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TECH REQUEST ( For Teachers Only!)                                                                                                                                               

                                                                               WELCOME TO LASALLE II LIBRARY!     
  • To promote life long learning
  • To make information accessible for faculty and students
  • To provide technological opportunities
  • To promote student learning by becoming effective users of information literacy
Teachers and students will explore exciting destinations from around the world during the school day! Students come to the library once a week and love to read in the beautiful new loft among the other worldy additions to the library decor! The library reflects the school's major focus of foreign languages from the artistic Spanish tiles to the geometric patterned Arabic screens. If you have not seen the library, please do so! Students will discover new cultures as they read around the world!
To promote global learning, students have access to books in Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish and Urdu as well as multicultural books.
      Students are utilizing to enhance reading comprehension skills. Myon can also be accessed at home and can be used as an extra credit option.Primary grades are reading the books in the Franklin series.Students are also learning sign language in honor of Helen Keller for women's history month. Third graders are utilizing to learn about famous women such as Amelia Earhart for women's history month as well.  Fourth graders are reading the second book in the series, Origami Yoda, called "Darth Paper Strikes Back."  as well as  working on the comprehension questions in this book.  Fourth graders are learning how to email homework assignments using their cps email. .  For more specific information, please refer to my wikispace page at: Circulation rules are posted here as well.  The online catalog is on the wikispace page under the word, SOAR.  The list below states your child's library day. Please help your child to remember to bring back their library book!
Library Schedule 
Tuesday-Weingarten, Whitters, Manas
Wednesday-Mackow, Rodriguez
Thursday-Tseng, Waters, Heinrich

Students in primary grades are learning navigational skills by using the mouse as well as keyboarding skills via and brown bear typing.  Students are also learning about various different graphs like tally graphs, bar graphs, area graphs, line and pie graphs. We are also creating those graphs on the computers .IPADS letter and number app help the primary kids to write their letters and numbers better.Primary kids are learning keyboarding skills via e-learning for kids/.   Typing web keeps track of students' words per minute and accuracy of typing. This can be also accessed from home using logins and passwords I have assigned.  Students should be practicing keyboarding at home. Please encourage correct placement of hands on the keyboard. Students are now utilizing Tux typing and tux math to enhance typing skills. All grades are learning to type on Microsoft Word.7th graders are learning about the website that allows them to read and listen to books at their level. Seventh graders are researching information about teens in different countries and using that research  to create brochures using Microsoft Publisher. Websites that we are using in computers are also posted under their grade level or under computer websites on my wikispace page.  
Great news! My project on donors choose has been fully funded! We now have headphones for every ipad! Thank you to all who donated!

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News and Announcements!
Great America tickets should be passed out in May 2014. 

Attention Community Members, Parents and Staff!

Get a Jump Start on Reading!
 -Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller by Joseph Lambert
-Electric Ben by Robert Byrd
-Paiute Princess by Deborah Kogan Ray
-Sophia's War by Avi
-Titanic: Voices from the Disaster by Deborah Hopkinson

The Ugly SnowFlake by Micki McHay
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
The Mitten by Jan Brett