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202 | 2nd Grade | Mrs. Quagliano

Mrs. Quagliano's Second Grade
All students are required to create a mailbox and Valentines for February 14th. Please see attachment.

Unit 3
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Creative Ideas
Essential Question:
How can creative ideas help us solve problems?

Reading tests will be every Thursday. Students will be tested on the skills outlined in the newsletter each week.           

Students are expected to read each day of the week for 20 minutes a night .     

Small Group Reading
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We are working on reading at our own levels in small groups. Students are working on centers focusing on setting, plot and character traits. 

Chapter 7 : Metric Measurement of Length

Lesson 1: Measuring in Meters: pp.192-195

Lesson 2: Comparing Lengths in Meters: pp.196-200

Lesson 3: Measuring in Centimeters: pp.201-210

Lesson 4: Comparing Lengths in Centimeters: pp.211-215

Lesson 5: Real world problems: Metric Length pp. 216- 222


Quiz Friday-  There will be a quiz Friday on multiplication up to x 5

IXL Practice Units of measurement

  1. S.3Which customary unit of length is appropriate?
  2. S.4Customary units of length: word problems

  3. S.8Measure using a centimeter ruler
  4. S.9Which metric unit of length is appropriate?
  5. S.10Metric units of length: word problems




  • Small Group Math
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    Students are working on measurement in small groups.

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    Grammar:  verbs and nouns

    To help your child at home:

    Please practice writing sentences with correct punctuation

    Practice writing on notebook paper, at the beginning of the page



    1. O.1Use action verbs
    2. O.2Identify action verbs
    3. O.3Identify helping verbs
    4. O.4One or more than one?
    5. O.5Use the correct subject or verb
    6. O.6Pronoun-verb agreement
    7. O.7Which sentence is in the regular past tense?
    8. O.8Identify verbs in the regular past tense
    9. O.9Form and use the regular past tense
    10. O.10Place sentences on a timeline
    11. O.11Change the sentence to future tense
    12. O.12Identify the irregular past tense I
    13. O.13Identify the irregular past tense II
    14. O.14Form and use the irregular past tense: set 1
    15. O.15Form and use the irregular past tense: set 2
    16. O.16Form and use the irregular past tense: set 3
    17. O.17Form and use the irregular past tense: set 4
    18. O.18Match the -ed and -ing sentences to the pictures
    19. O.19To be: use the correct present tense form
    20. O.20To be: use the correct past tense form
    21. O.21To be: use the correct form
    22. O.22To have: use the correct form
    23. O.23Place sentences with irregular verbs on a timeline
    24. O.24Is the sentence in the past, present, or future tense?


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    We will continue working on all about animal books. 

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    Foss Unit 1:

    Science is very hands on in second grade. Even though you may not see a lot of science "papers" come home, we are learning every day. Students do have a science notebook they take notes in.

    Air and Weather

    Big idea: weather- What is weather?

    What is snow?

    How is snow formed?

    Test on weather January 16

    In addition to our science units, we also will be working very closely on :

    Proper Recycling

    Feeding our Composting worms

    Taking care of our class Hermit Crabs


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    Chapter 5: People Work in Many Places

    People give us goods and services, how we get goods, needs vs. wants , goods from far away.

    Key Vocabulary:  good, service, wants, needs, factory, community



    African American History project due February 16th- please  see Project sheet on the 202 website



     Second Step

    Second step will take place each week. It is a social emotional

    Lesson Topics

    Lessons are taught once a week and take 30–35 minutes, followed by 5- to 10-minute daily activities—all with little to no prep time.

    unit 1
    Skills For Learning
    • Being Respectful
    • Focusing Attention and Listening
    • Using Self-Talk
    • Being Assertive
    unit 2
    • Identifying Feelings
    • Learning More About Feelings
    • Feeling Confident
    • Respecting Different Preferences
    • Showing Compassion
    • Predicting Feelings
    unit 3
    Emotion Management
    • Introducing Emotion Management
    • Managing Embarrassment
    • Handling Making Mistakes
    • Managing Anxious Feelings
    • Managing Anger
    • Finishing Tasks
    unit 4
    Problem Solving
    • Solving Problems, Part 1
    • Solving Problems, Part 2
    • Taking Responsibility
    • Responding to Playground Exclusion
    • Playing Fairly on the Playground
    • Reviewing Second Step Skills

    Math Practice Websites:                                                                 

     Language Arts Practice Websites:                          



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