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212 | 7th & 8th Grade Reading | Ms. Moore

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Tentative Graduation Dates and Fees 

Below is a list of graduation fees. This will most likely change once we have more exact information but we wanted to at least provide an estimate so that you can begin planning. 


GRADUATION PACKAGE                                 

    **Payment due:   (Must be paid in full in order prior to your child's cap and gown being ordered)

Includes: Cap & Gown, Mini Tassel Key Ring, Graduation Ribbons (2 Ribbons), Autograph Book, Deluxe Diploma Cover, and Graduation Decorations


    **Payment due:


GRADUATION T-Shirt                                       $20

    **Payment due: 

8TH GRADE TRIP                     

LUNCHEON: Student cost is being covered by the PTO

    **Adult tickets for the luncheon cost $65 per parent– Transportation is not provided for parents


Total Cost: $

Important Graduation Dates:

June , 2018   - Luncheon -  

June , 2018  - Picnic -    

June , 2018  - Graduation - Held at Clemente High School 

High School Information:
High School Information: 
This is a pivotal year in your child's life. It's time to choose a high school. There are so many options. It is important that you remain informed and proactive in this process. 
CPS Office of Academic Enrollment (one stop shop for information)

Application Procedures

CPS High Schools: 

CPS High School Open House:

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund Deadlines:


Grading Scale 

Through the study of different types of literature and through work that develops our vocabulary, we are going to become better readers.

Students need to bring pens, spirals for note-taking, Interactive Reader, and a flash drive to class every day.

Grading Scale:

100 - 90 = A

89 - 80   = B

79 - 70   = C

69 - 60   = D

59 - 0     = F

  • LaSalle II Magnet School  expects students to do their own homework, to test without using unauthorized help, and to submit original work for all assignments.

    • Students caught  cheating will have the assignment grade  reduced by 50%

    • If plagiarism is found, then students will have the option of taking a zero or they can redo the assignment and have that final grade reduced by 50%

    • Cheating  includes but is not limited to  any type of talking, motioning, gesturing, and/or the use of notes, books, materials not approved.

  • No late homework accepted.

  • Retakes are not available in any class.

  • Students are allowed to go to lockers in the morning, before and after lunch, and end of the day.

  • Bathroom policies: Students should go to the bathrooms before and after school, during lunch/recess.  Students must have a pass to go to the bathroom.

Weighted Grading Scale 

55% Assessment of Learning

o   Any assessments of the Learning including formative, summative assessments, and projects. This includes quizzes, unit tests, cumulative tests and all projects. No retakes allowed.

45% Assignments/Participation

o   This includes daily in-class work,  classroom participation (provided with rubric), group work, and homework, . Late work not accepted.

 When students are absent

  1. An absence on the day prior shall not excuse the student from tests and quizzes taken on the day that he or she returns.  It usually takes us a week or two to complete a reading selection and the students should be studying the materials every night.


  1. See me at the beginning of class when you return, and ask me, “When may I make-up the exam I missed?” Make sure you schedule a time with me to take your exam. 


  1. All projects are due on the date given to the students.  Absence from school is not an excuse for not completing a project.  If a student is absent on the day a project is due, he or she must turn it as soon as they return to school.


  1. Accommodations can always be made for special circumstances (extended illness or things of that nature) but a parent must communicate them to me through email so that we can make arrangements to get any missing assignments.


Promotion Policy

  8th Grade: Students in grade eight must receive a ‘C’ or better in reading in order to avoid attending the summer bridge program as well as not participating in the eighth grade graduation ceremony.

Behavior: Students are expected to demonstrate their best behavior in and out of my class.  Inappropriate behavior may result in unfavorable consequences for you.  Students may be subject to missing fun, non-academic events that are at or sponsored by LaSalle II.



Graduation Policy
Please review graduation policies with your child.  Students must adhere to the promotion and graduation policies before qualifying for graduation.
  • Students need to pass the Illinois and United States Constitutions prior to graduation.