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109 | First Grade | Mrs. White

An apple for the teacher...
It's really nothing new.
Except when you remember
Parents are teachers, too!
Welcome to 1st grade!!!
Mrs. White 
Room 109

Our Room Parent:
Lindsey Muzzy (William's mom)

      •                       QUARTER 2 CLASS SCHEDULE  2017-18  
Monday    Art and  Language class 
Tuesday  Library and Language class
 Wednesday P.E. (No language classes )
 ThursdayP.E. and Language classes        
 Friday Computer and Language classes

LUNCH/RECESS:  12:30-1:15
SNACK: 10:00  Please send a HEALTHY snack to school every day.



                                                                                                              Week of 1/15/18

Weekly Overview



 Monday:  NO SCHOOL
 Tuesday: Math Practice
 Wednesday: Grammar Practice Sheet

  • Please make sure your child is doing Raz-kids at some point during the week!

  • READ TO, READ WITH, LISTEN TO AND TALK ABOUT READING! Your child should read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night.

  • Practice handwriting for at least 5 minutes.


Reading and Spelling Tests on Monday
Math Tests on Friday
Students will take their math fast facts  subtraction quiz Friday 1/12/18.
  • Math Chapter 7 test will be given Friday 1/26/18

  • January 15     Dr. Martin Luther King Day (No School)
  • January 16      Reading NWEA 
  • January 17      Math NWEA
  • January 22      Class Spelling Bee (Words to study were sent in the LaSalle II Falcon Flier.)



    1. Story for this week: 

    2.  Life in the Forest

    3.  (Test on Wednesday 1/24)

    4. Comprehension Skill:  Author's Purpose

    5. Phonics: Long u

    6. Grammar:   Singular and Plural nouns

    Scholastic News: "Dr. King's Wise Words"


     Chapter 7 (Numbers to 20)
    Lesson 1:Counting to 20
    Count on from 10 to 20.

    Read and write 11 to 20 in numbers and words.

    Lesson 2: Place Value
    Use a place-value chart to show numbers up to 20.

    Show objects up to 20 as tens and ones.

    Lesson 3: Comparing Numbers
    Compare numbers to 20

    Lesson 4: Making Patterns and Ordering Numbers
    Order numbers by making number patterns
Copy and paste the following link for a description of Chapter  7 which includes math vocabulary and activities to do at home:


  1. Spelling Words

  2.  (Test on Wednesday 1/24)

  1. huge
  2. tube
  3. cute
  4. mule
  5. use
  6. flute
  7. June
  8. rule
  9. cube
  10. rude

Sight Words
  1. around
  2. under
  3. food
  4. water

Amazing Words
  1. environment
  2. thrive
  3. slimy
  4. capture
  5. require
  6. inhale
  7. sludge
  8. creature
Amazing Words (extra credit only ):*** Remember the amazing words are for extra credit only! All students are responsible for practicing the spelling and sight words in preparation for the test that will be given on Fridays. Students who choose to do the amazing words challenge will earn extra points if spelled correctly. Students are not penalized for misspelled amazing words.

Get a head start and click on the link below to see spelling words for the entire year!
(Please notify me if you are unable to open this link.)
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