Dr. Lasse Laurson
Associate Professor (tenure track)

Computational Physics Laboratory
Tampere University
P.O. Box 692
FI-33014 Tampere

office: SG220
email: lasse.laurson(at)tuni.fi


  I'm a physicist working on various complex non-equilibrium processes in materials. Currently my focus is on computational and theoretical studies of domain wall dynamics in ferromagnets, plastic deformation of crystalline solids, fracture and friction. I work as an Associate Professor (tenure track) of computational physics at the Computational Physics Laboratory, Tampere University, Finland. I also act as a project leader in the Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP) Theory Programme project "Domain Wall Dynamics".

News: Paper in Nature Communications on applying machine learning to predict plastic deformation of crystals!

More news: Paper in Physical Review Letters on Barkhausen noise from precessional domain wall motion! 

For more information, check out my short CV and list of publications, as well as the website of
my research group at Tampere University.