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123 | 3rd Grade | Ms. Rodriguez

January 16-19, 2018

January 15: No School-MLK Jr. Day
January 19: Spelling test 
January 19: Reading test, "Pushing Up the Sky"
January 22: Classroom Spelling Bee (As in previous years, this is completely optional. The top three classroom winners will compete in the school-wide Spelling Bee January 24th.) 
January 24: School-wide Spelling Bee
February 1: End of Q2
February 2: No School-School Improvement  Day
February 19: No School-Presidents Day

Wish List: (We will gladly accept a gift card for these items!) 
  • Holiday stickers/stamps/ink pads
  • Holiday decorations

  • Agendas: Students are required to write their homework in their agenda, everyday, whether or not they are done with the assignment. Please take the time to initial the bottom of the page to let me know that you're aware of the assignment for that day.
  • Homework: Please remember to check your child's agenda and red homework folder every day. Students are required to copy any homework assignments on the appropriate date in their agenda. Typically, homework will be unfinished assignments started in class.  
  • IXL: Accounts are all set. Your child's login is the first letter of their first name, followed by their full last name @lasalle (ie: nrodriguez@lasalle). The password is their first name. Login names and passwords are all lower case. 
  • Raz-KidsMy username is: nrodriguezac. 
  • Students have a unique login username that is taped to their agenda. The password is readers123.
  • Snacks:  Snacks will take place at 9:45 on Monday-Thursday and at 10:15 on Friday's. Please provide your child with a healthy snack. 
  • Weather: Students will have outdoor recess everyday from 12:10-12:30. Please provide your child with sunscreen, hats, glasses, and/or water bottles. 
  • XTRAMath: Students have their own login and pin. This information was sent home the second week of school. Please login to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. 

Whole Group: This week, we will begin our unit on fractions. Students will identify parts of a whole, learn the meaning of numerator and denominator, and label fractions. 

IXL Practice: W.1-W.22

Vocabulary: factor, commutative, associative, and distributive property, equation, fact family

Small Group: Students will work on multiplication factors, multiples, and prime numbers.  Students will be learning how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. We will introduce long division and learn about division with remainders.

Fast Fact Quiz Friday: Students will have six minutes to solve 50 multiplication problems with factors from 0-11.

We will continue learning about the water cycle. Students will read more about the process of collection and pollution. Vocabulary words to focus on include: water cycle, condensation, precipitation, water vapor, surface water, sun, and evaporation. 

Super Science Magazine: This week, we will read, "New Blue!" Students will read about a blue pigment, or colored substance, that was discovered completely by accident. 


Spelling Words

Students will have a spelling test on Friday, January 19th. 

Phonics: Prefixes un-, re- ,mis-, dis-
  1. unhappy
  2. recall
  3. disappear
  4. unload
  5. mistake
  6. misspell
  7. dislike
  8. replace
  9. mislead
  10. disagree
  11. rewrite
  12. unroll
  13. unknown
  14. dishonest
  15. react
  16. unfortunate
  17. discourage
  18. uncomfortable
  19. recycle
  20. mispronounce
Writing & Conventions
Trait: Complete sentences

Writing Mini-Lesson: Play

Conventions: Main and Helping Verbs

Here all the rules about writing sentences in third grade:

How to write good vocabulary and spelling sentences:

1.       Begin with a capital letter.

2.       Each sentence must have at least five words.

3.      Sentences should begin in a different form. 

4.      Please underline the spelling word or vocabulary word you are using.

5.      Read your sentence aloud.   Make sure it is a complete thought and makes sense!

6.      Check the spelling of all your words.

7.      Make sure all sentences end with a period, question mark or exclamation mark.

Guidelines for the subject of WRITING.

Assignments 30%

Grammar 20%

Writing Process 40%

Spelling 10%

Assignments will be based on writing skills such as detailed sentences, paragraphs, letters, and extended responses.

Grammar will be based on the grades received from grammar practice pages, quizzes, and exit slips.

Writing process consists of grades obtained from writing drafts, editing pieces, and published works.

Spelling grades come from practice pages and spelling tests.

Whole Group: This week, we will read "Pushing Up the Sky." We will have a test on this story Friday, January 19th.

Small Groups: We will focus on vocabulary acquisition and use during the month of January. Students will: select the correct word based on context clues and definition of prefix, choose among alternate meanings for common homographs, recognize multiple meanings of homographs, and recognize words containing specific Latin roots given only the meaning of that root.

Concept Question: How do people explain things in nature? 

Genre: Drama 

Vocabulary Strategy:  Dictionary/Glossary

Comprehension Skill: Literary Elements

Comprehension Strategy: Inferring

Vocabulary Words: 

antlers    languages    overhead

imagined    narrator    poked

REMEMBER:Read at least 20 minutes every day. The reading log must be signed by a parent in order for students to get homework credit.
Username: nrodriguezac

This week, we will complete a chapter 5 checkup. We will begin unit 2, chapter 6: Your own community. Please help your child by making sure they know their complete home address.

Words to know: city, population, community, business, harbor, route, factories, goods, state, capital, suburb, town, political map, border, natural resources, transportation.

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