1. How are the PDS points calculated?
The number of points assigned to each activity in the chart is calculated based on consideration of 2 factors – the value of the activity and the estimated time invested in it. The value assigned to an activity is a judgment by the PDS Committee on its importance in relation to all the activities considered in the chart. All activities are roughly ranked in order of their perceived value and a relative number assigned. Though time invested in the activity is a factor, it is not as important as the value one gets out of it and therefore it is weighted lower than the perceived value. The final point is therefore a combination of the weighted factor for estimated duration of an activity and its value.
2. What are the training courses available?
A projection of training courses and professional development activities will be posted in the LAS website to assist members in planning their annual training plan. Applicants can source for and attend other types of activities not stated in the LAS website as long as they meet the guidelines for appropriate PDS activity as explained in this guide.
3. I attended a workshop on web 2.0 applications in libraries. However it is only 1.5 hour long. Can I pro-rate the points for the ED category “Training - Participate in course/workshop on specific LIS area (half-day)”. Alternatively can I combine 2 similar 1.5 hour workshops to qualify for the points in this category?
This ED category is strictly for training workshops that is half a day long. The training should be substantial enough to merit the points assigned. You may not combine 2 separate activities to make up to the equivalent of half-a-day unless the activities are a continuation of the same workshop. However you can register this activity in item 1 of the ID category.
4. Why is there more points given to attending a talk (ID1) compared with attending a full-day workshop (ED2)?
The points in Expertise Development (ED) category have different value from those in Industry Knowledge Development (ID). The focus of the PDS is for applicants to engage more intensely with expertise development activities. Therefore applicants need to perform more ED activities compared to ID.
5. I gained 156 points as a Committee member of the LAS Social Committee. If I am also a member of the ad-hoc Committee for the LAS Conference Organizing Team, can I also add a further 54 points to my count?
The PDS recognizes that active participation in committee work in the professional body is extremely valuable in contributing to a member’s professional development. Therefore, the points awarded are very high compared to other activities. If an applicant participates in more than one professional committee, he/she should record only the points allocated for one committee (that which gives the highest number of points). The award of points in this category is based on experience gained in work at the professional body and not how many committees one is in.
6. Do I have to attend personal development activities such as time management, word processing, communication skills, etc., to get enough points in the PD category to qualify for the PP award?
You can use extra points earned in the Industry Knowledge Development (ID) category to substitute for points in the PD category.
7. I am an associate member of LAS and I do not have a professional library qualification. Can I participate in PDS?
The PDS Scheme is meant for people who have already qualified as professional librarians. The scheme is to provide qualified librarians with a framework to continuously improve their professional knowledge and skills and to keep up with new developments in their profession and industry. For those without professional qualifications, you can still use PDS as a guide for your own training and development. However you will not be able to register for the formal award of Practising Professional (PP) by LAS
8. I am a qualified librarian. However I took a break from work in the last 2 years. Will I be able to participate in PDS and be eligible to apply for award of PP?
The PDS Scheme does not take into account your current or previous work employment. As long as you are professionally qualified and obtained the required number of points from the various professional and training activities, you are eligible to apply for the PP award.