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Happy Chinese New Year, The Year of The Goat/Sheep!
Will this be the year to expose corruption? Will this be the year the dollar be removed as the world's currency?

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Egan pushes his way forward without a capital improvement plan (CIP) for Lassen County.
Egan is not transparent with government actions or documents.
Egan is over all County Departments.

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March 24, 2015

To ALL board of supervisors and public officials if you are using your public office for YOUR personal gain by pulling strings and going after people to make their lives miserable....remember these three letters


If you are a victim of public corruption, please contact your local FBI office;


Shasta Center 
1900 Churn Creek Road, Suite 201 
Redding, CA 96049
Phone: (530) 223-6473
Fax: (530) 222-5786

March 21, 2015

Justice for Angel Siler

Angel Siler
We are asking for donations to help fund the Archangels of Justice, Sal and Ira’s trip to Susanville, California to launch an extensive investigation into the death of Angel Siler. Both Investigators are experienced and professional in their work, they seek justice for crime victims and their families.

We need answers like; Why did "former" District Attorney Bob Burns and Susanville Police Department fail to seek justice for Angel Siler and her family. We are prepared to expose what has been swept under the rug for over three years. We need your help by making a donation of $5, $10. $20, $100 or whatever you can afford for Justice for Angel Siler.

The Board meeting covered a wide range of topics from the water issues, to the Jefferson State, to Pot and to the tax assessors needing extra help. The meeting opened up a lot more questions to be answered. Such as, will the growers' pot be taxed? Will the pot growers need a business licence and malpractice insurance to treat patients? Will there be a war between the pot growers and the Alfalfa Mafia over the water? Will the Jefferson State uphold the Federal laws on cultivating pot or will they do as the Californians do? 

One finally question, did you notice that two water users (Pyle and Hemphill) on the board and CAO/Rancher Egan sat in on the discussion about the water issues? Supervisor Plye blocked the board from even making a motion, in fact he controlled the water issue discussion, while in the past he and Egan had recuse themselves. Did County Counsel sleep through this or was he too focused on pot and forgot to advise them that there's a conflict of interest?

101 on Pot
It causes memory loss.

March 15, 2015
"Hats-Off" To Modoc County District Attorney Funk

According to The Modoc Couty Record NewsDistrict Attorney Jordan Funk filed a writ of mandate in Modoc Superior Court March 9 against Sheriff Mike Poindexter for refusal to provide information in a case involving excessive force by an officer. In November Jason Colt was arrested by Sgt. Dan Nessling, in which Funk is investigating for possible criminal charges. According to the writ, the DA's office has a video evidence that "provided probable casue to believe that Sgt. Daniel Nessling assualted Jason Colt (an unarmed arrestee who was handcuffed behind his back)."
District Attorney Funk stated. "Penal code section 832.7 is crystal clear, The District Attorney has an absolute statutory right to the sheriff's internal investigation of citizen complaints, of evidence of peace officer criminal wrongdoing contained in the Sheriff's internal files and of complaints of wrongdoing against a peace officer and any and all evidence generated by the Sheriff in his internal investigation or through the complaint process, (excluding compelled, immunized statements from a peace officer--which we specifically exempted from our request). The District Attorney has an absolute right to these records and the sheriff has an equally absolute duty to provide them on request. We made our 832.7 request and Mike Poindexter denied it. He is in defiance of the law. We had no choice but to seek a court order compelling him to turn over the requested information."

A hearing is set for April 2, 2015, 10 am before Modoc Superior Court Judge Francis Barclay.

Lassen County had similar cases in the past as the one in Modoc County that involved police officers using excessive force, but were handled in a different fashion for 25 years. A case in 2012, involved Officer Milito using excessive force on Drury, was settled for $55,000 (taxpayer's money) in a secretively manner. Another case of excessive abuse that ended up Bauer suing Deputy Sheriff Wallace was settled by Lassen County paying $7,500 (taxpayer's money) which the lawsuit is off the records, hidden from the public. In both cases former District Attorney Burns did not investigate or file criminal charges on the alleged officers accused of using excessive force. 

Is there no Justice System of Integrity in Lassen County? 


No one is above the law, especially those who are sworn to uphold it. Those who are charged with enforcing the laws of the State of California must themselves scrupulously obey the law. They must lead by example, and that example must be based on principles of honesty, integrity, credibility and accountability.

When judgesattorneyspolice officers, and others working in the justice system break the law, they must be held accountable for their actions. The District Attorney created the Justice System Integrity Division (JSID), a team of highly experienced prosecutors and investigators, to ensure just that. JSID – with enhanced cooperation from local and federal agencies – provides the resources to detect, investigate, and prosecute criminal misconduct among those sworn to uphold the law.

By doing so, JSID deters criminal wrongdoing and helps raise confidence in law enforcement, the courts, and the justice system in general.


March 10, 2015

Investigated by: 汤姆·杰斐逊, 克林特·杰斐逊, and 拉森县炒到队在萨克拉门托

Here's Some Facts About McElrath's Case, You May Not Know

Joanna McElrath pleaded guilty and is serving a sentence 25-years-to-life for the murder of her husband Robert McElrath, who was a Susanville police officer. Her partner in the murder, Robin Glen James pleaded guilty and is also looking at 25-years-to-life sentencing. 

Why such low sentencing for murdering a cop?

According to court transcripts filed in Lassen County Superior Court text messages between Joanna McElrath and Robin James show a nearly hour by hour documentation of their alleged efforts to kill Susanville Police Officer McElrath on January 1, 2011. With all the hard work and evidence collected by the police the case appeared to be a slam dunk. 

According to Burns' statement, "Obviously, it's not a perfect situation, but it's a good resolution to a complicated case." Why is this such a complicated case, when it appeared to be a slam dunk? Did "former" District Attorney Burns and his Senior DA Mock botched the case giving the defense attorneys a strategy to a lower sentence for defendants? Is it a coincident in 2014 that Burns resigns as D.A and his senior DA retires? 

In 2014, Lassen County Board of Supervisors; Pyle, Hammond, Wosick, Albaugh and Chapman hires Burns as the County Counsel. What a friend indeed they are or should it be said, he was a friend in need?

The venue for the murder trial was moved out of Lassen County, but did you know that Burn's Senior DA Mock, who worked for him over 10 years was removed from the murder case after attorney Barnes filed the motion to recuse Sandra Ford Mock?

To read the facts click here >> Motion to recuse Sandra Ford Mock You may be shocked or even outraged!