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202 | 2nd Grade | Mrs. Quagliano

Mrs. Quagliano's Second Grade
Ms. Parisi

Unit 3
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Essential Question:  Where do creative ideas come from?

Students are expected to read each day of the week for 20 minutes a night .     

Small Group Reading
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Students will work in small groups to practice using a dictionary and thesaurus to find information.

  1. Chapter 7:  Metric Measurement of Length

    Lesson 1: Measuring in Meters

    Lesson 2:  Comparing Lengths in Meters

    Lesson 3: Measuring in Centimeters

    Lesson 4:  Comparing Lengths in Centimeters

    Lesson 5:  Real-World Problems:  Metric Length


Small Group Math

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Students will work in small groups to practice measurement.

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Grammar: Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation, Structure (COPS)

Practice writing in notebooks, working from the top left of the page down

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We will be working on writing letters to pen pals.

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Foss Unit 2:

Science is very hands on in second grade. Even though you may not see a lot of science "papers" come home, we are learning every day. Students do have a science notebook they take notes in.

Foss Unit: Balance

How many ways can a shape be balanced?

How can counterweights help us balance other objects?

In addition to our science units, we also will be working very closely on :

Proper Recycling

Taking care of our class Hermit Crab


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Unit 3:  People Work in Many Places

Chapter 5: People Give Us Goods and Services

Key Concepts: needs vs. wants, reading a picture graph, goods vs. services, community workers, how we get goods

Key Vocabulary: needs, wants, goods, services, community



 Second Step

Second step will take place each week. It is a social emotional curriculum.

Lesson Topics

Lessons are taught once a week and take 30–35 minutes, followed by 5- to 10-minute daily activities—all with little to no prep time.

unit 1
Skills For Learning
  • Being Respectful
  • Focusing Attention and Listening
  • Using Self-Talk
  • Being Assertive
unit 2
  • Identifying Feelings
  • Learning More About Feelings
  • Feeling Confident
  • Respecting Different Preferences
  • Showing Compassion
  • Predicting Feelings
unit 3
Emotion Management
  • Introducing Emotion Management
  • Managing Embarrassment
  • Handling Making Mistakes
  • Managing Anxious Feelings
  • Managing Anger
  • Finishing Tasks
unit 4
Problem Solving
  • Solving Problems, Part 1
  • Solving Problems, Part 2
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Responding to Playground Exclusion
  • Playing Fairly on the Playground
  • Reviewing Second Step Skills

Math Practice Websites:                                                         

 Language Arts Practice Websites:                      



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