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The Lassen County Scoop supports local, state, and federal  law enforcement and the Archangels of Justice. Though, the Scoop does not and will not support corrupt cops, a corrupt justice system, corrupt government officials, or bias news media. The Scoop owes no one and owns no stock in a Non Profit irrigation district.

The link above is a guide for all law enforcement who would like to know the proper protocol for investigating a crime scene, who are not receiving proper training from their superiors. Officers have the responsibility to assess and protect crime scenes, preserving physical evidence, and collecting and submitting the evidence for scientific examination. Physical evidence play a critical role in an investigation, the evidence can be used to convict the guilty or exonerate the innocent.

All law enforcement should be trained in how to approach a crime scene and to secure it, as though, it would be their only opportunity to preserve and recover physical clues in order to help solve a potential crime. Way too crimes go unsolved, because the lack of properly trained or inept law enforcement.

Coattail Jumpers!

Politicians are nothing more than a coattail jumper. They ride on the voter's coattail proclaiming to make a change, but once they are in office they are no different than their predecessor. They jump from their supporter's coattail onto the coattails of other corrupt officials. Therefore nothing ever changes....just another endless revolving cycle of corruption. 

July 3, 2015
101敲诈勒索 by Clint Jefferson
101 on Racketeering

Racketeering is a crime taken very serious with the United States Department of Justice., whether it happens in Chinatown or Lassen County. Some people believes that racketeering is going on in Lassen County with our local government officials, such as bribery, embezzlement, fraud, obstruction of justice, just to name a few. 

What the Feds may consider as racketeering:
  • Board members who are water users appoint board members to control the water master, so they get special treatment.
  • Selling/buying shares in a non profit irrigation company so large landowners control the water. The courts have already ruled that the irrigation is not to have any special treatment. Internal Revenues code state one member one vote.
  • Federal grant funds misused and squandered on padding county administrators salaries. Firing a CAO to cover up the misuse of grant funds. (That certain CAO should have filed a complaint with the United States Department of Justice or maybe he has and the wheel of justice is turning slow, but sure to happen?)
  • Loaning grant funds to a company that is insolvable. Extortion of the taxpayers dollars.
  • Rigging bids giving preference to bidders is considered racketeering whether it's private sector or in the government sector.
  • Tampering with the justice system. Good example Angel Siler case? 
  • Prostitution on main and exploiting young girls is considered racketeering. 
  • Knowingly covering up fracking and not reporting the pollution of the groundwater that could cause serious heath issues to ones in the surrounding area. 
Martha Stewart didn't think she would get caught on participating on inside trading in the stock market, but was wrong. Senator Leland Yee thought he was one of the untouchable participant in racketeering, but he was wrong also, as so many other are.

The punishment for violating the criminal provisions of RICO is exceptionally severe. If convicted, a defendant is fined and 
sentenced to notmore than 20 years in prison for each RICO violation.

Hemphill Needs A Muffler Job On His Mouth

His comment about standing on a fence is inappropriate, distasteful and unprofessional. The comment might be appropriate in a barn, bar or in the presents of a bunch of old disgruntled foul men,  but not during a public board meeting, especially in the presence women and his own DAUGHTER. It appears Supervisor Hemphill does not have the proper etiquette as one would think a board member should have. 

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June 17, 2015
Looks Who's Back With Their Camera?

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June 14, 2015
Wake Me Up...

The Scoop would like to suggest that the Board of Supervisors open the meetings with "Wake Me UP"

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To Help Prevent This...

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June 11, 2015
Thomas Jefferson
Where Has My Scoop Been?

(Photo Submitted)

At the Board meeting, June 9, 2015, Supervisor Chapman looks through printed copies of the "Scoop", although the Scoop was not on the agenda. Is it true that Chapman and other government officials go to the Scoop and Kan We Help to get the true facts about Lassen County, since local news media is not a reliable source for exposing government corruption?

June 8, 2015
The Scoop Only Deals With The Best Of The Best

The Archangles of Justice, Salvatore Rastrelli have over 4000 hours of advanced law enforcement training not including the two degrees and the applied science degree in forensics. This does not include his partner's Ira Robbins years of experience, either. Between the two they have set a fire under many corrupt cops and officials by exposing corruption in the justice system and opening up federal investigations. 

June 2, 2015
Observation made by Clint Jefferson

Why does Chapman have his Go Pro 4 Camera aimed directly at a young beautiful news reporter during the Board meeting? Is he some sort of a CREEPER? Confused and disturbed  by his actions. 

May 31, 2015
King "T"
Flush it before it gets you...

Supervisor Chapman a Taxpayer's Parasite
Is it true that Supervisor Chapman targets the weak and handicapped individuals? Is it true Chapman and others are planning on lining their pockets with the $4.1 million loan that's to be ran through a bogus corporation that has no EIN? Chapman is a taxpayer's parasite...

May 30, 2015 
A Day Of Reckoning
Woe to Tyrants...
Isaiah 10:2  So as to deprive the needy of justice And rob the poor of My people of their rights, So that widows may be their spoil And that they may plunder the orphans. 3 Now what will you do in the day of punishment, And in the devastation which will come from afar? To whom will you flee for help? And where will you leave your wealth? 4 Nothing remains but to crouch among the captives Or fall among the slain. In spite of all this, His anger does not turn away And His hand is still stretched out.

May 29, 2015
May 28, 2015
Lassen County Public Improvement Corporation Has Failed The Checklist

$4.1 Million Is A Lot Money To Be Passing Through A Bogus Public Benefit Corporation Without A Federal EIN?

May 27, 2015
101 On How To Remove County Counsel At Any Time
27641.  The county counsel shall serve for four years from the time
of his appointment and until his successor is appointed, subject to
the following:
   (a) He may be removed at any time by proceedings under Article 3
(commencing at Section 3060) of Chapter 7 of Division 4 of Title 1 of
the Government Code.
   (b) He may be removed at any time by the board of supervisors for
neglect of duty, malfeasance or misconduct in office, or other good
cause shown, upon written accusation to be filed with the board of
supervisors, by a person not a member of the board, and heard by the
board and sustained by a three-fifths vote of the board. When an
accusation has been so filed with the board, the board may direct the
district attorney to investigate and present the accusation or may
employ private counsel for that purpose. All testimony before the
board shall be under oath or affirmation administered by the board.
The board is hereby vested with the power to compel the attendance of
witnesses and the production of books, papers and testimony and
shall make such processes available to the accused. A copy of the
accusation shall be personally served upon the accused and he shall
be given not less than 10 days' time in which to file a written
answer to the accusation. If, after hearing, it appears to the
satisfaction of the board that the accusation has been substantiated,
the board shall so notify the accused by mail. Such notice shall
specifically state the findings and judgment of the board, and the
board shall thereupon forthwith remove the accused from office and
shall immediately appoint his successor.

May 26, 2015

California Code for Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation
6812.  (a) Every director or officer of any corporation is guilty of
a crime if such director or officer knowingly concurs in making or
publishing, either generally or privately, to members or other
persons (1) any materially false report or statement as to the
financial condition of the corporation, or (2) any willfully or
fraudulently exaggerated report, account or statement of operations
or financial condition, intended to induce and having a tendency to
induce, contributions or donations to the corporation by members or
other persons.
   (b) Every director or officer of any corporation is guilty of a
crime who refuses to make or direct to be made any book entry or the
posting of any notice required by law in the manner required by law.
   (c) A violation of subdivision (a) or (b) of this section shall be
punishable by imprisonment in state prison or by a fine of not more
than one thousand dollars ($1,000) or imprisonment in the county jail
for not more than one year or both such fine and imprisonment.
6814.  Every director, officer or agent of any corporation, or any
person proposing to organize such a corporation, who knowingly
exhibits any false, forged or altered book, paper, voucher, security
or other instrument of evidence to any public officer or board
authorized by law to examine the organization of such corporation or
to investigate its affairs, with intent to deceive such officer or
board in respect thereto, is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to
subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code, or by imprisonment
in a county jail for not more than one year.

6215.  Any officers, directors, employees or agents of a corporation
who do any of the following are liable jointly and severally for all
the damages resulting there from to the corporation or any person
injured thereby who relied thereupon or to both:
   (a) Make, issue, deliver or publish any report, circular,
certificate, financial statement, balance sheet, public notice or
document respecting the corporation or its memberships, assets,
liabilities, business, earnings or accounts which is false in any
material respect, knowing it to be false, or participate in the
making, issuance, delivery or publication thereof with knowledge that
the same is false in a material respect.
   (b) Make or cause to be made in the books, minutes, records or
accounts of a corporation any entry which is false in any material
particular knowing such entry is false.
   (c) Remove, erase, alter or cancel any entry in any books or
records of the corporation, with intent to deceive.

6216.  (a) The Attorney General, upon complaint of a member,
director or officer, that a corporation is failing to comply with the
provisions of this chapter, Chapter 5 (commencing with Section
5510), Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 5610) or Chapter 13
(commencing with Section 6310), may, in the name of the people of the
State of California, send to the principal office of such
corporation, (or, if there is no such office, to the office or
residence of the chief executive officer or secretary, of the
corporation, as set forth in the most recent statement filed pursuant
to Section 6210) notice of the complaint. If the answer is not
satisfactory, or if there is no answer within 30 days, the Attorney
General may institute, maintain or intervene in such suits, actions,
or proceedings of any type in any court or tribunal of competent
jurisdiction or before any administrative agency for such relief by
way of injunction, the dissolution of entities, the appointment of
receivers or any other temporary, preliminary, provisional or final
remedies as may be appropriate to protect the rights of members or to
undo the consequences of failure to comply with such requirements.
In any such action, suit or proceeding there may be joined as parties
all persons and entities responsible for or affected by such
   (b) The Attorney General may bring an action under subdivision (a)
without having received a complaint, and without first giving notice
of a complaint.
6814.  Every director, officer or agent of any corporation, or any
person proposing to organize such a corporation, who knowingly
exhibits any false, forged or altered book, paper, voucher, security
or other instrument of evidence to any public officer or board
authorized by law to examine the organization of such corporation or
to investigate its affairs, with intent to deceive such officer or
board in respect thereto, is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to
subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code, or by imprisonment
in a county jail for not more than one year.
California Corporation Code Section 5250. 
5250.  A corporation is subject at all times to examination by the
Attorney General, on behalf of the state, to ascertain the condition
of its affairs and to what extent, if at all, it fails to comply with
trusts which it has assumed or has departed from the purposes for
which it is formed. In case of any such failure or departure the
Attorney General may institute, in the name of the state, the
proceeding necessary to correct the noncompliance or departure.
To File A Complaint On A Bogus Non-Profit Organization click here > California Attorney General (ASAP)
May 25, 2015
Another Bogus Non-Profit Organization In Lassen County?
According to California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), Lassen County Public Improvement Corporation is for PROFIT and does not have a tax exempt. The corporation is registered with the California Secretary of State, though, it appears that the new board of directors have not been updated.The Lassen County Public Improvement Corporation does not appear to have an EIN or tax exempt with the IRS, either.

Will Lassen County Board of Supervisors approve this Lease/Purchase Agreement with the inaccuracy or just push it through, so Supervisor Chapman can have his Taja Mahal? Will CAO/Rancher Egan sign the Lease/Purchase Agreement? Which Board of Directors will be signing on behalf of Lassen County Public Improvement Corporation Board of Directors? 
Lassen County Public Improvement Corporation Board of Directors 
CORPORATION DIRECTORS: Assessor Dan Schlueter, Auditor Diana Wemple, County Administrative Officer Richard Egan, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Bob Pyle, County Clerk Julie Bustamante, Sheriff Dean Growdon, Treasurer-Tax Collector Nancy Cardenas. 

Will the Pension Protection Act of 2006 allow Lassen County Public Improvement Corporation Board of Directors to be sued?
Assessor Daniel Schlueter
Is it true that Lassen County Assessor Daniel Schlueter lives in Plumas County? Did he use another address in Lassen County while running for Assessor in 2014? According to Schlueter's facebook he lives in Chester, Plumas County. Which county does Schlueter vote in Lassen, Plumas or both?

May 19, 2015
Another Productive Day at Lassen County's BOS Meeting

YouTube Video

May 14, 2015
Tom Hammond was fined $2,500 by the Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) for a conflict of interest, voting to sell the Herlong property to Pezzullo and Smith. Hammond, you need to send former Lassen County Counsel Rhetta Vander Ploeg that fine for $2,500, ask her to pay for it, since she just sat there and let you vote, when it was clearly a conflict of interest. Isn't that a County Counsel's job, to advise you of the conflict of interest?

Now for Bob Burns...just fire him, please just fire him. Number one reason, because of his part in the Angel Siler's case. Also, he did the exact same thing that Vander Ploeg did... sat there and watched you vote on the Herlong property without uttering one word to stop you. Next get rid of CAO/Rancher Egan, because he is passing off a bogus Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to finance Chapman's "Taj Mahal". 

Hang in there, because on the flip side to all of this, there is some good news, the 40 year, career politician Chapman will be out after 2016. 

May 13, 2015
Archangels of Justice

YouTube Video

正义的天使 Zhèngyì de tiānshǐ
Archangel of Justice's Press Release 
In September 2011, Angel Siler was found near death by Susanville PD & Fire Personnel. The medics reacted with professionalism and respect, rushing Angel to the hospital. The police were another matter, the obvious lack of professionalism and courtesy is very evident in the responding officers behavior. He did not call for a detective or crime scene technicians. Nor did he even consider the possibility that Angel could have been forcibly drugged and raped. Her nude body with bruises was clearly evident yet he took no action. The beautiful young woman alone, nude, incapable of speaking and surrounded by 3 men, the buffoon of a police officer did nothing to investigate. Angel was buried after a brave unsuccessful fight for her life several days later, with the evidence of what happen to her in that dark shack on 2nd Street in Susanville not minutes from the police department. Now 5 years later the Susanville PD knee jerk reaction is to arrest one of the men, in hopes of keeping the Archangels of Justice away. We had the medical reports, statements and photos of Angel's bruises. All of the bruises consistent with being forcibly held down. The case was simple 5 years ago, but no one in law enforcement cared and apparently neither did the DA. Now though they clamor to arrest, make a media splash citing how complex a case it is. Once again the propaganda spews forth. The police in this country today are very well aware of proper protocol, and the possibility of rape during drug use. There is no excuse for their past shoddy police work. There is less of an excuse for the chief to try to cover it up. If he had any guts or integrity he'd push for charges against that officer for neglect and dereliction of duty.  

Signed Archangels of Justice

Investigator Salvatore Rastrelli
Salvatore Rastrelli is not only an excellent investigator, but an author of the best crime novels ever written. 

May 10, 2015
Archangels at the Rally in Chicago, ILL.
Their Next Stop, Susanville, CA, May 11th.

May 9th, Sal and Ira attended a rally "Holding Hands together; Justice for Pravin Varguhese and All", in Chicago, Illinois. Sal speaks out about the Angel Siler's case and stating there was no investigation done by the Susanville Police Department. Sal's partner Ira goes on to explains to the crowd what they actually do to get these cases investigated. They first find an injustice and then they create an affidavit if it's warranted seeking a federal investigation. He goes on to say most of the time they get an investigation. Then it goes further, to the next step...where hopefully charges will be filed against the police department and other departments.
Watch the video of the rally that KV TV covered in Chicago, ILL

YouTube Video

May 7, 2015                                                                Breaking News 

William Romero Arrested for the Murder of Angel Siler
Romero was arrested just 4 days before the Archangels of Justice are scheduled to be in Susanville to investigate the murder of Angel Siler. Angel was murder almost 4 years ago. 

Former DA Burns did nothing to seek justice for the murder of Angel Siler in 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014. 

Archangels of Justice Will Arrive in Susanville, May 11th

Sal and Ira have more than 80 years of combined investigative experience and scheduled to arrive in Susanville, May 11th to investigate Angel Siler's death. Since, Angel's death, September 10, 2011, her mother has asked officials in the Susanville Police Department to investigate the death of Angel. She and her friends even made calls into the  DA office when Burns was DA asking for their help. In 2014, Angel Siler's mother went before the Lassen County Board of Supervisor and Susanville City Council presenting Angel's Story, which only lead her to more dead ends. 

Sal and Ira have what it takes to pursue an investigation into Angel Siler's death. They are not rookies to criminal investigations.The duo has approximately 200 cases and they  recently hand-delivered 33-page affidavits to Rep. Vern Buchanan's office, the FBI, Brandenton Mayor Bill Shearon and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Tampa, Florida. The affidavits include 22 exhibits and five DVDs to make their case in the death of Sheena Morris.

There is an epidemic sweeping our country, where women are being murdered and it's covered up, this is clearly a violation of  their Civil Rights. A growing group of People are standing together with the Archangels of Justice to put an end to the corruption in the Criminal Justice System. Join the rally in Susanville, California, May 12th, "STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN LASSEN COUNTY".

YouTube Video

Another Murder In Lassen County?
Click on link below for more information

April 20, 2015
Shareholder or Stakeholder

CAO/Rancher Egan, who  is over the Lassen County's Government Departments does not know the difference between a Shareholder and Stakeholder?   Members cannot own stock in a Non-Profit Organization's, they are stakeholder not shareholders. Click here >> KanWeHelp to view CAO/Rancher Egan's  700 form. He owns  100,001 to 1,000,000 stock in Lassen Irrigation Company (LIC).
A local newspaper, first reported that Lassen Irrigation Company (LIC) was a non-profit, then made a correction that LIC was an organization for profit and later made another correction that LIC was a non-profit organization. Why so many corrections? Is the local newspaper confused? Do they know not do investigating reporting?

Maybe this helps explain why Lassen County does not have a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for, because CAO/Rancher does not know the difference between a  CIP and a maintenance list? 

Hopefully, County Counsel Burns can explain to Egan the difference between shareholder and stakeholder? Well, probably not, because County Counsel is still struggling to understand the Brown Act and the Civil Rights Act? 

Recommendation for Lassen County Board of Supervisors:
  • Pay for CAO/Rancher Egan to attend a workshop on government business, with a 50% cut in pay, until he can accurately preform his job as CAO. Make available to the public a copy of his college transcript.
  • Pay for County Counsel Burns to attend a workshop on how to conduct a public meeting, with a 50% cut in pay, until he can accurately perform his job as County Counsel. Make available to the public a copy of his college transcript. 

April 19, 2015 
Tom Jefferson

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Archangels of Justice

The Archangels of Justice will be a welcome sight for folks in Lassen County, except for the corrupt officials. It's long over due that Angel Siler's murder case get the attention it deserves. It's too bad that it takes a couple investigators thousands of miles a way to take interest in her case while local officials in our county have turned up their noses and looked the other way. They failed to do their job for what they were sworn into office to do. 

Angel was a young, beautiful, 23 year old lady, who's life was tragically ended by three suspects and to this day have never been held accountable for their actions. Her murder  swept under the rug like so many other victim's cases in Lassen County. Not only was Angel's civil rights violated as women, but also as a disabled person. She was treated like a second-class citizen, not worthy of  justice by officials in Lassen County.  Thanks to the Archangels of Justice, Sal and Ira, Angel's murder case will be investigated and getting National attention, soon. 

The Scoop will not cover up for any government officials, nor is the Scoop affiliated or funded by Lassen County Government or the Alfalfa Mafia.


April 14, 2015
Former DA Bob Burns Has Two Tales

Former DA Bob Burns discusses the Angel Siler's case with Iona McCain during a public board meeting on June 17, 2014. Burns stated, "There is a significant issue in that case (Angel Siler) in terms of provability, that's my recollection." Oddly enough, Burns changes his story in an interview in a local newspaper's article "Mother seeks funding for private investigation into her daughter's death", he states, "I can tell you that case was never presented to me in my time as district attorney, as best as I can recall." Why does Burns have two tales?

Please watch the video of Burns discussing Angel Silver's case.

YouTube Video

April 13, 2015
Will Supervisor/Rancher/Pyle, Supervisor/Rancher Hemphill and CAO/Rancher Egan recuse themselves from the board meeting during the appointment of another the RCD board? Will they be voting by secret ballots in a public meeting again?

April 12, 2015

Tom Jefferson
California Water Woes

With all the water woes going on in California, Governor Brown has issued a Statewide Executive Order;
Agricultural water users-who bare much of the brunt of the drought to date, with hundreds of thousands of fallowed acres, significantly reduced water allocations and thousands of farm workers laid off-will be required to report more water use information to state regulators, increasing the state's ability to enforce against illegal diversions, and waste and unreasonable use of water under today's order. Additionally, the Governors action strengthen standards for Agricultural water districts to develop similar plans. These plans will help ensure that agricultural communities are prepared in case the drought extends into 2016.
Additional actions required by the order include:
  • Taking action against water agencies in depleted groundwater basins that have not shared data on their groundwater supplies with the state.
  • Updating standards for toilets and faucets and outdoor landscaping in residential communities and taking action against communities that ignore these standards.
  • Making permanent monthly reporting of water usage, conservation and enforcement actions by local water suppliers.

Dear Governor Brown,

I'm writing this letter to inform you that your California Statewide Executive Order water use restrictions stop here at Lassen County borders. Meanwhile the rest of Californians are struggling to save water, Lassen County Board of Supervisor Bob Pyle stated "It's his (the farmer/rancher's) water to waste as he wants to". Lassen County CAO/Rancher/Egan and County Counsel Burns both gave supporting comments to back Pyle up on his comments. 

Also, Lassen County Board members approved of exportation of California's groundwater into Nevada while the rest of California is turning into a dust bowl. 

Please view the enclosed video.


Concerned Citizen

View Copy of Video

YouTube Video

Male Chauvinists

The male chauvinists sets the tone in the Lassen County board room that women are not equal to men. Women are rudely mistreated when addressing the board with a grievance, while men are allowed to speak as long as they wish. Women who opposes the board are ridiculed for taking up the board's time and thrashed with condescending remarks by board members and county counsel. The obvious has been well documented via video and audio.
Important things to note:
  • Our First Amendment -- the right to petition government for redress of grievances means that the people has the right to make a complaint to or seek the assistance of, one's government, without fear of punishment or reprisals. 
  • Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, in the United States the Federal anti discrimination law, women are a protected class, who cannot be targeted for discrimination. 
Recommendation to the board -- hire a county counsel, who is up on the Federal Civil Rights Law and the Brown Act, who can well advise the board members not discriminate against women or any other protected class and give direction on how to conduct a public meeting.

April 1, 2015
Clint Jefferson

Tired of Government Fraud, Waste and Abuse?

Government fraud is not going away if we stick our heads in the sand and do nothing. It's your duty to report Government Fraud. Lassen County Board of Supervisors are NOT being transparent with the public and has refused to come clean about the $350,000 loan to Medici Logging Inc. Medici received the loan in April 2014 and later filed for Bankruptcy in December, 2014. Lassen County Board of Supervisors are NOT good stewards of the taxpayer's dollar. If they had to work for the money they waste, then maybe things would be different. It's easy come, easy go with them...there goes your kids and grandchildren's future. Thank you Board of Supervisors, Mr. CAO/Rancher Egan, for ensuring a bleak future for the next generation!
For additional information, including ways to report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse related to DOJ programs, please see www.usdoj.gov/oig. For a listing of all federal inspectors general, please see www.ignet.gov.
For more information click here>> Grant Fraud Awareness

Local Newspaper Corrections?

I found it difficult to follow the story about the "State Aid Sought for Watermaster Investigation" in a local newspaper in Susanville, CA. Who is Larry "cadbit" and Shawn "girse"? What's RD? What was Ms. White's complaint about? Are the Egans using water out of the district? Lassen Irrigation is a non-profit with shares? This article is so confusing! Did Supervisor Chapman write this article for the local paper? Although, I would probably understand it better if it was written in Chinese. 

I believe there's a few corrections for this newspaper to make, such as the misspelling of names and stating the Lassen Irrigation Company is a non-profit. According to California State Franchise, the company is not currently exempt from under Revenue and Taxation Code Section 23701.

Egan pushes his way forward without a capital improvement plan (CIP) for Lassen County.
Egan is not transparent with government actions or documents.
Egan is over all County Departments.

YouTube Video

March 24, 2015

To ALL board of supervisors and public officials if you are using your public office for YOUR personal gain by pulling strings and going after people to make their lives miserable....remember these three letters


If you are a victim of public corruption, please contact your local FBI office;


Shasta Center 
1900 Churn Creek Road, Suite 201 
Redding, CA 96049
Phone: (530) 223-6473
Fax: (530) 222-5786

March 21, 2015

Justice for Angel Siler

Angel Siler
We are asking for donations to help fund the Archangels of Justice, Sal and Ira’s trip to Susanville, California to launch an extensive investigation into the death of Angel Siler. Both Investigators are experienced and professional in their work, they seek justice for crime victims and their families.

We need answers like; Why did "former" District Attorney Bob Burns and Susanville Police Department fail to seek justice for Angel Siler and her family. We are prepared to expose what has been swept under the rug for over three years. We need your help by making a donation of $5, $10. $20, $100 or whatever you can afford for Justice for Angel Siler.

The Board meeting covered a wide range of topics from the water issues, to the Jefferson State, to Pot and to the tax assessors needing extra help. The meeting opened up a lot more questions to be answered. Such as, will the growers' pot be taxed? Will the pot growers need a business licence and malpractice insurance to treat patients? Will there be a war between the pot growers and the Alfalfa Mafia over the water? Will the Jefferson State uphold the Federal laws on cultivating pot or will they do as the Californians do? 

One finally question, did you notice that two water users (Pyle and Hemphill) on the board and CAO/Rancher Egan sat in on the discussion about the water issues? Supervisor Plye blocked the board from even making a motion, in fact he controlled the water issue discussion, while in the past he and Egan had recuse themselves. Did County Counsel sleep through this or was he too focused on pot and forgot to advise them that there's a conflict of interest?

101 on Pot
It causes memory loss.

March 15, 2015
"Hats-Off" To Modoc County District Attorney Funk

According to The Modoc Couty Record NewsDistrict Attorney Jordan Funk filed a writ of mandate in Modoc Superior Court March 9 against Sheriff Mike Poindexter for refusal to provide information in a case involving excessive force by an officer. In November Jason Colt was arrested by Sgt. Dan Nessling, in which Funk is investigating for possible criminal charges. According to the writ, the DA's office has a video evidence that "provided probable casue to believe that Sgt. Daniel Nessling assualted Jason Colt (an unarmed arrestee who was handcuffed behind his back)."
District Attorney Funk stated. "Penal code section 832.7 is crystal clear, The District Attorney has an absolute statutory right to the sheriff's internal investigation of citizen complaints, of evidence of peace officer criminal wrongdoing contained in the Sheriff's internal files and of complaints of wrongdoing against a peace officer and any and all evidence generated by the Sheriff in his internal investigation or through the complaint process, (excluding compelled, immunized statements from a peace officer--which we specifically exempted from our request). The District Attorney has an absolute right to these records and the sheriff has an equally absolute duty to provide them on request. We made our 832.7 request and Mike Poindexter denied it. He is in defiance of the law. We had no choice but to seek a court order compelling him to turn over the requested information."

A hearing is set for April 2, 2015, 10 am before Modoc Superior Court Judge Francis Barclay.

Lassen County had similar cases in the past as the one in Modoc County that involved police officers using excessive force, but were handled in a different fashion for 25 years. A case in 2012, involved Officer Milito using excessive force on Drury, was settled for $55,000 (taxpayer's money) in a secretively manner. Another case of excessive abuse that ended up Bauer suing Deputy Sheriff Wallace was settled by Lassen County paying $7,500 (taxpayer's money) which the lawsuit is off the records, hidden from the public. In both cases former District Attorney Burns did not investigate or file criminal charges on the alleged officers accused of using excessive force. 

Is there no Justice System of Integrity in Lassen County? 


No one is above the law, especially those who are sworn to uphold it. Those who are charged with enforcing the laws of the State of California must themselves scrupulously obey the law. They must lead by example, and that example must be based on principles of honesty, integrity, credibility and accountability.

When judgesattorneyspolice officers, and others working in the justice system break the law, they must be held accountable for their actions. The District Attorney created the Justice System Integrity Division (JSID), a team of highly experienced prosecutors and investigators, to ensure just that. JSID – with enhanced cooperation from local and federal agencies – provides the resources to detect, investigate, and prosecute criminal misconduct among those sworn to uphold the law.

By doing so, JSID deters criminal wrongdoing and helps raise confidence in law enforcement, the courts, and the justice system in general.


March 10, 2015

Investigated by: 汤姆·杰斐逊, 克林特·杰斐逊, and 拉森县炒到队在萨克拉门托

Here's Some Facts About McElrath's Case, You May Not Know

Joanna McElrath pleaded guilty and is serving a sentence 25-years-to-life for the murder of her husband Robert McElrath, who was a Susanville police officer. Her partner in the murder, Robin Glen James pleaded guilty and is also looking at 25-years-to-life sentencing. 

Why such low sentencing for murdering a cop?

According to court transcripts filed in Lassen County Superior Court text messages between Joanna McElrath and Robin James show a nearly hour by hour documentation of their alleged efforts to kill Susanville Police Officer McElrath on January 1, 2011. With all the hard work and evidence collected by the police the case appeared to be a slam dunk. 

According to Burns' statement, "Obviously, it's not a perfect situation, but it's a good resolution to a complicated case." Why is this such a complicated case, when it appeared to be a slam dunk? Did "former" District Attorney Burns and his Senior DA Mock botched the case giving the defense attorneys a strategy to a lower sentence for defendants? Is it a coincident in 2014 that Burns resigns as D.A and his senior DA retires? 

In 2014, Lassen County Board of Supervisors; Pyle, Hammond, Wosick, Albaugh and Chapman hires Burns as the County Counsel. What a friend indeed they are or should it be said, he was a friend in need?

The venue for the murder trial was moved out of Lassen County, but did you know that Burn's Senior DA Mock, who worked for him over 10 years was removed from the murder case after attorney Barnes filed the motion to recuse Sandra Ford Mock?

To read the facts click here >> Motion to recuse Sandra Ford Mock You may be shocked or even outraged!