Trading Systems And Technical Indicators, Developed By Some Of Chicago’s Finest For Taking Profits From The Market During The 2008 To 2009 To Whenever Recession/ Depression

These trading tools were developed by LaSalle Trading Systems for trading highly active stocks, the Q’s (QQQQ), and futures ( bonds, notes, EC, JY, NQ, ES, YM, TF, any of the e-mini’s). The LaSalle AtrVolRev Strategy is also excellent at trading long only stock positions.

These Systems and Indicators are developed to use in TradeStation to trade TradeStation Securities and in Multicharts where you can trade Interactive Brokers. These two brokers enable you to trade almost any financial instrument (futures, stocks, etf’s, forex) from regular trading accounts, IRA’s or Trusts. The systems can be used to just provide signals or fully auto trade in either platform.

The following trading systems and indicators are being offered because the trading firm has changed brokers and programmed these systems ( in a different language) to run on a different platform. Due to the fact that the tools can be configured for any financial instrument and used on hour, minute or tick bars there is little chance of trading system saturation and influencing market performance.

The following tools are unique  and only authorized to be sold here. NOT LEGALLY AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE.


LaSalle CCRider Indicator

This is a unique overbought oversold indicator intended to be used in conjunction with our other indicators as an additional signal conformation. More info...Order here....

LaSalle 3Line Trender
A combination of algorithms that produce a spot trend, an exponential moving average, and a slick smoothed-out slow trend line. Some traders think this is all you need.
Some days I’m one of those. More info...Order here....

LaSalle RSI Indicator
This is not your regular RSI. The LaSalle Rsi Indicator contains additional algorithms for enhanced swing and pivot point identification. This indicator is intended to be used with the LaSalle RSI Trading Strategy, but is a unique identifier that is a valued addition to other indicators.
More info...Order here....

Trading Systems (Strategies)

LaSalle RemaBands Strategy
This tool can be used fully automated or just to give signals. Think Bollinger Bands taken to the next level. A much better performer than Bollinger Bands, RemaBands is easy to optimize and provides consistent results. RemaBands is designed to pick off swings, reversals, and catch long running trends. More info...Order here....

LaSalle RSI Strategy
This is not any normal RSI, it has additional algorithms to enhance performance in identifying swing and pivot changes. Pick off short swings and long trends with this strategy. The LaSalle RSI Indicator is included with this strategy to enable enhanced optimization. More info...Order here....

LaSalle CYOSC Trading System
Huge performer. This is a combination of swing cycles and oscillator algorithms. This system catches trends and cycles very well and includes trailing stop loss settings to medicate risk of loss when the market changes from trending and cycling to volatility. A unique must have in your arsenal system. More info...Order here.....

LaSalle AtrVolRev Strategy
The full name is LaSalle Average True Range Volatility Reversal Strategy. Optimized properly, this algorithm will “cherry pick” long positions. It is not in the market all the time but lays in wait for certain opportunities and picks them off. Excellent for those who only trade stocks and just (or only allowed to) trade long. Truly a system you should be running all the time for diversity.  More info...Order here....

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This is the CYOSC system trading realtime one lots on the JY after 3 hours. That's right its up $500.

LaSalle RmaBands Trading realtime one lots on the Mini Dow.

Systems must be optimized properly. Read the optimization page , study, test back test, forward test, learn how to use the tools.

Trading risky

All trading is risky. You are at risk of loss using any strategy or trading tool or method. Markets can change against you for no known reason and with out warning.
To mediate risk of loss, forward test on a simulator until you are proficient with that combination of financial instrument bar settings and system or indicator settings.

Not responsible

This website and  LaSalle Trading Systems are not responsible for your trading performance. There are no plug and play trading systems. They all break down at some point or during changing market conditions. How bad how often and when and under what market conditions is what you must learn to understand.The tools are only part of the scenario. It is up to you to practice, test record results and become proficient in using these tools.There are so many scenarios configurations and combination's of bar lengths, time bar lengths, and tool settings you must learn to optimize and back test then forward test. See the optimization page for help. It is like being a blues guitar player. You must pay your dues to be successful.  A professional trader is constantly testing something for the near future.