Please Note: A PDF version of my Cover Letter is available for download at the bottom of this page.

SHONDAHunt is a Senior Compositor, skilled in Nuke Compositing, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing. As a freelance Compositor I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of Feature Films, Commercials, and TV Series in the United States and Canada.

Working as a freelance compositor has also allowed me to work in multiple pipelines at various Visual Effects Studios. Developing a variety of skills such as: Color matching, lighting/re-lighting, matte extractions from blue/green screen, transforming and warping elements, 2D/3D camera tracking, graining and degraining, paint fixes, and rotoscoping.

I am very passionate about my work, and I strive to seamlessly integrate photo-real/stylized elements into live-action footage. I am looking to join a studio where I can continue growing as an Artist, creating compelling work in a fast pace work environment.


•  Clean and efficient script organization
•  Strong eye for color and color matching
•  In depth knowledge of compositing workflow
•  Strong knowledge of the Nuke 3D Environment
•  Projection mapping
•  Strong ability to multi-task, very organized
•  Strong communication skills
•  Experience working in Shotgun
•  Ability to work on multiple shots at once
•  Deep compositing
•  Matte Extractions
•  Paint repair / warping and rotoscoping

•  Nuke
•  After Effects
•  Maya
•  Mocha
•  Photoshop
•  Illustrator


Available to work in:
New York, NY 10025 • Chicago, IL 60601 • Detroit, MI 48331 • Vancouver, BC V6B 2W6  • Montreal, QC H2Y 0A8

Shonda Hunt,
Apr 7, 2018, 12:21 PM