Sophia University, Tokyo Japan
August 26-27, 2017

This LASI is part of the Learning Analytics Summer Institute run by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR).



Following LASI-Asia 2016 in Seoul, Korea, the second LASI-Asia workshop will be held in Tokyo, Japan.
Even in many Asian countries, tablet and laptop PCs have been introduced to classroom and individual learning activities.
These devices have initiated to deliver digital textbooks and various types of learning materials, but now be prospected as tools to collect teachers and learners activities and behaviors in automatic or semi-automatic manner. The Learning Analytics (LA) includes automatic collection, analysis, and feedback of the information in classroom and individual learning.
Various researches of LA in this decade have provided some insights, but also there are still many challenges to clarify what are happening in classrooms and what are achieved for learners.
This LASI-Asia workshop will be a place to share up-to-date research results and practitioners' status report to apply to real teaching and learning activities.

  • Keynotes, Tutorials
  • Research and Practitioner Presentation
  • Hackathon

Steering Committee
  • Yasuhisa Tamura, Sophia University, Japan (Program Co-Chair)
  • Yong-Sang Cho, KERIS, Korea (Program Co-Chair)
  • Tatsunori Matsui (Presentation)
  • Yasushi Kodama, Hosei University, Japan (Hackathon)
  • Hiroaki Ogata, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Tsuneo Yamada, The Open University of Japan

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