« It always come back to a surrender of the heart that the Now as it is, is Consciousness, infinite and whole. »
Non-duality means the realization of our true nature.  The true nature of self, life and reality consists in one unique essence: the timeless essence forming all that is, to which many names are given « consciousness, awareness, presence, reality, emptiness, isness or love » but which is fundamentally beyond words and concepts.
This essence is our true identity.  It is always present everywhere, whether we are aware of it or not.
It is the ground of reality in which appears all that is perceived.  It is what we are at our innermost core and that we share with all that exists: a flower, a sun, but also a chair and a radiator.  To realize the essence of who we are therefore dissipates the impression of being a special or separated individual within the universe.
This consciousness or fundamental presence of reality is too obvious and simple to be conceived by thoughts or expressed in words.  This is why no description, including this one, can match it exactly.
Our unbounded nature can only be discovered in the present moment.
It is definitively realized when it ceases to identify with the separated sense of me and the flux of thoughts and concepts superimposed onto life and self.  It then becomes a natural state of being which includes all facets of life and the entire spectrum of human experiences, even the difficult ones.  The best and higher part of our soul or individualized consciousness can then blossom based on its deepest and most authentic ground.
In Michaël's approach, the invitation is to discover the possibility to live from the limitless silence of the heart prior to concepts, emotions and experiences, in a way that is personally embodied, full of soul, benevolent and kind and makes a real difference in intimate relationships.
There is always the possibility to realize our true nature in the now because the now, no matter what, is a direct and non-separated expression of the essence of life.  In that sense, it is not about reaching a state different than what is.  It is more about taking the risk to be with this moment silently and wholeheartedly, in such an intimate and unconditional way that we realize that the now appears in the space of our true nature.  For this reason, realizing who we really are does not depend on any external cause, grace or circumstance.  Are not all waves of the ocean already filled top full with water ?