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224 | 5th Grade Math & Science | Ms. Kolkmeyer, NBCT

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5th Grade Homework - McIlvain and Kolkmeyer

Policies and Procedures

Homework Policy:
Math homework will be collected DAILY. Some days, the homework will just be spot-checked, meaning that 5 points will be given for 100% completion (all questions answered with effort). Other days, the work will be graded and points will be awarded based on the number of correct answers given. 

Student Portal/Parent Portal:
By clicking on the letter grade, you can see an detailed list of all assignments and grades that have been entered. Any assignment that has a "missing" note attached indicates that the assignment was not turned in or it was turned in without a name and can be found on the "no name" board. An "incomplete" note indicates that the student has more time to complete the assignment and a blank grade means that the work hasn't been done/graded yet.
Extra Credit:
Extra credit is offered on math tests for completing the optional online practice. I also offer one extra credit point for turning in progress reports and report cards on the next day after they are passed out to students. Typically, no other extra credit opportunities are given and extra credit is never given on an individual basis to boost to the next letter grade on report cards. 

Reading and Social Studies: 
Information can be found on Ms. McIlvain's webpage. For information about language classes or specials, please see that teacher's page.   

Late Work:
Late homework is not accepted for a grade. Math homework for room 224 is due by 7:55 am when they arrive to school and homework for room 223 is due at the beginning of their math class. Students without their work receive a zero.
Classwork that was not turned in when it was due at the end of class will be accepted for a grade, but a point will be taken off for each day it is late. 

Absent Work:
Students will have the same number of days to complete work after an absence as the days they were absent. I encourage students to use the homework link to be sure they complete all homework. Any handouts that were given during an absence can be found in each teacher's classroom by the door. 

Specials for 4th Quarter
Monday - PE (click for PE link)
Tuesday - 
PE (click for PE link)
Wednesday - Library or Computers
Thursday - Art
Friday - Art

Grading Scale:
100-90 = A (greatly exceeds standards)
89-80 = B (exceeds standards)
79-70 = C (meets standards)
69-60 = D (below standards)
59-0 = F

June 7 - Understanding Ratios
June 8 - Understanding Rates and Unit Rates
June 9 - Equal Ratios and Proportions 
June 12 - Using Ratio Tables
June 13 - Comparing Rates
June 14 - Using Expressions to Describe Patterns
June 15 - Surface Area
June 16 - Math Games

Useful Links
(you choose) 

Students are now learning how to appropriately cite sources in essays with author and page number as well as how to write a bibliography. We're using MLA, though we have discussed that APA is also commonly used. 


Students have begun a new unit titled Measuring Time. This unit covers the history of time measurement and the evolution of timekeeping. Americans use clocks to help structure their lives, but students discover in one reading that accurate clocks are a relatively new invention, coming from sailors' need to know where they were at sea. With our investigations in this unit, students will conduct activities clustered around the following major focuses on tracking time through the movement of the sun and moon, and determining and experimenting with the variables that affect the motion of pendulums and water clocks.