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104 | Pre-K | Ms. Conroy & Mrs. Walsh/Mrs. Kendall

Welcome to Pre-K Room 104!

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Important Dates:

·        February 20th - No School

·        February 14th - VALENTINE'S DAY- Next Tuesday, February 14th, is Valentines Day and we will be celebrating in the classroom. Students are invited to bring Valentines for their classmates, though it is not required. There are 19  students in the morning session and 14 students in the afternoon session. We ask that you DO NOT put names on the valentines as it makes them more difficult for students to pass out themselves. Students are also invited to dress in pink or red on this day.

·        February 21st - The 100th Day of School 

·        March 1st - Field Trip to Museum of Science and Industry- Play "Pete the Cat"


                                    Lending Library

Our classroom Lending Library is up and running.  Your child will choose a book on WEDNESDAYS to bring home for the week.  Please read the book with your child. 


When reading with your child, try this

·      Ask what the author and illustrator do

·      Ask questions:

- What is happening?

- What do you think will happen next?

- Could this happen in real life?

·      Have your child retell the story to you

The following Wednesday, please return book in your child's backpack. Your child will choose another book to bring home that day.  If your child does not return the book on Wednesday, they will not be allowed to take out another book until the current bag/book is returned.          


 Remember if your student is absentplease send an e-mail the morning of OR a handwritten note upon return.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerns.                         

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