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124 | 4th Grade | Ms. Tseng

Welcome back to school!
Ms. Tseng

Upcoming Dates

September 20th--Topic 2 Math quiz--2.1-2.4

September 21st--grammar quiz--sentence types

September 22nd--Spelling, Reading, Fast facts tests

September 25th--Money and permission slips due for field trip

September 29th--Field Trip! Please pack a bagged lunch.

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**Addition to supply list: graph

 paper notebook! Sorry for the

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Monday - Art

Tuesday - Library/Computers

Wednesday - P.E.

Thursday - P.E.

Friday - Art

Monday - Friday specials are from 11:00-12:00.

Recess/Lunch is from 10:15-11:00.  

Due to this early lunch, we will have a light, healthy snack at 1:00.  This is a time for a quick snack, not a 2nd lunch!  Cheese sticks, veggies, fruit are all ok.  Dips, chips, candy, cookies and any messy foods are not.  I will not be providing snack.

Please check homework folders 
for any unfinished work!

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Language Arts

Grammar and Spelling are based on Scott Foresman's Reading Street.  We integrate this with a Readers' Workshop--Reading is Thinking!
         Fourth Grade Scott Foresman
 Reading Street 
We will begin this story next week.  Quizzes will be 9/22. Students are responsible for studying #1-20, while words 21-25 are worth bonus points!

Lewis and Clark

Expository Composition

Sentence types

Author's Purpose

Word endings -ed and -ing


1. sigh

2. right

3. weigh

4. eight

5. detail

6. height

7. spray

8. braid

9. bait

10. grain

11. slight

12. thigh

13. tight

14. raisin

15. trait

16. highway

17. frighten

18. dismay

19. freight

20. sleigh

21. eighteen

22. mayonnaise

23. campaign

24. daylight

25. twilight

Vocabulary Word







odor; smell


examine quickly




dock; platform

Click here for a link to all of the reading stories in PDF!


Common Core 
Envision Math
Please login online to watch classroom videos, view the textbook, or practice assigned skills!

Topic:  2

Generate and Analyze 


2-1 Repeating Patterns

2-2 Number Sequence

2-3 Extending Tables

2-4 Writing Rules for Situations 

2-5 Geometric Patterns

2-6 Problem Solving:

     Act it out and use reasoning

                        Topic 2 Test

Foss Science
Magnetism and Electricity


Force - a push or pull

Magnet - an object that sticks to iron

Magnetism - a specific kind of force

Attract - when magnets pull together

Repel - when magnets push apart

Detector - something you use to gather information about something you can’t see

Magnetite—a rock that magnets attract

Temporary Magnet - a piece of iron that acts like a magnet while touching a permanent magnet.  If you remove the magnet, the temporary magnet will continue to act like a magnet for a short time.

Induced Magnetism – When a permanent magnet’s magnetic field causes a piece of iron to act like a magnet.

Social Science


My World: Regions of Our Country
  1.      Geography of the United States

        2.      Americans and Their History

        3.      Government in the United States

        4.      The Nation's Economy

        5.      Regions: The Northeast

        6.      Regions: The Southeast

        7.      Regions: The Midwest

        8.      Regions: The Southwest

        9.      Regions: The West

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