I am a postdoc researcher at computational linguistics group in CLCG, the University of Groningen.
My research concerns wide-coverage compositional semantics employed in Parallel Meaning Bank.  
In January 2017, I defend my PhD thesis "A natural proof system for natural language" at Tilburg University, 
under the supervision of Reinhard Muskens and Jan Sprenger.
The details about the thesis and defense can be found here.

My research interests (ordered according to relevance):
  • Natural logic
  • Wide-coverage natural language inference and semantics
  • Automated reasoning with natural language
  • Type-logical semantics
  • Syntax-semantic interface
  • Logic of belief
In addition, I am interested in almost any computational linguistic issue related to Georgian.
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Check the updated online demo of LangPro (natural Language theorem Prover).

  Lasha Abzianidze / ლაშა აბზიანიძე