Friends of Stillness

« Realizing and living our true nature is a dance between universality and singularity: it is realizing that we are all made of the same unique essence and that each one of us is absolutely unique in the universe. »
Della who leads many retreats with Michaël, her partner:
« We all have the extraordinary potential to appreciate Life through a very simple perspective – a perspective that emerges from the infinite Space of Peace, Unity and Love.  Are we ready to see what separates us from this Peace, to embrace this Space fully and to discover Liberation ? »
It is with joy and an open heart that Della invites us to see and even choose the possibility of « living what we are », a pure and authentic Source, free of our conditioning, of our stories, of our illusory limits, of our suffering:
Friends who worked with Michael and/or Della and now share the essence of who we are with kindness and simplicity:
« My prayer is to see your awakening as a soft and powerful human BEING.  BE !  Dare to BE !  Do not Fear... for you already ARE... »
Mireia offers satsangs and energy work in Holland and in India depending on her travels.
Mireia realized early in her adult life her true nature which she embodies with warmth and clarity.  In 2001, her intense quest that had started in childhood came to an end in satsang with Michaël.
Of Spanish origin and a physicist, Mireia works in the field of solar energy and shares with her husband a passion for sustainable building and the practice of yoga :
« What is in each moment, whatever it may be, is always filled with all that is needed so that nothing is ever missing. »
Tejo offers with lots of humor and natural respect for everyone convivial meetings at home in Quebec.
Tejo worked in the field of applied mathematics and economical science.  He practiced meditation for more than 30 years and studied with Sri Chinmoy and Arnaud Desjardins before looking into non-dual approaches.  Through his meeting with Della and Michaël, he realized that liberation is available now.
Tejo can be contacted via email:
Hosts of Michaël's meetings in Brussels:
  •, Institute of Psychotherapy hosting the bi-monthly evening meetings with Michaël in Brussels.
  •, Institute of Pychotherapy in Brussels where Michaël gives a talk on non-duality for the 4th year of training.
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