, but all are welcome to it.


Thur July 26, 2007
Here's the joke, last week, as many of you might know, the new Harry Potter book leaked out onto the internet in a set of four PDF files where the copyright infringer took digital pictures of each page as he held it open with his hand. The files were on various web pages for about one half hour before they got taken down. After that, the only way to get them was using bittorrent (which isn't hard, but we can't do it easily from campus). But because we're all techno-geeks here, we read Digg all morning long and a fellow employee spotted it and alerted it. We managed to grab three of the files before they disappeared. One of us started reading it (despite the blurry text, he just guessed at some of the words). 20 minutes later, our supervisor comes in and says "Did you guys hear that Harry Potter got leaked?" We reply, "Yeah but we only got 3 of the 4 files." His quick response, "I got all of 'em. I'll pass them over." So 4 of the 6 employees here finished the story before the book was officially released. Since one of them had pre-ordered it as well, he let me borrow his copy on Monday and I finished it yesterday.
    Fun stuff. I didn't think it could be done. I thought the author set herself up for doom with too much complexity and twists and surprises. It was done masterfully.
    If it had been anything else, done in any other matter, I don't think anyone here would have cared, but it was pop-culture being violated by the underground. Just a less-dangerous way of fighting the man while becoming a little more cool for having read it around the time of the big craze (Give it a month or two and no one will be talking about it much, in fact you'll be uncool for having read it so late).
    And thanks to Cristin for the tip on getting found by search engines. Supposed to add this link, and it should come up. We'll see
Technorati Profile . We'll have to see if this works. By the way, I have the or our usual account if you wanna drop a line. I haven't figured out how to add comments to this thing yet.

There Goes My Gun
Mon July 23, 2007
Just chilling in our cave. I've gained 5 pounds since everyone moved out of the HFAC. Anybody who is still here on campus is across campus, so we've started remoting into their computers with Crossloop or Apple Remote Desktop to fix whatever is wrong. Mostly all we're doing lately is setting up new faculty computers. Once in a while I get an excuse to run up and down the stairs a few times, but other than that, I'm just sitting here from 8-4 everyday. For some exercise, on Saturday, after filling in nail holes and painting shelves up at the Robbins' house for a few hours, Emily dropped me off at the Y Trailhead at about 7:05pm. I got to the top of the Y in less than 30 min. I didn't think I was going that fast, but I sure felt it by the time I got up there. I went up the mountain into Slide Canyon for another 20 minutes, but didn't get very far. Never having hiked the trail before, and having a darkening limit on time, I decided not to press my luck.
When I started, there was one car in the lot, and I met the two guys on their way down as I was headed up. By the time I got back to the parking lot at 8:45, it was almost full. It's more popular up there on Saturday nights than I thought.
This morning, I finished Motherload, a fun little flash game that took about 10 hours of playing spread out over several days. You dig around for ore which you can sell, then upgrade your pod, all the while receiving the occasional eerie message of foreboding and terror from other miners and your boss. To spoil the ending, dig too deep and it turns out your boss is the devil and he tries to kill you for not heeding his warnings and being too greedy. So, use your explosives and kill him twice, get a bunch of artifacts off his body for cash and the game starts over except that in your inventory you have 1xSatan's Head. Fun stuff. This is what happens when you're suddenly out of things to do (don't have to study for the DAT or fill out secondary dental school apps for now).
So, as for plans of things to do, I should contact the Outdoor Club and make up a proposal to ask for sponsors to buy paddling/rowing equipment for the club. I also started Homer's The Odyssey, but everyone at work has read and finished the new Harry Potter so maybe I'll borrow a copy and read it too.

The Happening

Tues June 26, 2007
I'm kinda happened out. I guess this is what happens when you sit in the library for several hours. I studied for the DAT for about 4 hours, and have been chilling for the past 45 min, checking out paddleboards for sale online new and used. Also looked for a digital camera for under $150 (although we probably can't afford that right now.

After all that, read the latest from family blogs and thought about creating my own, except I don't wanna be too trendy or anything. That's why I'm doing it on googlepages, my own way (sort of). If only I could figure out how to get this page to show up in search engines like it says it's supposed to (they say it takes a few hours, mine hasn't been picked up in a few months).

I walked to school cuz somehow a big hole appeared in the side of my bicycle tire, like a little tank inside the tube shot a hole out from the inside. Go figure. Funny enough, I checked out for bikes and they have a bunch of cheap road bikes (low end quality, but cheap nonetheless...).

At work, they've closed down the HFAC for electrical renovations and everyone has moved out for the summer. Yesterday we had to go back in to move out a few more computers and got to use headlamps to do it in the dark. We've relocated ourselves into our secret clubhouse in the Museum of Art, with the Dean's Office in the gallery just outside. So, I gotta go crawl into our cave for the next few hours.

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