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208 | French | Mme Torrison

Bonjour et bienvenue à la classe de français avec Madame Torrison!
LES ANNONCES (announcements):
- is now up and running. I will be using this for homework in later units (3rd-8th) but if your student feels like they need some extra practice now they can use it ASAP. Please email me for login information - it should be the same as last year though with the password being a combination of an animal with numbers.
- is also up and working! Usernames and passwords are student ID.

Supply Wish List:
-markers/crayons (we are going through these at a surprising pace!)
-glue sticks
-tape (scotch/masking/duct)
-notecards: white/pink/blue
-small toys/prizes for the "coiffre au trésor" treasure chest
-large poster map of France
-French/English dictionaries 

LES DEVOIRS cette semaine (homework this week):
-6th/7th/8th: study for quiz on Friday on the verb AVOIR (to have). Worksheet homework (7/8 only).
-4th/5th: study for quiz on Monday (10/16) - "Dans ma salle de classe"
-3rd-6th: assignments on website! Due Friday for extra time to work out any technical difficulties. It is titled: Week 5 Homework
-4th-8th: Find a word or message in French to write for our "On écrit sur les murs" project. Please bring in notecards next week.
**other resources to practice French at home: --> the UK has a lot of resources aimed at elementary aged French learners

Week ending 10/13/17 (Week 6):
-K-1st: we are working on a creating a booklet his week called "Mon école! Je voice..." (My school! I see...).
-2nd: we are working on saying the date in French and learning more about days/months/seasons of the year. 
-3rd: we are working on describing our families' physical and personalities traits.
-4th-6th: we are reviewing for our quiz on Monday (10/16) the objects and people that are in the classroom and school. Emphasis on gender agreement and using le/la/les and un/une.
-7th-8th: we started our unit "Toi et Moi" this week - this includes La Famille and learning how to describe people in our families. Lots of new grammar and vocabulary for this unit and the students do have homework this week to practice. 
-2nd-8th: our song of the week for "La musique mercredi" was "On écrit sur les murs" (We write on the walls) by Kids United. It's a very famous French song from the 80's that a young French singing group recently covered. The message is about "writing on the walls" to spread messages of joy, hope, and peace to those we love. All students decorated a picture of their own hand and included a message in French to inspire others. These will all be going up on the walls outside of the French class, just like in the video, to spread kindness to our school! If you're interested in watching at home the video is on YouTube: On écrit sur les murs Kids United

Week ending 10/2/17 (Week 5):
-K-1st: we are working on a project this week called "Dans mon sac-à-dos" and learning classroom object vocabulary. Look out for a booklet next week that we are making!
-2nd: we are working on saying the date in French and learning more about days/months/seasons of the year. Continuing our work with numbers up to 100!
-3rd: we are working on writing information about our families and continuing to learn family vocabulary.
-4th-8th: we are working on large numbers this week (thousands/millions/billions). We are also learning how to talk about our classroom in French! **for any new students who may be struggling with numbers, I recommend reviewing the exercises on and I am happy to email out exercises to practice at home as well but do not have the resources to print these out for you.

Week ending 9/29/17 (Week 4):
-K-1st: we are finishing up learning the song Frère Jacques this week and still working on our numbers and saying how old we are. We are working on 1-20 still this week with practice writing and speaking our numbers. We will be coloring a picture of the Louvre later in the week and learning about it.
-2nd grade: OPTIONAL homework on with listening to colors! Login info: CPS email and then LaSalle2 for password). Other assignment they were allowed to take home and color if they wanted: Essential Classroom Phrases booklet - due Tuesday (otherwise we'll finish in class)
-3rd grade: homework on with listening to colors! Login info: CPS email and then LaSalle2 for password). Other homework if they did not finish in class: AVOIR worksheet. Students have an oral exam on Friday where they will be expected to say their name, age, and the names and ages of 2 family members in French.
-4th-8th grade: Students are presenting their French-speaking country projects this week. We will be beginning a new unit at the end of the week. Please watch for Languagenut homework coming next week.

Week ending 9/22/17 (Week 3):
-K-2nd: we are working on numbers this week! We are listening to a fun Alain le Lait song and learning how to say your age. Everyone will be learning number 1-20, 2nd graders will be learning 1-100. Songs we are learning this week: Le renard passer, Frère Jacques. Links to video posted below. Another helpful learning site: 
-3rd grade: we are learning about family trees this week and practicing reading French family trees and then writing/speaking about our own family members.
-4th-8th: we are starting our Pays Francophone project this week and using the Chromebooks to research information about different French speaking countries. Presentations will be next week and this will be the first major grade of the year.
-MUSIQUE MERCREDI: this week's feature artists are Kids United (2nd-5th) and Stormae (6th-8th).

Week ending 9/15/17 (Week 2): Please make sure your student brings their CAHIER (notebook) at school!
-Grades 6, 7, 8: we are starting our "Musique Mercredi" (Music Wednesday's) this week and our featured artist for these grades is Black M. Students will be asked to complete research at home to learn more about Black M and we will be doing a reading about a French group called "KIDS UNITED" in class. We will learn how to express our opinions about music.
-Grades 4-8: we will be starting a project at the end of the week (some classes will start it next week) about Le Monde Francophone (The French Speaking World). Students will primarily be doing research in class about a French speaking country. They will get to choose the country from a list and we will be doing presentations. This is the first "big" grade of the year.
-Grades K-2: we are continuing to work on colors and have started using puppets in class to greet our friends and tell them our favorite color. We read a book in 2nd grade called "Le Rouge, C'est Bien Mieux" which the students helped translate and comprehend.
-Grade 3: we are starting our family unit at the end of the week to start preparing for our first IPA (integrated performance assessment). Students will be learning to speak about their family.
-Grades 4-8: students have been assigned "class jobs" and we have been practicing them all week! We are getting faster at doing our jobs every day. 

About Madame Torrison:
Bonjour! I am delighted to be joining LaSalle II as the French teacher! French has always been a big part of my life and I am so happy to be able to share my passion with the students at LaSalle II! I had an early introduction to French when my family relocated to Bretagne, France for year while I was in preschool. This began my love for the French culture, language, and people. I went on to complete a French major at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and studied abroad for six months in Aix-en-Provence, France. I later completed my Master of Education in World Language Education at DePaul University. I have lived in Chicago for a little over four years and love this city! In my spare time I like to take my dog Neville to the park and enjoy all the dog friendly patios in the city. I have had a busy summer wedding planning with my fiancé and we are very excited to tie the knot next summer in my hometown in Minnesota. I’m so excited to start the year and get to know all of the wonderful students and families at LaSalle II! 

Classroom Materials:
-Composition notebook (all grade levels)
-Index cards - pink and blue are best to help us to remember the gender of words (grades 5-8)
-Writing utensil

Classroom Tools:
-Let's Recap! This year for some homework assignments (grades 5-8) I will be using a site called Let's Recap! This site allows students to record themselves speaking and respond to questions that I assign. I have used this tool in the past and really enjoy it because it gives students more practice time speaking and gives them the opportunity to listen to themselves speaking. We'll be signing up and doing some trial runs in class in the coming weeks, but down the road if your student is assigned a Recap for a "devoir" (homework) - this is what that means: - if you do not have a French/English dictionary at home, this website is a good tool to help look up words when necessary. I discourage you from using Google Translate because often it does not give you the actual word you are looking to use. In addition, Google Translate will be prohibited for any projects/writing assignments. It is very obvious when translation websites have been used and I prefer students to do more of the learning themselves with tools like

Grading scale (excluding 3rd grade):
Participation: 30%* (*35% in 1-2) 
Performance Tasks/Projects: 25% 
Homework: 5%* (*0% in 1-2)
Quizzes, tests: 20% 
In-class assignments: 20%

LaSalle II World Language Class Participation Rubric:

French Speaking and Listening Opportunities:

-If you aren't using Duolingo already, I highly recommend downloading this free app! A lot of it might be review of what students are already learning, but it's a really fun way that you and your student can practice French.

-We are beginning the school year with colors! Encourage your student to point out colors with you and teach you some French! Here are some videos I like and will be using in class to help support our learning.


Apprendre les chiffres en s'amusant (francais)
La comptine des chiffres - Les Titounis:
Numbers Song in French. Une Chanson des Chiffres:
Les chiffres et les nombres de 1 a 20 - alain le lait
French for kids = Learn French numbers # From 0 to 100: 

Les Couleurs -

La chanson des couleurs
Apprendre les couleurs en s'amusant (Francais)

Chanson - Les couleurs primaires
Caillou - La chanson des couleurs (avec illustrations) 

Le Train des couleurs - chanson pour apprendre les couleurs - Méli et Touni

Les princesses et les couleurs - Comptines pour enfants 

Apprendre les couleurs avec les bonbons Smarties - Arc en ciel -Touni Toys – Titounis
Super Mini crée des couleurs : Vert
Super Mini crée des couleurs : Orange
Super Mini crée des couleurs : Rose
Super Mini crée des couleurs : Violet
Super Mini crée des couleurs : Beige
Super Mini crée des couleurs : Gris
Super Mini crée des couleurs : Turquoise
Super Mini crée des couleurs : Brun

Chanson : La couleur rouge: OYwtYgJ0CJ
Chanson : La couleur verte: OYwtYgJ0CJ&index=3 

Les couleurs : Rose: OYwtYgJ0CJ&index=6 

What is Proficiency? (this is a great article that helps us understand how students are progressing in their language learning -A project of by Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell with thanks to Marci Harris* - not written by me!!)

Can you talk crêpes?

Welcome to my class which is a language class and so we want to learn all about language without using it to talk to anyone.


Talking to people is what our class is all about!

We are on a journey to

                                               1) communicate &

                                               2) connect with real people who speak real language.

We’re charting our journey by talking a lot about THE TWO BIG Ps:

performance & proficiency.

What’s proficiency?

Proficiency helps us stop talking about grades that don’t really tell us how we’re doing and instead talk about levels that tell us what we can do and where we’re headed next.

Quick rundown here:

Novice Low → Novice Mid → Novice High → Intermediate Low → Intermediate Mid → Intermediate High → Advanced Low...

Performance is doing stuff with language -

it’s how we show the language from our proficiency level on a topic or topic(s).

How about an example?

How would you talk about


If you talk about a crêpe using just a few simple words you know

chocolate, fruit, breakfast, dessert, yum!

that’s an example of using language in our lowest measured proficiency level,

novice low.

How about adding in some repetitive phrases?

       lots of chocolate, lots of fruit, eat for breakfast, eat for dessert

now you’ve moved up to performing with some language in our next level,

novice mid.

When you can put some sentences together (still simple!)

I like crêpes.  I eat chocolate and strawberry crêpes.  My friend likes chocolate crêpes with fruit.  No strawberries, with bananas.

congrats, you’ve graduated to performing some tasks in our goal for level 1:

novice high.

Where are we going next?

We’re adding connectors and more vocabulary and creating with language:

My family eat crêpes often because we all like them. My mom makes best the  crêpes.  She find recipes in the online and makes amazing crêpes with chocolate, slices strawberries and bananas. Do you want you come to my house to try my mom’s crêpes?

WHOA - that’s a performance in a whole new level called

intermediate.  (and it’s divided into low, mid, and high too!)

In our class we talk about all our work by figuring out two things:

1) what proficiency level am I showing here?

2) how can I work on moving to the next level?

Because when we ask these questions, what we’re really asking is

1) how can I connect with more people today?

2) how can I connect with them tomorrow?

Enjoy the journey.