A Positive Environment in Which Enthusiastic Biology Students Collaborate and Strive for Success Together.

Statement of Purpose:

The primary Goal of the Biology Club is to bring lovers of Biology Together. The Club is open to having anyone in the club (biology majors and/or students simply interested in biology itself) as long as each and every member is excited about making a difference.

The Changing of the Guard...

posted May 6, 2013, 8:14 PM by Biology Club

It's that time again. Another year of tremendous member and officer activity comes to a close as elections for new officers commences this coming Wednesday.

We encourage all who are willing to run. Seriously. If you are a hard worker and can make enough time for your potential duties, don't be too shy to step up. 

It's been an honor serving this fine club; leadership will change hands, but I am glad I could have participated as I have.


posted Apr 4, 2013, 12:58 AM by Biology Club

Check them out under the new "Scholarships" tab in the horizontal nav! THIS SEMESTER'S APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 5:00PM, APRIL 10.

Dion's Dog Wash (3/23/13)

posted Mar 27, 2013, 1:52 AM by Biology Club

As of a week ago, our budged was looking rather bleak. But fear not! Ladies and gentlemen, the club successfully raised $484 at the dog wash fundraiser at Dion's house.

This result blew our guesses away.

"Wow, Biology Club!

Today's Dog-Wash fundraiser was amazing! If we include matching funds from the ICC, we raised a total of $484. Today's fundraiser was the most successful in Biology Club's History!

Thank you to everyone who participated, whether by washing dogs or by bringing them from home!

Alec Cervi, BJ Kato, Brittany Gutierrez, Gaby Kulakova, Giavonni Jordan, Holly Tavris, Jamie Abarta, Julia Stansberry, Kevin Richardson, Leslie Quintanilla, Lidiya Finkel, Marissa Mihin, Nick McClay, Sergio Zamora, Stefan Petrov, Thomas Dofredo.

Dion Wes Hock -- For acquiring the supplies and allowing us to use your home. You truly were the hero of the day!" - Christopher Southorn, President of Bio Club

I would like to also thank our faculty adviser, Nan Ho, for taking the bulk of her Saturday to stay with us the entirety of the event; thank you! We appreciate everything you do for us and the club.

Del Valle Hike 2/16/13

posted Feb 26, 2013, 9:49 PM by Biology Club

The first hike of the Spring 2013 semester was a smashing hit; there were seventeen participants in total, and about three miles of constantly changing slopes were traversed. We were greeted at the top of the hill with an encompassing view of the lake below; President Chris Southorn gathered us all for a scenic picnic and ice breaker...and his herb covered beef jerky (delicious)!

We eventually made it down to the lake (with the original intention of letting the dogs rinse off, since they had a fondness for cow manure), where we proceeded to hang out, converse, and skip rocks out over the water's surface.

The hike back out of the lake basin involved angry cows and tired legs, but we managed to escape with no one being gored.

A good third of the party ended up in Fudruckers at Hacienda, in order to refuel after our day of fun in the sun.

November 8 Seminar

posted Nov 11, 2012, 11:07 PM by Biology Club

    The second seminar of the semester went off without a hitch; Chris Todd organized an interclub hosting committee and it brought a nice balance to the discussion with the guest speakers; cheers to Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and SOS for joining us (in fact, Chris and I were the only Bio representatives)!

    Both speakers were amazed by the tenacity of the students and by how far the campus as a whole has come since the 80's.


Hello Everyone!

posted Nov 2, 2012, 5:55 PM by Biology Club

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I'd like to mention how much of a success Club Day (October 24) was, and how much of a blast everyone had with it! Chris Southorn led the charge as usual, albeit dressed as Nan herself...Holly dressed as Jane Goodall, and Jhoana sported a cape like the hero she is. Holly's project regarding the gastromolecular cooking was a great hit among the students...even Tom Dodge ate one of the yogurt eyeballs...

    The meeting on the same day went fairly smoothly considering we had to cut other content out to accommodate the enormity and importance of  VP Julia's project with the Marrow Registry (speaking of which, is on Nov 14...learn how you can save a life by visiting us between 11:00AM-2:00PM between the library and cafeteria).

    The hike at Sycamore Grove (October 27) went without a hitch as well, though I had to feed a parking ticket machine $5.00 of quarters...

I'll see you guys around,

The most lucrative bake sale in Bio Club History

posted Oct 16, 2012, 5:25 PM by Biology Club

That's right people, the goods have been delivered. More precisely, $107.83 was collected this past Monday during our bake sale. Most of this money is from students and faculty stopping by to grab a coffee (generously donated by Panama Red, secured by Holly) or one of the delicious home-baked goods brought by Shafeena Hussain, Megan Arp, Nick McClay, Roy Tursonzadeh, Leslie Quintanilla, and, of course, the great-bearded Sir Christopher Southorn.

Some people, including faculty, made donations with out actually buying anything...who would have thought?

The amount above will be matched by the ICC, so we managed to pull in about $215 for the club, which will go towards scholarships and other club-related activities; good job everyone!


Last Night's Seminar:

posted Oct 10, 2012, 1:27 AM by Biology Club

Hello everyone!

The first seminar of the Fall 2012 semester, with guest speaker Parney Albright, PhD, Director of the LLNL and President of the LLNS was a great success!

Although there wasn't any time to properly host Dr. Albright as we would have liked (as has been done in previous seminars), the hosting committee performed phenomenally. The talk itself was very insightful; Dr. Albright spent most of the time speaking about the benefits of the interdisciplinary emphasis of the lab and how the close interaction among the scientists of the varying fields leads to a greater capacity to get things done and achieve amazing science. His advice to scientists/engineers was to first find a field or sub-field to focus on while you're in college; then, after securing a job in your respective field, start to reach out and learn other fields. Science is a joint enterprise, and the more you network with people who have achieved the level of expert or authority in their respective field, the better off everyone involved is. The lab, although being a National Security research facility, uses the research involved with national security and applies it to non-defense ventures as well, point and case the NIF (National Ignition Facility). Another piece of advice from the Good Doctor: no matter your field, get involved with math, learn computation to the highest of your ability. A high command of the language of math and computer information systems is becoming a necessity among scientists.

 A huge thank you goes out to Thuy Tran  and Chris Southorn for being in charge of photo documentation of the event.

A special thanks/shout out to the LPC Foundation for their generous donation of refreshments for the seminar attendees, and to everyone in Bio Club who helped make it go as smoothly as it did; and, of course, Nan for all of her effort.

 We're so lucky to have such awesome people in this club, seriously, you guys all rock! :)


Looking back at the Zoomobile:

posted Oct 10, 2012, 12:59 AM by Biology Club

We're pleased to announce that the Oakland Zoo Conservation Mobile was a success!

Even before the club/Zoo volunteers could finish setting up, there was an influx of people coming to see what was going down. An entire class of ESL students stopped by to have an out of class experience with the language they're starting to master; immediately following the ESL class, the daycare center brought the children down to have a look as well. 

The Zoo staff provided wonderful information along with plenty of hands-on props and displays to help get their points across. The animals which were brought along included a Herman's Tortoise, blue-tongued skink, a kingsnake, and compost worms.

Throughout the day bio club members stopped by to say hi and also to help out with everything, thank you all so much for helping make this event the success it was, especially Holly Tavris for managing to pull everything together!


Following up on our first hike of the semester:

posted Sep 29, 2012, 8:04 PM by Biology Club

Hello Bio Club!

The first hike of the Fall 2012 semester was a success! We hiked to a location in the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park and proceeded to have an epic picnic in the ninety degree heat, well worth it :)

While this hike may have been of low intensity, we do plan on having longer hikes later in the semester; our goal is to have one hike per month...let us know about good locations, we'll put the next choices to a vote!


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