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215 | 6th Reading, Writing, and Social Studies | Mr. Osorio

Welcome to 6th Grade English, Language Arts and Social Studies!
Mr. Osorio ~ Room 215

Parent Information /  Updates                                                                                                          

  • Study Hall is optional and offered to all middle school students. Sixth graders can choose to sign up for study hall during homeroom on Monday and Thursday mornings. Study Hall takes place during lunch and recess. Student who wish to partake will get a lunch and bring it up to their homeroom. This is a time to work on homework, ask the teacher questions and seek out additional help. In the event of an absence, this is a good time to get caught up on work that was missed. 

  • Students were introduced to CNN10 today.  This is a daily 10 minute news brief that focuses on national and world current events.  This program as well as the curriculum are designed to help our students process current events.  This curriculum will supplement our 6th grade ancient history curriculum.

Policies and Procedures   

Daily ELA / SS supplies needed:

Subject specific notebook, pencil pouch containing pencils, different pens, colored pencils (if possible) and a dry erase marker (class set also available).

Homework Policy:                                                                                                                                    

Reading and Social Studies homework is not given daily but is 10% of overall grade.  If homework is incomplete, students will receive a zero in grade book.

Extra Credit: 

Extra credit is never given on an individual basis to boost scores to the next letter grade on report cards.   

Late Work:                                                                                                                      

Late homework is not accepted for a grade. Homework is due at the beginning of class. Students who forgot to complete the work, forgot the homework in their locker or who do not have it with them in class will receive a "missing" score in the grade book which counts as a zero. 

Absent Work:                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Students will have the same number of days to complete work after an absence as the days they were absent. I encourage students to use the homework calendar to be sure they complete all homework. It is the students responsibility to seek out the teacher for any handouts that were given during an absence. 

Grading Policy:

Your grades will be given in the following categories:

  • Classwork (30%)
    • Any assignment started and/or completed in class (handouts, reviews, graphic organizers, etc.),  
  • Tests/Quizzes (30%)
    • Tests/Quizzes will be given throughout the quarter to check for understanding and application of learned concepts.  Pop quizzes may be given.

  • Projects/Exams (30%)
    • Quarterly projects will be assigned to students to complete in small groups or individually as we complete units.  Proper notification will be provided. 
  • Homework (10%)
    • Assignments are to be completed at home.  Homework is used to reinforce concepts taught in class, as well as teach responsibility. 

    Sixth Grade Homework Calendar 

    6th Grade Calendar