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April 17, 2014

Breaking News!!!
The Scoop on Stone's Lawsuit

Lassen County agrees to pay former CAO Tom Stone $350,000 to settle his lawsuit for wrongful termination and slander. 

Will politicians ever learn that their arrogant behaviors does not profit the people, but they are just a waste and liability to the tax payers? 

Reliable sources say more facts are surfacing. Could  rumors of Federal and State criminal investigations be true? 


What does Lassen County and the City of Bell have in Common?

YouTube Video

City of Bell Public Corruption Scandal

Five former political leaders in the scandal-plagued city of Bell have agreed to plead no contest to corruption charges and could be sentenced to up to four years in prison for their role in looting the treasury of one of Los Angeles County’s poorest cities.

Had the former council members refused to take the offer, they could have been sentenced to twice as many years behind bars. The ex-council members are accused of drawing extraordinary salaries by serving on boards and commissions that seldom, if ever, met. By the time they were removed from office in 2010, they were making up to $100,000 a year for their part-time work.

 Source of information Los Angeles Times 

April 15, 2014

Which Media Would You Prefer?
The one protecting a corrupt government or protecting the people from a corrupt government?
The one covering up for a corrupt government or exposing a corrupt government?
The one being bought by the government or one that owes no one but the truth?
Beware of what you read or don't read. Check out the source.
 Through the media a corrupt government can control the people.
(Author Unknown)

April 12, 2014
The Blood Moon Will Rise Over Lassen

April 14-15, 2014, the partial eclipse begins: 10:58 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on April 14th. The total eclipse begins at 12:07 a.m.,  April 15th, greatest eclipse at 12:46 a.m. and the total eclipse ends at 1:25 a.m.

The dates for the Blood Moons-four successive total lunar eclipses in 2014 and 2015 are; 
  • 2014--Total lunar eclipse: April 14-15 and total lunar eclipse: October 8.
  • 2015--Total lunar eclipse: April 4 and total lunar eclipse: September 28.
Old Testament, the prophet Joel states, "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come" (Joel 2:31)

According to the Jews, an eclipse of the moon is a bad omen for the Jewish people, but a solar eclipse is a bad omen for the Gentile nations.

Pastor Mark Biltz, of Tacoma, Washington, teaches that there is going to be four blood red moons in a row in 2014 and 2015. The
  four back-to-back blood moons, or tetrad, is rare, but when they all four fall on Jewish holy days, it is very rare, only seven of these have taken place since the time of Christ. 

Pastor John Hagee was invited by Fox News to discuss the four blood moon's significance. His book the "Four Blood Moons" is the hottest Christian book in the world.   

To read about significant historical events that have taken place before, during, or after the blood moons:



April 9, 2014
Tangled Web of Conflict of Interest?

Direct Conflict of Interest? D.A. Bob Burns was a client of Jim Chapman's in 2012 when running for judge. Chapman's 700 form shows that he collected $6,817.63 from Burns. April 1, 2014, Supervisor Chapman voted to hire Burns as the new county counsel against the people's will. 
Indirect Conflict of Interest? Chapman collected $1,016.76 from Bob Pyle while he was running for Board of Supervisor in 2012. Chapman voted to hire Richard Egan in 2013, who does business with Supervisor Pyle. 
I wonder how California Fair Political Practice Commission will handle this?
Click to view Chapman's 700 form and Pyle's 700 form

April 8, 2014

Reasons for Term Limits

         To replace the old leaders with new leaders who may bring to the Board new ideas, procedures, and influences.

         The political machines of incumbents make it difficult to remove them from office with their influences over the local media contacts, redistricting power and the local voting infrastructures that they have created.

         Politicians are less likely to be focused on their special interest for their own personal gain and their friends gain.

         Helps prevent the good ole boys system and big-money campaign contributors usually direct their efforts at those in power, making it difficult for a new candidate to get off the ground.

         Lack of term limits leads to a system of seniority, meaning those who have spent the most time in office gain more power (in committees, procedures, ect.); consequently, politicians focus on staying in office don’t receive equal power.

    There is less chance for corruption of government officials if time in office is limited; new politicians are less likely to have the knowledge to exploit the system for personal gain and are more skeptical of lobbyists & special interests.

    Politicians in their last term of office are more likely to ignore politics and media criticism to target what's best for the country, and they can work to establish tangible accomplishments that will build on their legacy.


Reflections of Lassen's Past
A letter to the editor, by Old Tom Glen, a local who enlightens the people in Lassen County with a little history. Whether it be the good, the bad or the ugly, Glen has kept up with it all. There's no need to go to the courthouse steps to hear about the 150 years of Lassen County's history from  a career politician, when you can go to Bullseye Recylcing to get the scoop on Lassen's history at no cost to the tax payers. 

April 6, 2014
Just as someone predicted, they would be addicted to the truth on the Scoop about their own corrupt ways. 

The sale of the Herlong LRA properties for $31,900 was not even close to paying off the +/- $650,000 county debt. Did the Supervisors and Egan fail to read Robson's report before selling the Herlong LRA properties? Do you really want Chapman as your County Auditor?
1. Recommendation 
Place all LRA buildings and properties on the Lassen County Auction List as provided and subscribed to by Lassen County's Treasurer/Tax Collector Department. Sale of the properties and buildings will significantly reduce the approximate +/- $650,000 County debt associated with the LRA owned properties. 

2. LRA Land and Improvement Value Synopsis 
a. 89,715 square feet of buildings. 
b. $8,601,168 replacement value for insurance purposes ($95.87 per 
square foot). 
c. $9,778,935 to $13,995,540 new construction/replacement value 
based on Building Official Building Valuation Table (ICCSAFE.ORG) i
s $109 to $156 per square foot. 
d. $300,000 land value associated with 22 plus acres of improved 
sites (based on HPUD sale of 4.64 acres for $65,300). 
e. 6,000 acres vacant or bare land (Honey Lake, Parcel Z, and 
Amedee Airstrip). 
f. $792,000 to $1,212,000 bare land value using area grazing land 
sales of $132 to $202 per acre. 
g. $9,693,168 Total “lower” building and land value. 
h. $15,507,540 Total “upper” building and land value. 


April 5, 2014
She lives in their heads rent free. 



The August 30, 2011 minutes were never approved, because they do not want the public to know the truth about the budget hearing. The 3 page documents of the minutes they recently produce do not reflect what really occurred. Supervisor Wosick's comments about the tobacco settlement funds could have went for a community pool is not reported in the minutes as well as other people's comments. Can we trust these people? $300,000 of tobacco settlement money was used for Lassen County retiree health care benefits rather then  be used on our community for health benefits. We cannot trust these people with the people's money, because it's all about their own personal interest and feathering their nest. Supervisor Pyle ran his 2012 campaign on his business and technology experiences after he admitted in the August 30, 2011 budget hearing that he didn't understand any of it. Listen to the audio below, because there is so much more for the people to know.

Click here to read the August 30, 2011 Meeting Minutes and compare to the audio recording of the August 30, 2011 meeting.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


Who Is Lassen County's CAO?
Richard Egan was hired as CEO. Lassen County passed no resolution to approve the new a job title as CEO. No job descriptions for a CEO in Lassen County Codes under Job Title 2, Administration and Personnel 

Important Notice; Minutes for August 30, 2011

Is this a coincident or not? The Scoop reported on March 24, 2014 about the minutes for August 30, 2011 were not posted on Lassen County's website. Finally, the minutes are on the agenda for April 8, 2014 meeting to be approved  more than two years later. Is it time for the people to hire a new County Clerk for Lassen?

Scoop Reported this on March 24, 2014
Is Lassen County Clerk Bustamante Incompetent Or Just Another Cover Up For The Board?

For more than two years, the minutes for August 30, 2011 have not been posted on Lassen County's website. In fact, Lassen County's website shows no meeting for that date. The misuse of funds were discussed in the August 30, 2011 meeting by the Board and George Robson. 

Is this another cover up by Lassen County Clerk Bustamante under the direction of the head kingpin Supervisor Chapman?


By a unanimous vote, your supervisors hired Bob Burns the new Lassen County Counsel.
Photo: By a unanimous vote, your supervisors hired Bob Burns the new Lassen County Counsel.
Comments On Robert Burns Hired As County Counsel
It looks like a crimnail lineup. Some  stupid visors. What criminals business is going on here or ther. We think we know.what is going on. 

to see how we are getting SCREWED...WE NEED TO FIRE THOSE WHO HIRED!
The people of Lassen County better get tough with the people we hire, and I mean TOUGH!
OUR supervisors don't care what we tell them....PERIOD. They hired a low life, a liar, someone who
served his friends as DA (DONKEY'S ASS) and will continue to give what he wants where he wants. This
should make the people VERY ANGRY that our employees would hire someone who couldn't win an
election and pay him more than any other Lassen County county counsel. I'm thinking they all need 
to go, after this. I was told that Monday "was only interviews...nobody would be hired" by my own
supervisor. This, after he was overwhelmed with anti-Burns sentiment and stories from his
                                              OWN CONSTITUENTS !!!
OF, FOR, AND BY THE PEOPLE  has not been served....NOT YET!    UPRISE IS IN ORDER!
Another thought....are there any favors being paid, owed? Any cover-up?...past or present.....
just a question.......Why else would "OUR HIRED" want this guy?
Think about it and let "YOUR EMPLOYEE" know about his performance.....PASS THIS AROUND
How's this for "negativity"...?.....MORE LIKE TRUTH!   There's more here than meets the eye.
WHERE IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE?????????????????????????
All of this really "BURNS" my ASS...

  Well, as everyone predicted but did not hope for……….Burns is the new County Counsel.  I know you will be posting about this subject.  Consider this info.


 Whether you love  Bob Burns personally or hate him is irrelevant.  Consider these facts:  The main duties for that Counsel  position are labor law, contract law, property rights, water rights, interpreting election law, interpreting government  rules , regulations and gov’t procedures and policies and so.  So who do the Lassen County Supes hire??  A long term DA!!!   Say what??  I do not remember any DA’s doing that Civil Law on a regular basis…do you?  If we don’t have a good candidate , keep looking.  Three weeks is not a long time in this regard and we are not in a crises.


Isn’t interesting that recently the Supes voted to hire within Lassen County and not really look outside our area.  Was this a set up for today??  Cronyism is alive and well in Lassen County and flourishing.  Now we will have to wait to see his jacked up salary.  Rookies/trainees win again in Lassen Co.  The Supes will say that they need help with AB 109 (justificational  bias)   and Burns is familiar.  Big whoop!   He may spend 5 % of his time looking and dealing with that………….what about the other 95%???


Might be time for some more  Supe recalls???  What do you the people think about this 1-2 punch ????

April 2, 2014

Jean Hodge

Jean Hodge is becoming the  "icon of hope" for a more transparent government in Lassen County. She is the strong arm and the voice of the people. Her followers are multiplying by the day. She is a honest and sincere person, who is dedicated to getting the truth out to the people. She faithfully serves the people at no expense to the tax payers. She is exactly the kind of person that the people want to represent them. 

June 5, 2012 was a sad day for Lassen County when a security seal "mysteriously" came off the voting machine in the Westwood vote center, the same place where she lost to her opponent Bob Pyle by just a handful of votes.  Although, the defeat of corruption has not stopped her dedication to bring about the transparency of  Lassen County's government through her near 250 videos uploaded on Youtube  with over 3,500 views.

Jean Hodge is one remarkable person. She will leave her mark on Lassen County's history without having a taj mahal build in her name.
                                                                                                                                                        ------- Friends of Jean Hodge


The Whole Truth vs. The Cold Truth

Governing is about listening to the people when making choices. It's about telling the citizens the truth or suffering the consequences and feeling the impact when the government fails to be honest and transparent with the people. It's hard for politicians to be truthful, because they generally have their own personal agendas. Corrupt politicians see a personal need to fill for themselves and leave the results of their greed for the people to pay for. This scenario is what has lead to the big deficits in local, state, and federal government. I recognize that the simple truth is far too complex for the politicians, because of the complexity of lies that they have created for themselves. Unfortunately, I see Lassen County heading down the path of destruction as the state and federal government have with their corrupt ways.

The Board of Supervisors recently planned on spending over $500,000. of tax payers money for a new board chambers to groom the desires of a long time career politician, until the citizens exposed the fact they did not have a capital improvement plan.

The Board of Supervisors received a mid year County Budget and now the county is facing a deficit of $3 million in the next fiscal year. I believe this is largely due to the years of corruption and wasteful spending of the tax payer money for their own personal hidden agendas. Now spending $200,000 for the next 15 years for a swimming pool for the citizens in Lassen does not seem like such an all-bright idea. 

The whole truth is that it will be politically impossible for 5 Board members to continue to sit on their throne while ignoring the  will of the people in Lassen County.

Click here to read Supervisor Albright's article


April 1, 2014
Happy April Fools Day

Is She Running For Lassen County Cluck or Miss Lassen?

March 31, 2014
  •  If Government Officials had to work for the money they waste, we would have less Government Waste.
  • If Chapman, Plye and Hanson had to personally pay out for their mistakes they would think first and act second.
  • If Chapman, Plye and Hanson had to pay for the attorney fees,  they would think first before firing Stone and covering up the misuse of grant funds. Which by the way, comes from hard working tax payers.
  • If voters think first and vote second, Chapman will not be Lassen County's Auditor. Convinced!

March 30, 2014
Chapman For Auditor Or Not?

      • Can we trust Jim Chapman with our money?
      • When did he know that Federal HOME money was being spent possibly illegally by the county Housing Department?
      • Was he doing anything about it before former CAO Tom Stone brought it up in public? If not,why not?
      • If we can’t trust him as a Supervisor to properly budget our money how can we trust him to mange it as Auditor? 
      • He gave away a county building for pennies on the dollar in Herlong.  When will he take responsibility for his lack of oversight?
      • Call Jim Chapman and ask him to come clean and tell us the truth for a change.
The people in Lassen County deserve honest, transparent and qualified officials to take care of the people's business, instead of self-serving cronies.

As a man sows, so shall he reap. 
This proverb warns that one receives just returns for one's actions; good for good, and evil for evil.


March 27, 2014
Lassen County Board of Supervisors Special Meeting April 1, 2014

A.                  1:00 P.M. CALL TO ORDER

1.                   PUBLIC COMMENT (Suggested for addressing items to be considered under Closed Session) 

       It's really hard for the public to address the items to be considered in close session when they fail to identify the case. Why are they              keeping the public in the dark, because they will be discussing the Tom Stone's lawsuit?

       Will Bob Pyle be personally liable for the slanderous things he is reported to have said about Tom Stone?

       If Pyle doesn't have his own lawyer maybe he should think about getting one soon? 

       If he doesn't have enough money could he lose his ranch?


2.                   CLOSED SESSION

Announcement of items to be discussed in Closed Session.

1)                   Conference with Legal Counsel:  Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9 (if needed).

2)                   Public Employee Appointment pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.5: County Counsel.

                                            Local Officials Assets disclosed by Lassen County Times


Voters Are Beginning To Form Committees

The people in Lassen County are getting prepared for any of the funny business in the June 3, 2014 Election. Unlike anything before in the past election, the people will be prepared to fight against corruption. 


  Where To Get Your Local News In Lassen County

A new brochure is being circulate in Lassen County where to get the local news from skate boarding, bingo, and fun times to the hard cold facts of local government corruption. With the various types of media made available should meet everyone's interest, whether it be reading about happy times or the unveiling of years of corruption in Lassen County.

March 26, 2014

Another Corrupt Politician Busted!

March 26, 2014 California State Senator Leland Yee was arrested on public corruption charges after authorities said he solicited money from undercover FBI agents for his current campaign to be secretary of state, promising to use his role in Sacramento to help the federal moles in return for the cash. Read the rest of the story about California State Senator Yee arrested in corruption case

March 25, 2014
Has Lassen County Ever Had A Capital Improvement Plan?

In 2005 Lassen County Board meeting, Supervisor, Chapman, Pyle, Dahle, and Keefer discuss the 2006/2007 budget.

According to the minutes, Supervisor Pyle and Supervisor Dahle stated that they see the county actually going broke if you look at 
the income versus expenses. 
Also, Supervisor Dahle stated, he feels there is a need to look at Capital Projects which have not been done since he has been a board member. Dahle was elected as Board of Supervisor in 1996. In the 2005 meeting, he notes the tremendous increase in costs of construction and how we continue to fall behind with no plan. This is all contrary to Supervisor Chapman's recent claim that they've always had one (capital improvement plan), since CAO Bixby's years.

March 24, 2014
Grant Funds Misused Once Again By Lassen County

Old habits die hard with Lassen County officials. In 2011, the county used $107,500 grant funds to renovate Fort Sage One Stop building in Herlong with a new heating and air condition. The County agreed to the certification that the One Stop building would be used to provide mental health service for the Herlong community for at least 20 years. 

Although, the Board sold the Fort Sage One Stop building to Pezzullo & Smith, October 2013 ignoring their obligation. 

How will Lassen County Board members and new CAO/CEO Egan remedy the misuse of grant funds;
  • Pay back the $107,500 grant funds?
  • Sign a 20 year lease agreement with the new owners of the One Stop building to ensure that the building will be used for mental health service for the community of Herlong? 
  • Will they spin another web of lies to cover up the misuse of grant funds as they have so proudly done in the past?
For source of information see page 25 in the Mental Health Services Act Capital Facility Project Proposal


Is Lassen County Clerk Bustamante Incompetent Or Just Another Cover Up For The Board?

For more than two years, the minutes for August 30, 2011 have not been posted on Lassen County's website. In fact, Lassen County's website shows no meeting for that date. The misuse of funds were discussed in the August 30, 2011 meeting by the Board and George Robson. 

Is this another cover up by Lassen County Clerk Bustamante under the direction of the head kingpin Supervisor Chapman?

Though, there's no minutes the Scoop has made the audio for the August 30, 2011 meeting available below for anyone interested.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

March 22, 2014
Does This Look Like A Cover Up To You?

June 28, 2011 CAO Stone made recommendation to the Board to initiate the process to eliminate the Director of Economic Development and Air Quality Compliance, Range 29, Management. He planned to reorganize the Community Development Department, also to develop a plan to fully reimburse all restricted funds and to create a plan for service delivery of over $1,500,000 in accumulated Home fund in the most rapid and responsible fashion to the intended recipients. 

July 12, 2011 Supervisor Chapman, Supervisor Pyle and former Supervisor Hanson voted to fire CAO Stone. 

July 28, 2011 Joseph Bertotti and Lassen County CAO/Counsel Rich Crabtree signs a "Severance Agreement and Release". Included in the agreement;
  • Employee (Bertotti) acknowledges that the County has no obligation to provide him with severance benefits. However in the agreement he is to voluntarily and freely tenders his resignation and the County pays Bertotti $19,101 within 30 days.
  • The Parties agree that this Agreement shall remain confidential. (Does this sound like a cover up to you?)
  • Parties agree to cooperate in the defense of any legal or other proceeding brought against any or all of them by any third parties arising out of the terms of this Agreement and/or Employee's employment with the County.
About a week later, after Bertotti's resignation, Lassen County Air Pollution Control officer Joe Berttoti seeks a full time job with the district. Bertotti present a contract for him to assume full time duties as air pollution control officer for $84,000 per year, the total employment package with benefits would be over $100,000. (See LCT article below)

August 9, 2011  After a closed session meeting, Lassen County Air Pollution District announced the commission voted 5-1 to vacated Bertotti's appointment as air pollution control officer.  

One may ask, who really did benefit from this secretive "Severance Agreement and Release" between the County and Bertotti? Was it former Supervisor Jack Hanson, Supervisor Bob Pyle, and Supervisor Jim Chapman who benefited from it? Does this agreement obligate Bertotti to cooperate with the Lassen County's attorney to defend Jack Hanson, Bob Pyle, and Jim Chapman in the wrongful termination lawsuit file by former CAO Tom Stone? 

Lassen County Times article reported that Crabtree first referred to the agreement as a "severance package", but he corrected his first statement saying that "severance package" probably was not the correct description. Even though, this document is called a "Severance Agreement". This mention of a "severance package" only opens up more questions, such as, was Bertotti promised a full time job as Lassen's air pollution officer plus the $19.101 if he resigned? 

Who do you think is the "ring leader" of this gang is? Chapman?

How can we trust these career politicians when they constantly hide things from us? 

For a  copy of this confidential "Severance Agreement and Release"  request it from Treasure/Tax Collector, CAO/CEO Richard Egan.

Lassen County Times Article, August 16, 2011

March 20, 2014
Beware Of The Spin Zone In Lassen County

When entering into Lassen County you may find yourself in a vortex of corruption. Beware of Lassen County's local government officials who spin and distort from the truth. Don't get caught up in the web of lies. 

In the 2012 primary election, voting machines were being spun so hard behind closed doors that a security seal came off. County Clerk Bustamante failed to go by security plan to ensure that the votes were protected from being tampered with. To top it off, she even lied to the Secretary of State that she did everything according to the election codes. The qualification for Treasure/Tax Collector in Lassen County a history degree is spun to be equivalent to a degree in accounting to qualify a special candidate for the position. Does this mean in Lassen County a lawyer can work as a doctor or a doctor work as a lawyer or does this type of spin only happens in the Lassen County Clerk's office?

Government code 26945 gets a special spin in order for career politician Chapman to qualify to run for County Auditor. The spin was not disclosed to the general public in the Lassen County Candidate Guide Book. If this information had been given to the public, instead of a selected few, maybe honest Joe the plumber could have thrown his hat into the race, to be our new Treasure/Tax Collector or Auditor. I am sure, he would not have a problem qualifying, since he deals with figures on a day to day basis with his occupation and he is used to dealing with sewage. 

California's "Public Records Act" is disregarded by Treasure/Tax Collector, CA0/CEO Richard Egan and others. The County officials have been playing hide and seek with a bogus capital improvement plan for sometime. Supervisor Chapman even went as far as stating in pubic comment that they have always had one..., but the truth finally prevailed in the March 11, 2014, meeting that there is no CIP. 

Can the people in Lassen County trust Chapman to be their newly elected auditor with his credentials and his past track record?  Do we know who is behind destroying emails between the County employees, Egan and former CAO about the sale of the One-Stop building in Herlong? Do we know who the culprits that are behind destroying or recycling public "electronic stored information" to stonewall Stone's lawsuit against Lassen County? Do you think Lassen County will be investing in a new commercial shredder sometime in the near future?

Beware of the vortex of corruption in Lassen County so that you are not caught up in it or destroyed by it. 

Supporting Information 

March 15, 2015
                                                                              What Is A Career Politician?

The expression career politician refers to political figures who have no significant professional experience outside of the political arena. On the whole, this expression has a derogatory connotation and is used to suggest that a particular politician lacks real-world experience. In 21st century US politics, the term career politician is commonly associated with the conservative viewpoint, and is often deployed by conservative politicians to illustrate their opposition to so-called big government as well as their sympathy for the public. Some politicians, journalists, and thinkers question whether a career politician is automatically less qualified to serve her constituents than an individual with outside professional experience.

Essentially, a career politician is an individual who has never worked outside the political arena, or who has worked in politics for a period significantly greater than that spent working in an outside field. This term usually has a negative connotation, and therefore is not generally used to describe oneself. Rather, it is most often used as an insult by those who oppose a particular politician, such as competing politicians.

Source What is a career politician?                                                         

March 14, 2014

          New Board Chambers Postponed Until Lassen County Has A Current Capital Improvement Plan                     
                                                                            (see video below)

YouTube Video

(Lassen County Board Meeting 03-11-2014

                                                 Wosick Explains His Eligibility To Finish Up His Term
                                                                      (see video below)

YouTube Video

(Lassen County Board Meeting  03-11-2014)


March 12, 2014

Something To Take Into Consideration Before Filing A "Declaration of Candidacy"
18203.  Any person who files or submits for filing a nomination
paper or declaration of candidacy knowing that it or any part of it
has been made falsely is punishable by a fine not exceeding one
thousand dollars ($1,000) or by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision
(h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code for 16 months or two or three
years or by both that fine and imprisonment.

10511.  The declaration of candidacy shall be in substantially the
following form:

  I, _________________, do hereby declare myself
  as a candidate for election to the office of
  ___________________. (__ Initial here if the
  office for which you are running is for the
  balance of an unexpired term.) I am a registered
  voter. If elected, I will qualify and accept the
  office of __________________ and     serve to
  the best of my ability. I request my name be
  placed on the official ballot of the district
  for the election to be held on the ___ day of
  _______, 20__, and that my name appear on the
  ballot as follows:
                  (Print name above)
  My current residence address is
  and my telephone number is _____________________.
  I desire the following occupational designation
  to appear on
  ballot under my name:
      (Print desired designation, if any, above)
  This occupational     designation is true and in
  conformance with Section 13107 of the Elections
  I am aware that any person who files or submits
  for filing a declaration of candidacy knowing
  that it or any part of it has been made falsely
  is punishable by a fine or imprisonment, or
  both, as set forth in Section 18203 of the
  I declare under penalty of perjury under the
  laws of the State of California that the
  foregoing is true and correct.
  Executed on _____________________________, 20__,
  at _____________________________________ (Place)
                        (Signature of Candidate)

The California Elections Code requires all candidates for public office in California to be 
registered voters and otherwise qualified to vote for the office they are seeking at the time their 
nomination papers are issued. The constitutional requirements to be a registered voter are that a 
person must be a United States citizen, at least 18 years of age, not in prison or on parole for the 
conviction of a felony, and not determined by a court of law to be mentally incompetent. 
Beyond these general qualifications, some offices require more specific qualifications, and proof 
that candidates meet these qualifications. 
No person shall be considered a legally qualified candidate for any office unless that person has 
filed a declaration of candidacy, nomination papers, or statement of write-in candidacy, 
accompanied by documentation, including, but not necessarily limited to, certificates, 
declarations under penalty of perjury, diplomas, or official correspondence, sufficient to establish, 
in the determination of the official with whom the declaration or statement is filed, that the person 
meets each qualification established for service in that office. (Election Code 13.5)
Election Code 13.5
13.5.  (a) (1) Notwithstanding subdivision (a) of Section 13, no
person shall be considered a legally qualified candidate for any of
the offices set forth in subdivision (b) unless that person has filed
a declaration of candidacy, nomination papers, or statement of
write-in candidacy, accompanied by documentation, including, but not
necessarily limited to, certificates, declarations under penalty of
perjury, diplomas, or official correspondence, sufficient to
establish, in the determination of the official with whom the
declaration or statement is filed, that the person meets each
qualification established for service in that office by the provision
referenced in subdivision (b).
   (2) The provision of "documentation," for purposes of compliance
with the requirements of paragraph (1), may include the submission of
either an original, as defined in Section 255 of the Evidence Code,
or a duplicate, as defined in Section 260 of the Evidence Code.
   (b) This section shall be applicable to the following offices and
qualifications therefor:
   (1) For the office of county auditor, the qualifications set forth
in Sections 26945 and 26946 of the Government Code.
(6) For the office of county treasurer, county tax collector, or
county treasurer-tax collector, the qualifications set forth in
Section 27000.7 of the Government Code, provided that the board of
supervisors has adopted the provisions of that section pursuant to
Section 27000.6 of the Government Code. 
California Election Code
March 10, 2014
The deadline to file a Nomination Petition/Declaration of Candidacy has been extended to Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 5 p.m. for the following races, because the incumbents did not file by the close of the filing period: Assessor, Auditor, District Attorney, Treasure/Tax Collector, Board of Supervisor District 3.

Any person, other than the incumbent, wishing to file can do so at the County Clerk's Office in the Historical Courthouse at 220 Lassen St., Suite 5, Susanville.


March 8, 2014

Is Supervisor Chapman a Qualified Candidate for County Auditor?
No person shall be elected or appointed to the office of county auditor of any county unless the 
person meets at least one of the following criteria: a) Possesses a valid certificate issued by the 
California State Board of Accountancy showing the person to be, and a permit authorizing person to 
practice, as a certified public accountant or a public accountant; or b) possesses a baccalaureate 
degree from an accredited university, college, or other four-year institution, with a major in 
accounting or its equivalent, and has served the last five years in a senior fiscal management 
position in a county, city, or other public agency, a private firm, or a nonprofit organization, dealing 
with similar fiscal responsibilities, for a continuous period of not less than three years; or c) 
possesses a certificate issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors showing the person to be a 
designated professional internal auditor, with a minimum of 16 college semester units, or their 
equivalent, in accounting, auditing, or finance; or d) person has served as county auditor, chief 
deputy county auditor, or chief assistant county auditor for a continuous period of not less than 3 
years. (Gov.C. 26945). 
Additionally any person serving in the capacity of county auditor shall complete at least 40 hours 
of qualifying continuing education for each two-year period, beginning January 1, 1998, and 
completing at least 10 hours in each year of the two-year period. At least 20 of the 40 hours of 
continuing education shall be obtained in governmental accounting, auditing, or related subjects. 
Qualifying continuing education may be obtained in the areas of accounting, auditing, or related 
subjects. In addition, qualifying continuing education may be obtained in any other subject, if it 
can be demonstrated that the specific educational program contributes to professional 
competence. With respect to a county auditor who is a licensee of the California Board of 
Accountancy, or of the accountancy licensing authority of any other state, or who possesses a 
certificate issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors, continuing education obtained for purposes 
of renewal of the license or certificate may be applied to satisfy the requirements. (Gov.C. 26945.1). 


March 3, 2014

Political Reforms Act of 1974 

81000. This title shall be known and may be cited as the "Political
Reform Act of 1974."

81001. The people find and declare as follows:
(a) State and local government should serve the needs and respond
to the wishes of all citizens equally, without regard to their
(b) Public officials, whether elected or appointed, should perform
their duties in an impartial manner, free from bias caused by their
own financial interests or the financial interests of persons who
have supported them;
(Gov. Code, Section 81000-81016)


March 1, 2014
Lassen County "Double Dealing"?

April 24, 2012 the Board adopted Resolution No.12-021 "that Building 170 that hereby transferred to the County of Lassen for use by 
Health and Social Services Department as a family resource center and the 
Director of Health and Social Services, in consultation with the Director of Public 
Works, is hereby directed to recommend an appropriation to support the full cost 
of utilizing that facility;"

September 17, 2013 the Board approved the sale of the Herlong property (which included the Building 170)to Pezzullo & Smith, LLC. was moved by Wosick, second by Albaugh, voted yes by Wosick, Hanson, Pyle and Albaugh. Chapman was absent. 

February 18, 2014 the Board discussed the invocation of Referee Clause. 
Supervisor Albaugh and Supervisor Chapman duplicitously expressed their personal opinions of the Herlong property owner, a local business man during a public meeting. Chapman made it clear in the meetings that it was never their intention to keep the Herlong property. Though, the Board unanimously voted to transfer the Building 170 to the County for use by the Health and Social Services Department. 

Do you think that the Board and staff's actions are deceptive and misleading to the public? Do you think these public servants are "double dealing" the folks in Lassen County?

YouTube Video

Breaking News!
How many taxpayers get paid $170,000 a year to sleep on the job?
February 25, 2014 

Photo submitted: Richard Egan, Sleeping Beauty or is this Rip Van Winkle?

YouTube Video

Working at two jobs might be more than Richard Egan can handle. Richard Egan is Lassen County's elected Treasure/Tax Collector and newly appointed CAO/CEO of Lassen County.  The CAO/CEO's pay is great, $170,000 a year, with $350 car allowance, plus insurance and benefits. Egan's salary reported as Treasure/Tax Collector for 2012 was $101,994, plus $11,309 for retirement and health cost.

No one can serve two masters or in this case should it be said, no one can hold two job positions, because one or the other will be neglected?


Breaking News and Breaking Tax Payers

Inexperience gets paid the big bucks in Lassen County. In Arizona this kind of funny business would only get you a pair of pink panties, a green bologna sandwich and a cot in a tent. 

                                                                         Lassen County's CAO's Salaries

CEO/CAO Richard Egan's contract (hired February 18, 2014) Annual Salary set at $170,000  with $350 a month car allowance. Terms of Agreement, 4 years.

CAO Martin Nichols contract (hired January 17, 2012) Annual Salary set at $146,000 with $350 a month car allowance with one time $2,500 housing. Terms of Agreement, 2 years.

CAO Thomas Stone's contract (hired  November 23, 2010) Annual Salary set at $115,000. Terms of Agreement, 2 years.


February 22, 2014

The Wheel of Justice Can Be Slow or Swift, But Sure to Happen

Good example of a California Senator charged in a big corruption case. 

LOS ANGELES –  A California state senator was charged Friday with accepting $100,000 in bribes, lavish trips and no-show jobs for his children in exchange for pushing legislation to benefit a hospital engaged in billing fraud and participating in a film industry tax scheme that actually was an FBI sting.

The 24-count federal indictment against Sen. Ron Calderon, a Democrat from a politically prominent family in Los Angeles' blue-collar suburbs, depicts a rogue legislator eager to trade his clout at the state Capitol to enrich himself and his family. His brother Tom, a former state lawmaker-turned-lobbyist, was charged with money-laundering for funneling bribes through a tax-exempt group he controlled, prosecutors said.

"When public officials choose to callously betray the trust of the people they serve and selfishly abuse the privileges of public office, then we will take all necessary steps to hold those persons fully accountable for their behavior," U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte said.

Click here for the rest of the story: Calif.Senator Charge In Big Corruption Case


February 20, 2014

A Corrupt Government Cannot Be A Good Steward Of The Public's Interest

Political corruption is when something in the system goes terribly wrong and the whole system just continues to corrupt. The political corruption is not just about election rigging, but lead politicians in office to steer away from good government. The public interest comes second. Political corruption can divert scarce resources from poor and disadvantaged people. Private rather than public interests dictate policy.

 It is easier for corrupt office-holders to conceal corrupt activities from a poorly educated public. Uneducated citizens are less likely to be aware of corruption in local governments or how to stop it, and therefore, corruption is able to remain and spread.

Without some kind of political awareness, citizens will not know which candidates to elect that are honest or dishonest or other ways to prevent corruption from taking place in their local governments. This often leads municipalities to be continually governed by one or more corrupt local officials who use patronage or nepotistic practices to stay in office or keep influence in the government for long periods of time. When local political leaders are less educated, they will be less likely to find legitimate ways to make the municipality well-structured, productive, and successful.

All across America, billions of taxpayer dollars are wasted or mismanaged by local governments because of little to no government transparency or accountability.

Smaller municipalities tend to encourage corruption to take place within a local government. Smaller municipalities require more local officials to represent and run the local government. Small municipalities may also have inadequate or insufficient policing and prosecution of corrupt local officials. This also encourages corruption to occur in local government because there is less likelihood of either getting caught or prosecuted, therefore, more officials may become dishonest or at least be tempted to.

Honest government employees often become victims of a corrupt system.  Because if you “blow the whistle” on inappropriate, unethical, or improper government spending, your bosses will retaliate and fire you for speaking up on behalf of the tax-payers.  

Ironically, local government, which is arguably the “closest to the people,” is in many ways shielded and protected from public scrutiny and questioning.  Only a select few who either work in local government or watch the actions of their local representatives closely catch these cases of waste, fraud, and abuse. Their stories are often ignored and not reported by the media.

There's Good News! In the County of Lassen things are starting to change, because the people have had enough of the government waste, fraud and abuse.  A movement of people are coming together to hold these local official’s feet to the fire to purge out the corruption.  

The people are sovereign—they are the highest authority—and government is based on the will of the people.

February 19, 2014

Sheriff Growdon and Under Sheriff Disagrees with Ron Wood

YouTube Video

For more information contact Sheriff and Ron Wood.

February 18, 2014 


What is the Doctrine of Incompatible Offices?

The Doctrine of Incompatible Offices concerns a potential clash of two incompatible public offices held by a single official. In other words, the doctrine concerns a conflict between an individual’s performance of potentially overlapping public duties.

This type of conflict is distinguishable from the concept of conflicts of interest that involves a potential clash between an official’s private interests, on the one hand, and the official’s public duties, on the other.

This legal doctrine will be important to you if you are ever being considered for appointment or election to a board, council, commission, or other office during your tenure as a state officer or employee.

To fall within the Doctrine of Incompatible Offices, two elements must be present.

  • Hold two public offices simultaneously, and
  • A potential conflict or overlap in the functions or responsibilities of the two offices must exist.

The doctrine of incompatible offices is contained in Government Code section1099 An officer who simultaneously holds two incompatible offices automatically forfeits the first office held.

However, the Legislature may choose to expressly authorize the dual holding of offices under particular circumstances even though the dual holding would otherwise be prohibited by the doctrine. For example, the Legislature passed a measure that specifically provides that the rule does not apply to representational membership on a joint powers agency or its governing board.

Because of this legislation, a member of a state commission may serve as a member of a joint powers agency even though the joint powers agency may sometimes act inconsistently with the best interests of the state commission.

Reference: State of California Department of Justice, Office of Attorney GeneralIncompatible Offices (Conflict of Interest)California Law Governing Conflict of Interest

California Code of Civil Procedure Section 803 (Enforcement of GC 1099)

An action may be brought by the attorney-general, in the name of the people of this state, upon his own information, or upon a complaint of a private party, against any person who usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises any public office, civil or military, or any franchise, or against any corporation, either de jure or de facto, which usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises any franchise, within this state. And the attorney-general must bring the action, whenever he has reason to believe that any such office or franchise has been usurped, intruded into, or unlawfully held or exercised by any person, or when he is directed to do so by the governor.  (emphasis added)


February 17, 2014

Monarchy, Democracy or just pure Malarkey

The people are growing tired of seeing wasteful government spending our hard earned tax dollars. We are fed up with the waste and its cousins “fraud” and “abuse”. At some point the people needs to stand up and say, “Enough…we've had enough of your self-serving government”.

Is this a monarchy where one person controls how our tax dollars are spent and feels that they know what is best for the people? Is this how the tax payers want their taxes spent on gold toilet seats or thrones for a Board to sit on for 3 days out of a month. Do we want another 10 years to by, before our kids have a community swimming pool?

In a democracy the people are sovereign---they are the highest authority---and government is based on the will of the people.

We have asked for a capital improvement plan and received only a maintenance list. Over 5 million dollars in grant funds still unaccounted for which was intended for Herlong’s redevelopment. The LRA properties were neglected for ten years or more. At the February 11, 2014 Board meeting, Supervisor holds up the maintenance list and states, that this (maintenance list) same document… was probably about the tenth, twelfth edition since Bixby’s years. Then, why were the funds misused and not spent on Herlong’s redevelopment and buildings were neglected if it was sufficient? Sounds like pure malarkey?


February 14, 2014

Was Mr. Johnson given a Mt. Rushmore Interpretation by the Board? 

(photo submitted)

Larry Johnson asked the board for some straight answers (on the Helong property sale) at February 11, 2014 meeting. He asked for an agenda item and was hoping he wouldn't get a fight over it or get a Mt. Rushmore interpretation where they (Board) just sit their and stare at him. For more on Mr. Johnston's comment view the video below.

YouTube Video

It's a little better interpretation from the Board then what the Canadian's side would receive of Mt. Rushmore.
(photo submitted)

Where Has My Scoop Been?

"Coming Soon The Scoop On Herlong"

Statutes of Limitation in 

Federal Criminal Cases: An Overview

Conspiracies and Continuing Offenses 
Statutes of limitation “normally begin to run when the crime is complete”83 which occurs when 
the last element of the crime has been satisfied.84 The rule for conspiracy is a bit different.85 The 
general conspiracy statute consists of two elements: (1) an agreement to commit a federal crime 
or to defraud the United States and (2) an overt act committed in furtherance of the agreement.86 
Conspirators left uninterrupted will frequently continue on through several overt acts to the 
ultimate commission of the underlying substantive offenses which are the objectives of their 
plots. Thus, the statute of limitations for such conspiracies runs not from the first overt act 
committed in furtherance of the conspiracy but from the last.87 The statute of limitations under 
conspiracy statutes that have no overt act requirement runs from the accomplishment of the 
objectives of the conspiracy or from its abandonment.88 
Concealment of the criminal plot after its completion is considered a natural component of all 
conspiracies. Consequently, overt acts of concealment after the objectives of the conspiracy have 
been accomplished may not be used to delay the running of the statute of limitations.89 Overt acts 
of concealment which are among the original objectives of the conspiracy as charged in the 
indictment, however, may serve as the point at which the statute of limitations begins to run.90 
Distinguishing between the two is sometimes difficult. 
There are other crimes, which, like conspiracy, continue on long after all the elements necessary 
for their prosecution are first present. The applicable statute of limitations for these continuing 
crimes is delayed if either “the explicit language of the substantive criminal statute compels such 
a conclusion, or the nature of the crime involved is such that Congress must assuredly have 
intended that it be treated as a continuing one.”91 Continuing federal offenses for purposes of the 
statutes of limitation include:
• embezzlement under some circumstances, United States v. Smith, 373 F.3d 561, 
            568 (4th Cir. 2004);101

February 13, 2014
Letter to the Editor
New Boardroom for Supervisors?

The people's hard earned tax money is being flushed down the toilet every day. Ask the taxpayers of Bieber, Westwood, Eagle Lake, Doyle, Ravendale, Herlong, Milford, Janesville or Levitt Lake if they would like to spend $300,000 on building a new boardroom for the Board of Supervisors who meet during the day, three days each month. This is outrageous in a time of departmental cutbacks and public safety concerns in our communities. We have crumbling infrastructure in all areas of our county. If there is extra money, why not cut a check to each property owner and meet in the City Council Chambers across the street?

Jean Hodge