Productivity Tools

These are the tools I used to complete my

Productivity Project


Productivity Tools



Powerpoint Game


Capstone Project


Attendance and Grade Record

The attendance and grade sheet were made using Excel. By making an attendance and grade record, I learned that it is very easy to enter grades and attendance and not have to actually count absences or average grades by hand. The program does it for you. This is a big help for teachers because it saves time and it does not require a lot of effort.


The newsletter was somewhat difficult to do. It took a lot of time and creativity to finish this task. I  had  to think of  things that would be typical for a newsletter given on the first day of  school. Then, I had to think of things that I would want to tell my students' parents. I think a newsletter is a great way of keeping the lines of communication open between parents and teachers. By doing this newsletter, I know what to expect when making a newsletter for my own class or for any situation that I may need a newsletter for.


The calendar also required a lot of time and  creativity. In order to create the calendar, I downloaded a template and edited it with clipart and added different colors.  Having a classroom calendar can help students and parents keep up with things happening in the school as well as the classroom. Using a classroom calendar can also help a teacher be organized and not over plan or under plan for different lessons.

Excel Pictograph

The excel pictograph is something that teachers can teach their students to do. By doing a pictograph, students can learn to record and plot data. Before actually doing the pictograph, I used excel for chemistry projects. I did not know that one can change the graph plots and actually incorporate pictures into the graph.

Seating Chart

Seating charts are a very helpful tool that all teachers should have. Just in case a teacher is not present for a day, a substitute will know where things are and where each student is supposed to sit. Creating the seating chart required a lot of concentration and patience. Most of the objects were hard to move and sometimes were accidentally deleted. Therefore, I had to take my time in creating it. In the future, I will use a seating chart by using powerpoint, because the detail of the objects in the room can be easily replicated.

Student Nametags

Student nametags are vital to a teacher on the first day of school. It helps the teacher learn their students' names and it helps students in the class learn each other's name. By making nametags instead of buying them, it saves money, time, and effort. Now that I know how to make nametags, I will incorporate them in my classroom.

Certificate 1           Certificate 2

The certificates were fun to make. I used a template for both certificates and I changed the borders and the font. I think certificates are great to have in the classroom because they can motivate students to try their best. It is also a good thing to make certificates by using word or powerpoint because they are inexpensive and always on hand whenever the teachers need them. Making certificates is something that I will definitely do in my classroom.


For the worksheet, I used a website that automatically creates the worksheet. All one has to to is enter the information they want to appear on the worksheet and what kind of worksheet they need. Since I chose Social Studies, I created a word scramble which contains some of the names of states. I think this is a great worksheet for students on the first day of school. Word scrambles are fun for children and at the same time they begin to learn vocabulary or key words. The worksheet is somewhat easy, but it also challenges  the student because the words are scrambled.


Using productivity tools, students can create spreadsheets,graphing data of the economoy, or create a calendar of a typical day of a Native American before the creation of the United States.  Both of these activities require the student to do research on their on. Their research is mainly going to be web-based. By doing such projects, it will require them to draw conclusions from their research. Students may present their observations and conclusions to the class. Doing projects will help students to think critically about the project and this will also help students over time.