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123 | 3rd Grade | Ms. Rodriguez

Week of January 22-25, 2019

January 25- Fast Fact Quiz
January 25- Reading test
January 25- Spelling test
January 31- Quarter 2 ends
February 8- Q2 Report Cards sent home
February 9- Casino Royal 6:00-10:00pm

Late work policy:

Students will be informed of missing assignments by Thursday of every week. They will have time during the afternoon on Thursday and during Fun Friday to complete these missing assignments. Beginning the second quarter, assignments will lose ten points every day the assignment is late from the time the assignment is entered in the portal. After 10 days late, from the assigned date, assignments will not be given any credit and will be entered as a zero.

Principal's Message
Dear LaSalle II Families- 
We urge you to make daily school attendance a priority for your family. Regular attendance is critical to student and school success. As you start to consider plans for the upcoming year, we want to remind you of the many reasons it is so critical for your child to be here at school each day. Absences should be limited to excused absences only, per CPS Policy. These include: illness, religious holiday, death in the immediate family, or family emergency.
Please know that school work cannot really be "made up". Students and teachers build knowledge and understanding together and engage in interactive learning throughout the day. Assessment is more than quizzes or tests; it is based on teacher conferences and conversations, teacher observation, and student demonstration of learning in the classroom. "Make-up" assignments provided after an absence are a poor replacement for the interactive teaching, learning, and assessment that takes place during the school day.
Teachers cannot, and will not, provide work in advance of a planned absence. Daily classroom plans are responsive to student needs and choices. In the event of an absence, teachers will provide some independent work to try to catch up the student when the child returns; however, lost instruction and hands-on classroom experiences can never be fully replaced.
We know family vacations and celebrations are an essential and treasured part of childhood. However, the rich learning experiences at school -- and your child's own success -- are negatively impacted when vacations take a child out of school. For the benefit of each child and of LaSalle II School as a learning community, we ask you to plan vacations only during school breaks. We do not condone or approve family vacations or trips during the school year.
For your planning purposes, November 21st-25th is Thanksgiving break and December 22nd-January 6th, 2019 is Winter break. All school days leading up to and following these breaks are full attendance days.
Thank you for your cooperation on this important matter.
Dr. Lauren Albani, Ed.D

Wish List:
  • Prizes for the classroom store
  • Hermit Crab bedding
  • Reward stickers
  • Holiday Decorations (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's, etc.)
  • Bean bag refill

  • Agendas: Students are required to write their homework in their agenda, everyday, whether or not they are done with the assignment. Please take the time to initial the bottom of the page to let me know that you're aware of the assignment for that day.
  • Homework: Please remember to check your child's agenda and yellow homework folder every day. Students are required to copy any homework assignments on the appropriate date in their agenda. Typically, homework will be unfinished assignments started in class.  
  • IXL: Your child's login is the first letter of their first name, followed by their full last name @lasalle (ie: nrodriguez@lasalle). The password is their first name. Login names and passwords are all lower case. 
  • Raz-KidsMy username is: nrodriguez88 and the password is your child's first and last name initial, all in lower case. 
  • Reading Log: Reading logs must be completed by students on a daily basis. Please make sure that your child is reading every day for at least 20 minutes. Students are encouraged to follow the reading log prompts on their yellow sheet. 
  • Students have a unique login username that is taped to their agenda. The password is readers123.
  • Students can login to to read articles or to complete assignments. The class code is: DVBWJ4 and the password is readers123.
  • Snacks:  Snacks will take place at 9:45 on Monday-Thursday and at 10:15 on Friday's. Please provide your child with a healthy snack. 
  • Weather: Students will have outdoor recess everyday from 12:10-12:30. Please provide your child with sunscreen, hats, glasses, and/or water bottles. 
  • XTRAMath: Login and passwords are taped to your child's agenda. It is located on the first page, just above their student name. 

Whole Group: We will continue working on fractions this week. Students will learn that when you divide a whole into equal parts, you describe each part as a fraction. Students will be introduced to fractions on a number line.

Words to know: fraction, numerator, denominator. 

Fast fact quiz Friday: Multiplication facts 0-11.

January Small Groups:

  • Write equivalent fractions for given area or set models
  • Writes fractions in simplest form
  • Identify fractions equivalent to 1
  • Compare fraction models with like numerators or denominators using symbols

We will connect this weeks story to help students understand that people take care of things in nature, grow crops for food, and admire wildlife.

Super Science Magazine: This week, we will read, "Train Time!" Students will read how artists use plant parts and electricity to create a magical holiday train display. 


Phonics and spelling: Prefixes
Students will have a spelling test on Friday, January 25th.

  1. unhappy
  2. recall
  3. disappear
  4. unload
  5. mistake
  6. misspell
  7. dislike
  8. replace
  9. mislead
  10. disagree
  11. rewrite
  12. unroll
  13. unknown
  14. dishonest
  15. react
  16. unfortunate
  17. discourage
  18. uncomfortable
  19. recycle
  20. mispronounce

Writing & Conventions
  • Trait: Sentences
  • Writing Mini-Lesson: Play
  • Conventions: Main and Helping verbs

Here all the rules about writing sentences in third grade:

How to write good vocabulary and spelling sentences:

1.       Begin with a capital letter.

2.       Each sentence must have at least five words.

3.      Sentences should begin in a different form. 

4.      Please underline the spelling word or vocabulary word you are using.

5.      Read your sentence aloud.   Make sure it is a complete thought and makes sense!

6.      Check the spelling of all your words.

7.      Make sure all sentences end with a period, question mark or exclamation mark.

Guidelines for the subject of WRITING.

Assignments 30%

Grammar 20%

Writing Process 40%

Spelling 10%

Assignments will be based on writing skills such as detailed sentences, paragraphs, letters, and extended responses.

Grammar will be based on the grades received from grammar practice pages, quizzes, and exit slips.

Writing process consists of grades obtained from writing drafts, editing pieces, and published works.

Spelling grades come from practice pages and spelling tests.

Whole Group: This week, we will read " Pushing Up the Sky." We will have a reading test on Friday, January 25th.

Concept Question: Hos do people explain things in nature?

Genre: Drama

Comprehension Skill & Strategy: Literary Elements and Inferring 

Vocabulary: Unknown words

Vocabulary Strategy: Dictionary/Glossary

Vocabulary Words: 

antlers    imagines    languages

narrator    overhead    poked

January Small Groups: 

  • Use information gained from illustrations(maps and pictures) and the words in a text to demonstrate understanding of the text(where, when, why and how key events occur)
  • Use text features and search tools(key words, sidebars, hyperlinks) to locate information relevant to a given topic efficiently
  • Describe the overall structure(chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information in a text or part of its text
  • Analyze how a particular sentence, paragraph, chapter, or section fits into the overall structue of a text and contributes to the development of the ideas

LoginUsername: nrodriguez88

REMEMBER:Read at least 20 minutes every day. The reading log must be signed by a parent in order for students to get homework credit. 

Social Studies Workbook: We will focus on small communities. Students will read and discuss the differences between an urban an rural area. 

Words to know: docks, rural, urban, population, volunteer, community. 

Scholastic News: This week, we will read "My Grandpa Changed America."Students will find out how the granddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is following in his footsteps.

We will connect this weeks story by helping students understand that people use myths to explain nature, use totem poles to tell stories, and people hand down stories from generation to generation.

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