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215 | 6th / 7th Reading and Language Arts ~ Mr. Osorio

Parent update on end of unit essays.  

Both 6th and 7th grade will be finishing up the current unit with a closing explanatory essay.  
6th grade completed these on Friday 2/15.  Essays are being graded as efficiently and timely as possible. 6A will be completed by 2/19 and 6B by 2/25.  
Please review with your scholar the notes and feedback given 
to support their writing as the year continues.

*7th grade final essays will be due during the week of 2/25.  
Please consult the calendar for more precise timing.

Thanks for your support and efforts!

Welcome to 6th / 7th Grade English and Language Arts !
Mr. Osorio
                               Room 215                               

This year in our middle school literacy classes we will be aligning a novel to each of our units of study in our Literacy classes. There will be 4 novels total for the school year. Your child will be assigned a novel based on their Lexile level. This novel will be needed for classroom instruction and assessment.  We will release the assigned novel approximately 2 weeks before each new unit begins, as your child’s Lexile level may change and we want to make sure they are reading an appropriately challenging book.        

If you need financial assistance in obtaining a copy of this book, 
please let myself or Dr. Albani know ASAP.

Thank you for your continued support!
~Mr. Osorio

6th Grade Student Schedule







Homeroom: Lockers, Attendance, Breakfast, Silent Reading

     *Must be in homeroom by 7:50


6A: P.E.

6B: P.E.

6A: P.E.

6B: P.E.

6A: Art

6B: Lib/Tech

6A: Lib/Tech

6B: Art

6A: 1st & 2nd- P.E.

6A: 3rd- Art

6A: 4th- Lib/Tech

6B: 1st & 2nd- P.E.

6B: 3rd- Lib/Tech

6B: 4th- Art


6A: Science

6B: Social Studies


6A: Social Studies

6B: Science




World Language


World Language

World Language






6A: Math




6B: Math


Lockers, Classroom Cleanup, Dismissal

Policies and Procedures   

Daily ELA  supplies needed:

Subject specific notebook, folder, pencil pouch containing pencils, different pens, colored pencils (if possible).

Homework Policy:                                                                                                                                    

Reading s homework is not given daily but is 10% of overall grade.  If homework is incomplete, students may receive a zero in grade book.

Extra Credit: 

Extra credit is never given on an individual basis to boost scores to the next letter grade on report cards.   

Late Work:                                                                                                                      

Late homework is not accepted for a grade. Homework is due at the beginning of class. Students who forgot to complete the work, forgot the homework in their locker or who do not have it with them in class may receive a "missing" score in the grade book which counts as a zero. 

Absent Work:                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Students will have the same number of days to complete work after an absence as the days they were absent. I encourage students to use the homework calendar to be sure they complete all homework. It is the students responsibility to seek out the teacher for any handouts that were given during an absence. 

Grading Policy:

Your grades will be given in the following categories:

  • Assignments (39%)
    • Any assignment started and/or completed in class (handouts, reviews, graphic organizers, etc.),  
  • Assessments (41%)
    • Tests/Quizzes will be given throughout the quarter to check for understanding and application of learned concepts.  Quarterly projects will also fall under this section unless otherwise stated and will be completed individually or in groups.  Pop quizzes may be given and are unannounced. 
  • Homework/Participation (20%)
    • Assignments are to be completed at home.  Homework is used to reinforce concepts taught in class, as well as teach responsibility.  Participation in class discussions must to take place to show formative understanding of learned concepts and ideas. 

    Sixth Grade Homework Calendar 

    6th Grade Assignment Calendar

    Seventh Grade Homework Calendar 

    7th Grade Assignment Calendar