Explorer Café Series: "What Makes Us Human?" -- Extinction: Will Humans Be Next?

Science Conversation event
Wednesday, April 27, 3:00pm
Holroyd Science Center Atrium, La Salle University
1900 W. Olney Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19141


This is the second in a two-part Explorer Café series that explores the question of “What Makes Us Human?” For many, human extinction seems like light years away, but is it really so far off? Dr. James Pierce will lead a discussion on the science of extinction, drawing on examples of species that once inhabited the earth, while focusing on philosophical, moral, and religious implications of potential extinction and how it shapes the way we live our lives today.

Free food and open to the public.

The Explorer Café is brought to you by The Explorer Connection of La Salle University. Cafés are held every Wednesday at 3:00pm in the Holroyd Science Center Atrium. Download a complete schedule of the Spring 2011 Explorer Cafés here.

Learn more about The Explorer Connection at www.lasalle.edu/explorerconnection.

Special Note:

A Holroyd Science Celebration networking event for our undergraduate science researchers, alumni and friends will follow the café this evening beginning at 6:00pm. Contact Peg McManus (mcmanus@lasalle.edu) for more information.


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