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202 | 2nd Grade | Mrs. Quagliano

Mrs. Quagliano's Second Grade
Ms. Parisi

Unit 1
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Essential Question:  How does exploration help us find answers?

Students are expected to read each day of the week for 20 minutes a night .     

Small Group Reading
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Students will be placed into small groups to practice reading skills in depth.

  1. Chapter 3: Subtraction up to 1,000 Subtraction with and without regrouping in the tens, ones, and hundreds places


Small Group Math

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Students will be placed into small groups to practice math skills in depth

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Grammar: using proper capitalization and punctuation

Practice writing in notebooks, at the beginning of the page

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We will be working on writing small moments personal narratives

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Foss Unit 1:

Science is very hands on in second grade. Even though you may not see a lot of science "papers" come home, we are learning every day. Students do have a science notebook they take notes in.

Foss Unit: Air and Weather

Focus Questions: How do you know air in there?

How does air make things move?

What changes occur in weather over time?

What instruments are used to measure air?

In addition to our science units, we also will be working very closely on :

Proper Recycling

Taking care of our class Hermit Crab


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Unit 1

Chapter 2: Neighborhoods Change

Key Concepts: identifying things that change in a neighborhood, inventions, using a map

Key Vocabulary: inventions, change, neighborhood



 Second Step

Second step will take place each week. It is a social emotional curriculum.

Lesson Topics

Lessons are taught once a week and take 30–35 minutes, followed by 5- to 10-minute daily activities—all with little to no prep time.

unit 1
Skills For Learning
  • Being Respectful
  • Focusing Attention and Listening
  • Using Self-Talk
  • Being Assertive
unit 2
  • Identifying Feelings
  • Learning More About Feelings
  • Feeling Confident
  • Respecting Different Preferences
  • Showing Compassion
  • Predicting Feelings
unit 3
Emotion Management
  • Introducing Emotion Management
  • Managing Embarrassment
  • Handling Making Mistakes
  • Managing Anxious Feelings
  • Managing Anger
  • Finishing Tasks
unit 4
Problem Solving
  • Solving Problems, Part 1
  • Solving Problems, Part 2
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Responding to Playground Exclusion
  • Playing Fairly on the Playground
  • Reviewing Second Step Skills

Math Practice Websites:                                                         

 Language Arts Practice Websites:                      



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