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108 | Kindergarten | Mrs. Whitters

Room 108
  • October - Q1 Progress Reports
  • October 25th - First Fieldtrip, info to come
  • December 1 - KDG Special Event Dance 5-6:30pm

Monday - PE (wear gym shoes)
Tuesday - PE (wear gym shoes)
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Library/Computer Lab
Friday - PE (wear gym shoes)
Language Classes - Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
*Schedule posted below*

School Sites
  • Class DOJO (Sign-up required for all KDG families)
  • (Student account info sent 9/15)

Classroom Wish List
Room 108

Thank you in advance for anything purchased off our classroom wish list!  We will be sure to send you photos of us using your donation- greatly appreciated!! =)

Home Practice
Kindergarten students are not required to complete nightly homework.  The following activities are suggested practice at home to help enhance student learning throughout the school year.  Students will be assigned thematic projects that align to our current learning themes.  More information to come.
  • www.ixl-com (Student account info to come)
  • Sight/high frequency words (available below & given at back to school night)
  • Written practice (available below, not required)
Weekly News

Absences.  If your child is absent please email or send in an absence note upon return to school for attendance office records. 

Toys.  At home toys, legos, jewelry, stuffed animals, etc. are not permitted in the classroom or in backpacks.  Please keep all toys at home and discuss with your child as they are a distraction to the learning environment and would not want to be lost or stolen.  I know students love to show their friends cool toys they have at home however we will have a special show and tell time during their student of the week of them to do so.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Assessment.  Students will continue taking classroom assessments this week for both reading and math.  These assessments will help group students into differentiated learning groups within the classroom.  Basic skills assessments include: alphabet letters, sounds, numbers, shapes, counting, and sight word knowledge.  All students will be progress monitored once a month throughout the school year to chart growth and progress.  Student will receive progress reports home half way through the quarter.

At home practice.
  • Students can begin practicing their sight word list 1.  Sight word lists are also available below. 
  • Students went home Thursday with a personalized user name and login for our reading practice website,  It is suggested to work on raz-kids for 15-20 minutes 3-5 times per week.  Students are to listen to the story, re-read the story aloud and then take the comprehension quiz.  Please note the comprehension quiz does not appear until students advance past the inital pre-reading aa skills.  If you have any trouble signing on or need user/password information please contact.
  • Extra written practice available below but not required.
Take home folders. 
  • Students did a great job packing up their papers this week into their take home folders!
  • Please place any paperwork that needs to be returned to school in the folder, they are collected each morning. 
  • Parents are requested to check student folders/backpacks nightly and remove any completed student work.   

Library Books
  • Turn in library books this week by Thursday.  Students did not have computer lab last week due to upper grade testing.  Computer lab will begin next week.
  • If you have any questions regarding library books or computer lab please contact Ms. Keane directly at
  • Review nightly with your child, celebrate their day!
  • Review class story for weekly videos/pictures-great way to start conversations on how your students day went.
  • Check for teacher/parent/class messages.
  • "Bucket Filling" positive behaviors/contributions earn DOJO points throughout the week,10+ points weekly
  • Great ways to be a bucket filler: Inviting new friends to play, sharing, being kind, demonstrating whole body listening, staying on task, following directions quickly and doing their best work!
  • A home reward system aligned with ClassDOJO is a great day to promote a home/school connection.  Students work very hard to earn their DOJO points points to be a bucket-filler!  Here is a link to the bucket-filling book if you would like to purchase and review at home:
  • DOJO points are only removed if there has been multiple re-direction reminders and the undesired behavior continued throughout the day.  If a point is removed please know it was a reoccurring disruption and should be addressed both at home and at school.  A follow up parent message will be sent throughout DOJO messenger. 

KISS N GO.  Dr. Albani sent home an update on the temporary suspension of our Kiss-N-Go program.  We are in need of parent volunteers to commit in assisting run the dismissal program.  Please contact the main office if you are interested in helping out.  When the program gets reinstated a message will be sent from Dr. Albani and myself that the program has been reinstated.  Until then, students will continue to be dismissed out the Wolcott middle door by the main playground unless participating in our aftercare JCC program.  If any dismissal pickup has changed throughout the school year please message me and call the main office before 2:30pm.
Snack.  Snack is daily at 10am.  Please ensure that your child has a snack in their backpack every day.  We do not have lunch until 12:55pm and students become quite hungry.  According to the CPS food policy, teachers cannot store or pass out food to students.  A hefty daily snack from home is highly encouraged.  Continue to pack snack and lunch separately.
Allergies.  We have a few students in our classroom with food allergies.  Please help keep our classroom safe for all by not sending in peanuts or peanut butter for snack/lunch.  Thank you for your help in this matter.  We also emphasize on students not sharing food during snack and lunch.  Please also have this conversation with your child to ensure safety for all.
Safe Place & Family Tree.  Please send in a family photo to display on our family tree inside the classroom.  The family tree is located near our “safe place” area where students can calm and feel a sense of comfort for emotional regulation.  Students were introduced to our safe place area in our classroom this week.  Ms. Sapika, our school student counselor, came and introduced herself to our class during this time as well.  Both kindergarten classrooms have a safe place for students to go to by themselves when they feel they need a bit of emotional regulation.  Students learn about feelings in our second step lessons weekly.  Ms. Sapika will be joining us during these periods. Ms. Sapika's contact information is on the staff page.
Student of the Week.  This year kindergarten students will have a dedicated star student week!  Please see the schedule and information letter below.  An additional copy was sent home last week in everyone's take home folder.  I will also send a reminder note home the Friday before your child’s star student week.  Looking forward to a year of celebrating each of them!

Recess.  Students will continue to go outside for both a short morning break with their kindergarten teacher and afternoon recess with JCC.  As our temperature is changing please ensure your child has clothing at school for the changing weather season.  Layers are a great way to dress.  Please mark all belongings with either your child’s name or initials so we can easily identify if misplaced.  Thank you!

Lost and Found.  Students transition from all special classes, language classes, recess/lunch throughout each day.  Items can become misplaced quickly.  To ensure easier locating, mark your child's name and room number on all belongings.  If an item gets misplaced, please send me a message.  If not found in our classroom our school has a lost and found in the front of the building by our security desk.  Any items found without a name and not claimed by a student will be placed in the schools lost and found throughout the year. 
Wishlist.  THANK YOU so much for everyone who has purchased items off our classroom wishlist already.  We have opened and love our new puzzles, building toys, books and art supplies.  Wishlist items will be updated monthly off our Amazon wishlist.  The link to the wishlist is located on this page, left column.  Your donation is greatly appreciated!!

Communication.  It is preferred to use either email or ClassDOJO messenger for parent/teacher communication.  Thank you!

At any time this year please email me with any questions, concerns or comments.  I love to hear from all of you and always encourage our home/school connection.  The more I know from you the better!  I greatly enjoyed reading your student surveys you filled out from Back to School Night.  Thank you for taking the time to do so.  =)

 Mrs. Whitters
Weekly Academic Focus

Scott Foresman
Text: We Are So Proud!
Skill Focus: Setting
Comprehension Skill: Working Together

Chapter 1 - Numbers to 5 continued
Skill Focus: Same but different
Student activities: Math Partner Games, Math Student Groups

Being A Writer
Unit 1 - Writers Workshop
Skill Focus: Spelling simple words phonetically, labeling, drawing, dictating, respond to questions and suggestions, learn about writing tools

Social Studies/Science
Second Step
Skill Focus: Identifying feelings, learning how to get along with others, problem solving strategies, using the safe place effectively

Teacher Messages
Hello Room 108! =)  I am Mrs. Whitters your kindergarten teacher.  I am so excited to meet you and get to know all about you.  Here are a few fun facts about my family and I. 

Mrs. Whitters "Mrs. W."
Favorite Colors: Yellow & Blue
Favorite Books: The Empty Pot, Not Norman, Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse
Favorite Foods: Sushi, ice cream sundaes, fruit smoothies
Favorite Place to go:  Beach & Target =)
Favorite things to do: Dance, shop, hang out with family
Fun Facts: Mom of two daughters (Leah 5, Eleanor "Nori" 1), lives in Edison Park, enjoys live music, dog owner "Finny" 

Contact information: Mrs. Kelly Whitters
School number: 773-534-0490

KELLY whitters,
Nov 22, 2015, 4:43 PM
KELLY whitters,
Aug 19, 2017, 5:13 AM
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Aug 19, 2017, 5:16 AM
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Aug 19, 2017, 5:16 AM
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