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We'll see you later in 2016 (Oct) for the 
5th Annual Science Fair!

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What's a Science Fair Project?

A good Science Fair project involves the student in a journey of discovery, driven by curiosity. It typically starts with a student proposing a question or hypothesis, and doing some background research. The student then develops an experimental apparatus or procedure that will produce data, from which the student can draw conclusions to prove (or disprove) the hypothesis, or answer the question. (from the USC website - http://www.usc.edu/CSSF/Resources/Good_Project.html)

How do I get Started?
One of the most important considerations in picking a topic for your science fair project is to find a subject that you consider interesting. You'll be spending a lot of time on it, so you don't want your science fair project to be about something that is boring or a topic you're not interested in.

Science Buddies has developed The Topic Selection Wizard. By answering a series of questions about everyday interests and activities, you will help them identify an area of science that is best for you. 

Asking you a series of questions about everyday interests and activities, this site then recommends an area of science and science fair project ideas that are best for you. The Topic Selection Wizard 

This site lets you browse through hundreds of science fair project ideas. Science Fair Project Ideas

The Fourth Annual LaSalle Science Fair!
Exhibition Day & Awards- March 20th
Let's hear your Science Lion Roar!

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Awards Assembly