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 My powerpoint game is called "Native American Journey". The object of the game is to get to a lake  to get some water and get back to the tribe before anyone else does. While they are playing the game, students have to answer questions and pick cards that either help them or hurt them as they try to win the game.




This game can be used to teach students more about Native Americans or it could be used as a test review. The standards for fourth grade social studies for the state of Georgia focuses on the history of the United States. Native Americans were definitely part of the history of the United States and therefore, I thought it would be great to do a powerpoint game about them. For example, a teacher may use this game before teaching a unit about Native Americans. This way, the students will gain some knowledge about Native Americans and it will make them more interested in learning more about them. It can also be used a review before a test. The students can test their knowledge and go over the questions they got wrong. Therefore, they know what areas they do not know and what to study.