« Words are to our true nature, what clouds are to the sky and waves to the ocean. »
« Et si j'étais la Vie ? »
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« Témoignages contemporains sur l'Éveil »
Free eBook in French.  In depth testimonies, questions/answers by French speaking teachers of non-duality.
December 2016, published by
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« One Truth, many Voices »
Free eBook.  Essential message from Satsang teachers, published by Sony Mervin, September 2014.
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« Petals of Awakening »
The boundless core of existence cannot be codified or taught.  It is a silent song that suddenly springs.  So its expression may seem contradictory at times.
These quotes came like snowflakes, rolling and falling from a limitless and silent sky.
They are bubbles of emptiness.  I hope their surface will be thin enough so you can see through.
eBook available in English on click here.
Paperback available only in French: Published in August 2012 by Le Souffle d'Or: click here.
« Les étoiles écoutent toujours quand on leur parle »
Michaël's poetic tale « Les étoiles écoutent toujours quand on leur parle » is available only in French and Spanish, see French page.
« Identification to mind makes us continually overlook the Reality of Now to which nothing can be added nor subtracted. »