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115 | 1st Grade | Ms. Waters


Ms. Waters: 

Room Parents:
 Jim Furman
         Shannon Hauppa

 Day      Specials




Lunch/Recess 12:30-1:15
Language Classes are M, T, Th, F (NO language classes on Wednesday)

  • An apple for the teacher...
  • It's really nothing new.
  • Except when you remember
  • Parents are teachers too!!!
Welcome to 1st Grade!!!!!!

Our Week in Review... 

We had another wonderful week in first grade! The students are working hard to learn the routines and procedures and they are doing a fantastic job.  Please remind your child to bring their homework folder to school daily. The homework folder along with the reading textbook should go home and return the next day as part of our daily routine.  Students will begin bringing the reading textbook home this week and our first reading story is "Sam, Come Back!"

 Last week we reviewed kindergarten skills; we incorporated fun games to help us review those skills.  We read some interesting and funny books while identifying  the characters and discussing their feelings. We made sure to take our brain breaks as we are quite busy throughout the school day. 

I sent the  dolch (sight word) lists home in your child's homework folder along with their individual assessment results.  If you did not receive the packet, please email me as soon as possible. 

This week we are starting the first grade curriculum.  Please scroll down to see our weekly focus, comprehension skill, spelling words, homework etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

Please make sure to check back Monday for our week in review along with the weekly focus and assignments.


September 28, 2017    PICTURE DAY

September 29, 2017  (We will celebrate all September birthdays)

Daily Snack Time

  •  *Please bring a healthy snack every day! (fruit, cheese, crackers, juice box,apples etc.) We have snack daily at 10:00!

  • Note: According to new federal guidelines, we cannot provide students with outside food during the school day. This includes food used as an incentive, reward, celebration, etc. If we violate this policy, the school will be fined!

Chapter 1 Numbers to 10 (Final week for Chapter 1)

Lesson 1:   Counting to 10
Count from 0-10 objects
Read and write 0-10 in numbers and words

Lesson 2:  Comparing Numbers
Compare two objects bu using one-to-one correspondence
Identify the set that has more, fewer, or the same number of objects
Identify what is greater than or less than another number

Lesson 3: Making Number Patterns
Make patterns using objects as well as numbers

(Copy and paste the following link for a description of Chapter  1  which includes math vocabulary and activities to do at home.)


Weekly Assignments

  1. Story for this week:   Sam, Come Back!

  2. Please help your child with the routine of taking the reading textbook home and bringing it back the next day.

  3. Comprehension Skill:  Character and Setting

  4. Phonics: Short /a/ and Consonant Pattern ck

  5. Grammar: Sentences

Scholastic News: 


Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3



Hispanic Heritage Project will be sent  home today!The project is DUE Monday September 25, 2017

Reading Trifold  "Sam, Come Back!"

READ TO, READ WITH, LISTEN TO AND TALK ABOUT READING! Your child should read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night.

Work on reading trifold and or project
  • Raz-kids
READ TO, READ WITH, LISTEN TO AND TALK ABOUT READING! Your child should read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night.


Work on reading trifold and or project
  • Raz-Kids
READ TO, READ WITH, LISTEN TO AND TALK ABOUT READING! Your child should read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night.


Math NWEA Assessment!
READ TO, READ WITH, LISTEN TO AND TALK ABOUT READING! Your child should read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night.

Reading Trifold is due

Chapter 1 math test

Reading test on the story "Sam, Come Back!"

Spelling test
  • Raz-kids 

**Please make sure your child is doing raz-kids at some point during he week!

READ TO, READ WITH, LISTEN TO AND TALK ABOUT READING! Your child should read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night.

Students are responsible for the spelling/sight words only! Amazing words are extra credit!
Spelling Words
1. can
2. dad
3. mad
4. at
5. cat
6. am
7. ran
8. back
9. bat
10. sack

Sight Words

1. come
2. way

Amazing Words

1. needs

2. responsibilty

3. shelter

4. cuddle

5. tickle

6. faithful

7. fetch

8. heel

Amazing Words (extra credit only ):*** Remember the amazing words are for extra credit only! All students are responsible for practicing the spelling and sight words in preparation for the test that will be given on Fridays. Students who choose to do the amazing words challenge will earn extra points if spelled correctly. Students are not penalized for misspelled amazing words.

Ways to Help Your Child with Spelling Words:

Get a head start and click on the link below to see spelling words for the entire year! 

  Comprehension Skills for the Year:   

The following are the comprehension skills we will cover while in first grade:
We will continue to revisit the comprehension skill Cause and Effect. This can be a very difficult skill for students to comprehend! The easiest way for students to grasp this skill is to remind them that Effect is What happened and Cause is Why it happened.  While reading, discuss what happened and why it happened.
 Effect: (What happened) The dog was wet     Cause: (Why it happened) It was raining 
We will discuss why an author writes a story (Author's Purpose).  There are many reasons an author may
write a story, however; at this young age I like to keep it simple with one of the following...
P   Persuade:  The author wants to convince the reader to take their point of view.
I     Inform: The author wants you to gain knowledge about a subject
E   Entertain:  The author wants to make you laugh or tell you a funny story.

Main Idea: Students should be able to tell what a story is mostly about and give supporting details
Plot: Students should be able to identify the three main parts of a story... Beginning, Middle and End.
Sequence: Students should be able to put events in the correct order.
Theme: Students should be able to discuss the big idea of the story (what lesson was learned?).
Character: Students should be able to identify people or animals in stories.
Setting: Students should be able to understand that setting is where and when a story takes place.
Compare/Contrast: Students should be able to tell how characters, pictures, etc. are alike and different.
Inferencing: Students should be able to draw conclusion using clues an author may give in a text or story.
 **** Helpful reading tips are not limited to the weekly reading story!


Writer's Workshop is the name given to our writing time each day. We call it Writer's Workshop because that is what "real" authors call their special writing time, since our students are becoming "real" authors", we have adopted the name as a part of our daily instruction.  The focus will be learning about techniques and strategies that good writers use. 

Students will learn to write, revise, edit, and publish stories throughout the school year. They will also begin to assess their writing and learn to implement the characteristics of quality writing into their own work. 

We are excited to share our focus units for the school year. You can encourage your child's writing efforts at school by having discussions about these topics. The more the children orally talk about their ideas, the easier it is for them to write about them at school. Encourage them to have these oral experiences by asking about the details of their stories. Instead of saying "I love my bike," stretch them to say "I love my red bike because it is the fastest bike on our street." 

Our first writing unit, Launching Writing Workshop, will introduce students to what writing will look like in our classroom. We will be learning expectations and procedures for our Writing Workshop time.

Writers will …

·    Use phonetic and standard spelling.

·    Print clearly.

·    Use spaces for letters, words and sentences.

·    Tell, draw and write stories from their lives.

A blast of NEWS from the Past 

 *****Raz-kids IS UP AND RUNNING Please log into raz-kids and continue to practice reading fluency and comprehension skills. The username for my class is: rwaters6

*****IXL Renewal is pending

****Please check your child's book bag daily to remove his/her folder for incomplete assignments, notes, memos and any graded papers.
    • New Parents!  Please get more information about our school-wide reading and math assessments 
    • For information regarding NWEA, please click the following link. 

Helpful Resources:

Xtramath and IXL are great websites to help students independently practice and master math facts and skills.

Non-fiction books
prizes and goodies for our treasure chest

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