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123 | 3rd Grade | Ms. Rodriguez

September 18-22, 2017

September 19: NWEA Math test 
September 21: Math Fast Fact Quiz 
September 22: Chapter 1 math test
September 22: Spelling test
September 22: Reading test, "What About Me?"
September 22: School BBQ
September 28: School Picture Day

Wish List: 
  • Small marbles or small decorative fillers - any color
  • Bean bag filling
  • Prizes for the classroom store 
  • Transparency film
  • Hermit crab bedding / Eco Earth
  • Meditation trio chime 
  • Small sand timers (1, 2, 3, 5 minutes)

  • Agendas: Students are required to write their homework in their agenda, everyday, whether or not they are done with the assignment. Please take the time to initial the bottom of the page to let me know that you're aware of the assignment for that day.
  • Homework: Please remember to check your child's agenda and red homework folder every day. Students are required to copy any homework assignments on the appropriate date in their agenda. Typically, homework will be unfinished assignments started in class.  
  • Raz-KidsMy username is: nrodriguezac. 
  • Students have a unique login username that is taped to their agenda. The password is readers123.
  • Snacks:  Snacks will take place at 9:45 on Monday-Thursday and at 10:15 on Friday's. Please provide your child with a healthy snack. 
  • Weather: Students will have outdoor recess everyday from 12:10-12:30. Please provide your child with sunscreen, hats, glasses, and/or water bottles. 

Whole Group: This week, we will focus on comparing and ordering numbers, identifying the value of digits, and writing numbers in standard, word, and expanded form. We will have a chapter one test on Friday. You can review pages 1-35 at home with your child. 

Small Group: We will work on solving math word problems and using clue words to help us solve problems. 

Fast Fact Quiz: Students will have seven minutes to solve 50 addition problems with sums up to 20.

We will begin with studying states of matter. This week we will observe the states of matter around us and classify the properties of solids, liquids, and gas. 

Spelling Words

Students will have a spelling test on Friday, September 22nd. 

Phonics: Plurals -s, -es, -ies.
  1. pennies
  2. inches
  3. plants
  4. families
  5. bodies
  6. glasses
  7. wishes
  8. pockets
  9. lists
  10. copies
  11. parties
  12. bunches
  13. crashes
  14. supplies
  15. pencils
  16. accidents
  17. libraries
  18. mysteries
  19. carpenters
  20. merchants


Trait of the week: Fables.

We will review basic writing conventions this week. 


Skill: Subject and predicates.

Students will learn that a sentence is a group of words that tell a complete thought. A sentence has a subject and a predicate. The subject is whom or what the sentence is about and the predicate tells what the subject is or does. 

Here all the rules about writing sentences in third grade:

How to write good vocabulary and spelling sentences:

1.       Begin with a capital letter.

2.       Each sentence must have at least five words.

3.      You cannot begin any sentence with the same word.

4.      Please underline the spelling word or vocabulary word you are using.

5.      Read your sentence aloud.   Make sure it is a complete thought and makes sense!

6.      Check the spelling of all your words.

7.      Make sure all sentences end with a period, question mark or exclamation mark.

Guidelines for the subject of WRITING.

Assignments 30%

Grammar 20%

Writing Process 40%

Spelling 10%

Assignments will be based on writing skills such as detailed sentences, paragraphs, letters and extended responses.

Grammar will be based on the grades received from grammar practice pages, quizzes and exit slips.

Writing process consists of grades obtained from writing drafts, editing pieces, and published works.

Spelling grades come from practice pages and spelling tests.

Whole Group: This week, we will read, "What About Me." Students will have a test on this story Friday, September 22nd. 

Small Group: Students will learn how to sort their spelling words, complete vocabulary charts, and use leveled readers.

Concept Question: What can we learn by trading with one another?

Genre: Fable

Vocabulary Strategy: Compound Words

Comprehension Skill: Sequence

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

Vocabulary Words: 

carpenter    carpet maker    knowledge

marketplace    merchant    plenty    

straying     thread

Username: nrodriguezac

We will read, "How the Desert Tortoise Got Its Shell" and discuss how trading helps both people and how trading is based on an item's value.

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