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210 | 7th & 8th Grade | Mr. Taff

Congratulations 8th grade! I am very proud of your fantastic achievements! You are an awesome class!

 Below is a website that students may explore to help with their studies.  Students may turn in a summary paragraph about what they explored with the website address for additional credit on the next quiz or test after they have finished exploring the website.  Each page number will bring the students to different links they may choose from such as research, diagrams, games, videos etc on the topic listed.  Students may choose any website from their grade.  As always, internet safety procedures with adult supervision should be practiced.
The directions to access these organized websites are the same for each grade level but page numbers will be different.
1.  In the Find your links search bar type Science as your key word
2. Click on Usborne Science Encyclopedia
3. Type in page number