Welcome to LASI-Aalborg 2015

LASI-Aalborg 2015 is participating in the Learning Analytics Summer Institutes around the world. We hereby invites Ph.D. students, Academics, Researchers, Educators, Learning Entrepreneurs  and other Learning-Professionals with interest in the Learning Analytics field to participate in our local LASI event, LASI-Aalborg 2015. LASI-Aalborg will have the form of both a Ph.D. course and an open Master class. 

 LASI-Aalborg will take place in synthesis with the LASI-locals http://solaresearch.org/events/lasi/lasi2015/ around the world. Our event will be a full day seminar in two parts – The morning will consist of presentations of aspects of the use of digital data in learning and teaching. The afternoon will be a hands-on workshop in data visualization (Tableau).

  LASI-Aalborg 2015 aims to give a brief overview of the emerging research field Learning Analytics.  This year the event will provide an introductory overview of the research field and focus on feedback and assessments in digital learning environments. 

Participants do not require prior background in analytics or qualitative or quantitative analytics techniques. The hands-on session in the data analytic software will be at a basic level as it is the aim of this seminar to give newcomers to data-analytic software an opportunity to get a feeling of what it is about. The main aim of the LASIs is that participants will leave better equipped with knowledge of the research field Learning Analytics.

Activities include:

  • Sharing practical insight into the nature of teaching and learning in MOOCs and other digital learning platforms
  • Reviewing the field of Learning Analytics and the tools it provides to investigate learning
  • Experiencing hands-on qualitative and quantitative approaches with real data, to investigate and assess learning behaviours and outcomes in digital, scaled environments.
  • Discussing issues arising in this new field, including those relating to privacy, security and ethics