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Using a program called Kidspiration, I made a diagram of the state of Georgia. It goes along with the standards of a fourth grade social studies class. Click here to view my diagram.

I will use Kidspiration in my future classroom probably during the first week of school. Since learning about the states is an introduction to learning about the development of the United States, learning about  the state of Georgia will lead into learning about the formation of other states. I would put students into groups and let them research and make a diagram together. This will allow them to get to know each other better and will not take as much time because they are working as a group. Visual learners might find this project very helpful with learning information. In addition to the diagram, I could develop a game where I create a diagram and the students would have to guess which state the diagram is about. This would take a lot of time. Instead, I could have each group research a different state and let the students guess which state the diagram is about. The benefits of using concept mapping are students can understand better how different subjects are interrelated and it requires students to do thorough research about a topic so they can put interesting things on their map. One barrier is that students may become frustrated with learning how to use new software, but they can overcome this with the help of a teacher and the help of their classmates. Using technology instead of pencil and paper is very benficial for students. Since technology is becoming a major part of society today, it is very important for students to learn every type of program they can. The LoTi level of an activity such as this is level 3. In the future, I may use Kidspiration to link different subject material for my major classes. Since my major is Child and Family Development, most of my classes are interrelated. If I use concept mapping to map the major themes, it may be helpful in learning new material.