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 LA's Dopest Attorney

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LA's Dopest Attorney

Whatever happened to Ellen Feiss, the student whose hilarious switch commercial for Apple Computer in 2002 made her an instant celebrity? Did she get a new G4 and go on to law school? Well, no actually. Ellen went to France to evade the obsessive fans on ellenfeiss.net, and only recently showed up in a starring role in a new movie, Bed and Breakfast.


In a parallel universe, Ellen Feiss might have gone to law school , if this commercial by LA's dopest attorney is a good example of just how far a Mac user can go when encouraged by her father to stay in school.Allison Margolin went from Columbia to Harvard and graduated in 2002. She's the daughter of Bruce Margolin, the director of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, also an attorney. As a criminal defense attorney, Bruce M. Margolin has successfully defended thousands of clients, including such notables as Dr. Timothy Leary, in all types of cases from marijuana to murder.

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