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201 | 2nd Grade | Ms. Tseng


Welcome Back!
Ms. Tseng

Upcoming Dates

October 16th--Topic 3 math test
October 19th--spelling, reading tests. Fast facts assessment
October 26th--spelling, reading tests. Fast facts assessment
October 30th--Field trip to the Brookfield Zoo!

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Monday - PE

Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Library/Technology

Friday - PE

Monday - Thursday specials are from 10:00 - 11:00.  Friday's special is 1:45-2:45.

Recess/Lunch is from 11:45-12:30.  

We will have snack time daily around 9:15 am. Please send a healthy 
NUT FREE snack (no chips, candy, cookies, etc.)  Some good options include a cheese stick, any fruit or veggie, a small portion of cheese and crackers, seeds, applesauce pouch, sunbutter with apple slices or celery sticks, etc. Please keep in mind that this is NOT lunch or a complete meal, but just a quick snack.  I will not be providing snacks. Thanks!


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Grammar, phonics and spelling are based on Scott Foresman's Reading Street.  I integrate this with a Readers' Workshop--Reading is Thinking

Spelling Words

(consonant digraphs)













Challenge Words:




Prefixes of the Week

(understand the meaning and be able to determine the meaning of words that include the prefix)



un—meaning “not” or “opposite”


re—meaning “again” or “back”


High Frequency Words

(practice reading!)









Skills and Strategies

-Facts and details

-schema and metacognition (text-to-self connections)

-predict and set purpose

Students are expected to read for 20 minutes nightly. 

Second Step

Second Step is a social-emotional curriculum.  Each weekly lesson takes 30–35 minutes and is followed by 5- to 10-minute daily activities.

Unit 1

Skills For Learning 

  • Being Respectful
  • Focusing Attention and Listening
  • Using Self-Talk
  • Being Assertive
Unit 2
  • Identifying Feelings
  • Learning More About Feelings
  • Feeling Confident
  • Respecting Different Preferences
  • Showing Compassion
  • Predicting Feelings
Unit 3
Emotion Management
  • Introducing Emotion Management
  • Managing Embarrassment
  • Handling Making Mistakes
  • Managing Anxious Feelings
  • Managing Anger
  • Finishing Tasks
Unit 4
Problem Solving
  • Solving Problems, Part 1
  • Solving Problems, Part 2
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Responding to Playground Exclusion
  • Playing Fairly on the Playground
  • Reviewing Second Step Skills

Singapore Math

Chapter 3--Subtraction up to 1,000
3.1--Subtraction Without Regrouping
3.2--Subtraction With Regrouping in Tens and Ones
3.3--Subtraction With Regrouping in Hundreds and Tens

Foss Science--Air and Weather

Science is very hands on in second grade. Even though you may not see a lot of science papers come home, we are learning every day! Students do have a science notebook in which they take notes.

Investigation 1--Exploring Air

*1-1 Air is There
    Key Vocabulary: air, matter, gas, invisible

*1-2 Air Under Water
     Key Vocabulary: vial, bubble, water, paper     
     towel, submerge

*1-3 Parachutes
     Key Vocabulary: parachute, air resistance

*1-4 Pushing on Air
     Key Vocabulary: syringe, plunger, barrel,     
     tubing, compress, pressure, system

*1-5 Air and Water Fountain
     Key Vocabulary: fountain

*1-6 Balloon Rockets
     Key Vocabulary: inflate, rocket, propel, 
     distance, move, travel

Social Science

Unit 1-Neighborhoods Today

*1-1 Neighborhoods are for Living

*1-2 Neighborhoods Change

Key Vocabulary:

neighbors, neighborhood, mountain, ocean, river, plains, compass rose, map key

Key Concepts: Using a map, recognizing directions


We will practice writing on notebook paper, at the beginning of the page.

We will practice using proper capitalization and punctuation.

We will be working on writing personal narratives based on small moments.