Eyelash Extensions

Summer Lash "Au Naturale"
Approximately 1 hour 45 min. Includes consultation, Lunchtime facial, and lash application styled in 'Au Naturale' only. Choose your own lash type and length.
$65 and bi-fills for this style are $35

* Starts 6/21/14 ends Labor day weekend.

Approximately 2 1/2 hours. Includes consultation, lash color black or brown in 50/50 mink/silk or 100% silk. 
$125 full set 

* Upgrade to Diva lash during fill is just an additional 

Diva Lash
Approximately 3 hours. Includes consultation. Lash color black, brown or special order. Includes sensitive. 50/50 mink/silk ,100% mink are special order and require a deposit, or 100% silk.
$275 full set


1 week out 
30 min
2 weeks out/ bi-weekly
30 min- 1 hour
3 weeks out
45 min-1.15 hours
4 weeks out 
1 1/2 hours
$85 may need to start over

Naturals, your choice of style
Facial, your choice of facial type
Moisturizing waltzing face massage
2.5 hours
$50 ea visit product charge and tax.
*It must be present during appointment scheduling, if not it cannot be honored at that appointment. Policy is also noted on all coupons.



**Lunch Time Facial**
(15 minutes)
This facial is our mini- addition to any service. Includes a massage, one mask and face pressure point ritual. 

 Classic Essential Facial
(25 minutes)
Our classic facial will leave your skin radiant healthy and glowing. You' ll instantly notice the difference in the overall tone and texture of your skin.

Plant Peel
(35 minutes) 
This intense facial treatment increases firmness, reduces wrinkles and leaves skin pigment -free. For optimal results, ten bi-weekly treatments are recommended.

Specialty Services
Eyebrow Reconstruction
Includes cleaning of brows with brow razor while adding
hair to the areas needed to achieve fullness without the
use of a brow pencil or powder filler.
10 to 20 min
$99 partial/Full $175

Eyelash or Brow Tint 
(30-45 minutes)
Natural colors natural black,brown,light brown, dark brown.

Eyelash Perm
(30-45 minutes)
Help gain control over your lashes with a lash perm. This is commonly done prior to eyelash extensions and helps achieve a more finished look.
$45 alone/ $15 add-on 

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