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My partner and I did our iMovie Project about debate. We got the idea from the Citi Bank commericals where people are talking, but their voices do not match their appearance. We asked people we knew if we could video tape their children. After video taping the children, we decided how we wanted the movie to go. Using iMovie was a new experience for me. It was not a hard program to use, but it required a lot of patience and paying a lot of attention to detail. Once we got the hang of the program, it was not hard to finish our project. When we tried to do the voice overs, the microphone on the computer we were using really did not record what we were saying very well. We had to transfer our movie to another computer and do the voice overs again. After that, it did not take a lot of time to finish the movie. I really enjoyed working with my partner on the movie and I am glad that we worked together as a team and achieved a common goal.

Using Digital Images in the Classroom

Here are some examples of digital images:   


  • State Project was created by a student researching the state of Ohio. It consists of still shots and includes audio. 
  • The American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance  was created by students. They recite the Pledge of Allegiance and add in their own intrepretation of the Pledge of Allegiance. 
  • Proud Americans is a presentation about relatives of people who have served  in the Armed Forces.
  • A New Life, A New Home is a short story about immigration in the mid-19th century.


Using digital images in the classroom can be helpful in the classroom. In order to create a project for students to use, the teacher first has to be aware of the program that will be used. For example, using iMovie is a great tool for students to use and show others what they have learned. In the process, students learn how to use movie editing software. First, the students have to do research and decide what material they will use in their presentation. The teacher could help students videotape their material and give them helpful hints about using a video camera. Next, the teacher should give a tutorial about iMovie and give them ways that they can make their video different and interesting. Finally, the students can present their video to the class so everyone can learn more about the group's research.

I learned that using iMovie is easier than I thought and I will consider using it in the classroom. I learned how to use audio, edit clips, and use transitions to make the video flow better. The examples I found are very helpful for teaching fourth grade social studies. The "State Project" is something is helpful for students because they learn more about states and they integrate the use of technology into what they learn. The "American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance" video is something that fourth graders can look at. I do not know if it will help them understand the Pledge of Allegiance better, but it will be a useful tool to lead into a discussion about it. Since the United States currently has many troopes deployed, the "Proud Americans" project is something the students will enjoy doing. It will require them to research their family's history and learn more about the armed forces. This is definitely a project I would consider using in the classroom. The "A New Life, A New Home" video is a great way for students to learn more about immigration. Even though this was a great video, I do not think I would use this in the classroom because it does not meet the state requirements for my grade level.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and I learned a lot. Integrating tools like iMovie in the classroom requires the teacher to know about the programs that are being used. Hopefully, I will learn more about programs that my future students and I can use in the classroom.