This page is designed to provide links to external websites that provide League members, coaches, and students with valuable information. These include links to national speech/debate organizations, tournament administration options, competition resources (scripts, research, topics, etc.), and summer speech/debate workshops.

Appearance on this page does not reflect an endorsement by the League or any of its members. If you wish to add to this list, please submit your request to LHSSL Website.

National Organizations - find additional materials offered by these organizations

International Debate Education Association
National Catholic Forensic League
National Debate Coaches Association
National Federation of State High School Associations
National Speech and Debate Association

Tournament Administration - find resources for your tournament (registration and/or tabulation) or search their calendars to find tournaments outside of Louisiana.

Joy of Tournaments
Tab Room on the PC

Competition Resources - find materials to use in competition

2River - poetry
The Adirondack Review - interp
Apple Valley Review - interp
Beyond Resolved - PF
Big Sky Debate - policy, LD, PF
Brooklyn Publishers - interp
CDE - all events
Champcraft - policy, LD, extemp
Champion Briefs - policy, LD, PF, congress, extemp
Communican and Baylor Briefs - policy, LD, PF
Consortium Publishing - interp
Contemporary World Literature - interp
Cross Connect - ll interp
Debate Central - general debate - policy
Dramatists Play Service - interp
Extemp Relief - extemp
Feile-Festa - oral interp
4N6 Fanatics - all speech
The Forensics Files - policy, LD, PF
Foundation Briefs - policy, LD, PF, extemp - interp
Front Porch Journal - interp
Frostwriting - interp
HeinOnline - general debate (must be NSDA member to access for free)
The Interp Store - interp
Kids 4 Broadway - interp
Kirkwood Bromley - interp
Memorious - interp
Moonstruck Drama Bookstore - interp
Mushroom Cloud Press - interp (must be NSDA member to access)
The Oscar Wilde Collection - interp
Paradigm Research - policy, LD, PF
The Perfect Performance - interp - PF
Planet Debate - policy, LD, PF, extemp
Poetry Foundation - poetry
Policy Debate Primer - policy
Reader's Theater Editions - interp
Review Americana - interp
Samuel French - interp
Speech Geek - all events
Squirrel Killers - policy, LD, PF
Story South - interp - interp
Theatre Fresh - interp
Topics Plus - Congress, extemp
TriQuarterly - interp
Toasted Cheese - interp
Victory Briefs - LD, PF
West Coast Publishing - all debate
Winning Words - PF, Congress

Note:  Some of the interp materials on these websites may NOT be in accordance with the LHSSL guidelines. Our online interp materials guidelines mirror those of the National Speech and Debate Association. Our prose and poetry guidelines mirror those of the National Catholic Forensic League.

Summer Speech/Debate Camps - find a suitable summer program to prepare for next season (for students and/or coaches)

3PSpeech - speech
Arizona State University (Southwest Speech and Debate Institute) - policy, LD, PF, Congress, speech
Baylor University - policy, LD
Bradley University - speech
California at Berkeley, University of - all events
Cameron University - LD, policy, PF, speech
Capitol Debate - policy, PF
Champion Briefs Institute - policy, LD, PF, Congress
Dartmouth University - policy, PF
Dixie State University (Sun Country Forensics Institute) - policy, LD, PF, speech
Emory University - policy
Florida Forensics Institute - speech, Congress, PF
George Mason University - speech
Georgetown University - policy
Georgia, University of - policy, PF
Gustavus Adolphus College - speech, Congress
Harvard University - PF, Congress, public speaking
Indiana University - policy, LD, PF, Congress
Institute for Speech and Debate - PF, Congress, Extemp, OO, OI
Interprod - interp, oratory
Kentucky, University of - policy, LD, PF
Michigan, University of - policy
Michigan State University (Spartan Debate Institute) - policy
Minnesota Debate Institute - LD
Missouri State University - policy, LD, PF
Morgan State University (Eddie Conway Liberation Institute) - policy
National Debate Forum - LD, PF
National Speech and Debate Association Online Institute - all events (excluding Duet, OI, Dec) - discount for NSDA members
National Symposium for Debate - LD, Congress
Nebraska Debate Institute - policy, LD, PF
North Texas, University of (Mean Green Workshop) - policy, LD, PF, public speaking
Northwestern University - policy
Ohio University - policy, LD, PF, Congress, speech
The Perfect Performance Summer Camp - all interp
Samford University - policy, LD, PF
Simpson College - PF
Speaking and Debating Academy - policy, LD, PF, Congress, public speaking
Stanford National Forensic Institute - all events
Strake Jesuit College Prep - LD, PF
Summit Debate - LD, PF
Texas, University of - policy, PF, Congress
Texas, University of - speech
Texas Debate Collective - LD
Training Minds - all events
Truman Institute - Online course for coaches only, credit thru Truman State University available
Utah, University of (Beehive Forensics Institute) - all events
Victory Briefs Institute - LD
Wake Forest University (Early Bird) - policy
Western Kentucky University - speech
Whitman National Debate Institute - policy, LD, PF
Xylum Debate Institute - policy

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