How To Approach Groups of Women

How To Approach GROUPS of Women | How To NEVER Get  Rejected by a Group of Girls Make Me That Guy | Men's  Fashion, Dating, Fitness & Nutrition London.
How to approach groups of women in a bar or club or in  any situation without getting rejected. Approaching a  girl on her own is hard enough but approaching a group  of women is a terrifying proposition even for guys  experienced in game.
In this video Ollie explains how to approach a group of  women in the right way thus minimising and, in most  cases, eliminating the possibility of being rejected.  Everyone has their own interpretation of rejection, but  our definition of rejection is being ignored by the girl  or group of girls.
If you approach them in the right way you're very likely  to have a chance of at least striking up a conversation  thus giving you a chance to find out if she's a girl  that you want to try and take things further with.
Watch the video to find out how to approach a group of  girls and not get rejected.
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Approaching groups of women