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223 | 5th Grade | Ms. McIlvain, NBCT

Room 223 Home Page

Welcome to our classroom page:
Hi parents, students and friends! This is the place to come to first when you have questions or need information. I will update it weekly (sometimes more often), and will try to stay ahead of your needs. If you have a specific question that is not addressed here, please feel free to email me. My email address is

Wish List!
There are many items we are in need of in Room 223. If you would like to make a donation to our classroom, please click here to see our Amazon Wish List. Please keep us in mind when you are grocery shopping, as well. We are always in need of Clorox Clean Up Wipes, facial tissues and paper towels. Thanks in advance!

When will the school year end?
The mayor and CPS made an announcement last week that schools will remain open until June 20, as previously scheduled....YAY!

Upcoming Events in May/June
Spirit Week May 8-12!
May 8-Mismatch Day
May 9-Fictional Character Day
May 10-Yellow Skittles Day
May 11-Throwback to 80's and 90's
May 12-Falcon Friday
May 19-Progress Reports go home
May 29-Memorial Day (No Classes)

June 1-2 NWEA Testing
June 7-8 NWEA Testing
June 20-Fun Day

5th Grade Homework - McIlvain and Kolkmeyer

This week in Reading
This week we will have another poetry workshop in Reading. Homework is light this week--a perfect opportunity to work on the 2 ongoing projects in Reading.

Weekly Grade Reflections
Given the success of our Student Led Report Card Conferences, students will continue to complete grade reflections each Friday. They have the opportunity to analyse their grades, reflect on strengths and weaknesses and make plans for growth. These go home each Friday, along with graded work from the week. Please take a few minutes to speak with your student about these very important reflections.

Helpful Links:
Scholastic News     Password: McIlvain223

Leveled Readers     Usernames are student specific, Password Lasalle2
All usernames for Leveled Readers can be found on a sheet in your Leveled Reader folder.
Directions for Leveled Readers: once you have logged in, you will find your homepage. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a link to this week's assignment. Click on it to find your book.

A Few of our policies remain in place throughout the year:
Homework is given on a daily basis. Students are responsible for writing down the homework (posted in the classroom) each day and bringing home the required items. Homework will also be posted weekly on a Google Doc that can be accessed from home . Homework must be turned in on time. All of these items are the responsibility of the student and should be followed in order to receive full credit.

Water and Food:

All students are allowed to bring water to school each day and keep it with him/her throughout the day. Students have a chance to fill the water bottles before school, before or after lunch, and when they are traveling to and from language classes. Students will not be allowed to leave the room during class to drink from the fountains. 

Breakfast is available to all students each morning free of charge. Breakfast is eaten in the classroom from 7:45-7:55.

A free lunch is available to every student in the cafeteria each day. Lunch can also be brought from home.

Since our lunch is so early (10:15), students may bring a healthy snack from home to eat on the way to language classes in the afternoon. A granola bar or pretzels are both healthy options that can be eaten on the run. Please avoid messy or unhealthy foods at this time.

If a student is absent, please notify the main office on the morning of the absence. In addition, send a note for the office upon the student's return. Any absence without a note will be considered unexcused. 
Homework missed when a child is absent can be made up. A student has the same number of days as they were out to make up the work (eg: if a student is absent one day, they will have one day AFTER their return to make up missed work.)
It is the responsibility of the student to find out what was missed during absences (by asking students, the teacher, checking the homework calendar and student portal). They should make up and turn in all homework in the time they are allowed. 
Please note that absences should be avoided as much as possible. Missing instruction makes work confusing and the amount of work due can snowball quickly.

Spotlight On: Leveled Readers

Most Wednesdays, the 5th graders have a leveled reading assignment to complete. These short books complement our reading story for the week and give students extra reading and skills practice at their independent levels. These count for a large part of our Reading grade and should be taken seriously. I have a limited number of print books that I share with students who may not have access to the internet at home, but the readers are available online. The website where you can find them is Usernames are specific, the password is lasalle2. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the assignment for the current week.

A Few Reminders:
Please review the dress code.  A few minor things have changed. 

Policies and Procedures
Late homework will not be accepted.  Items turned in late will show up as "msg" in gradebook and will be counted as a zero.

Missed work due to absences will not be considered late, as long as it is turned in promptly according to CPS guidelines.  Students have the same number of days to complete the work as they were absent.  For example, if a student is absent on Monday and returns to school on Tuesday, work is due on Wednesday.  If a student is absent Monday and Tuesday, returns to school on Wednesday, work is due on Friday.
Math and Reading homework is posted on the online homework calendar.  It is the responsibility of the student to check the calendar and turn on all work. Failure to do so will result in a lower grade.

Extra Credit is occasionally given to the entire class, but individualized extra credit assignments will not be given on request.

Students enter the building at 7:45 from Door 6 on the playground.   Instruction  begins promptly at 8:00.

Federal guidelines strictly forbid us from providing students with food in the classroom. Of course, students will have the opportunity to eat lunch, either from home or the cafeteria, each day.  Food cannot be distributed as incentives, rewards or for celebrations in the classroom.