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216 | 6th & 7th Grade | Ms. Guillaume

Welcome to the 6th and 7th Grade Math Page

Mrs. Guillaume - Room 216
  • NO online homework is due for the remainder of the school year.  Enjoy the beautiful weather and have great conversations with friends and family.
  • 6th grade parents, please ask your students to share their Statistics Project grades with you.  We tried out a new ONLINE rubric and their scores were emailed to them right away.  We are using the end of the school year to try out some new technology.
  • All students MUST have a calculator for class daily. **Every day without a calculator equals 1 fine of $5 (LaSalle II $)**
  • Khan Academy Challenge Pizza parties with take place on Monday, June 5th (6th Grade) and Thursday, June 8th (7th Grade).  No late permission slips will be accepted.  I am so proud of all my students for putting in so many hours on Khan Academy!
  •  To access the Khan Academy Maptest website click here.


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The most important class rule is:  
You are here to LEARN, 


Daily Supplies

  • 5 subject notebook with folder
  • Pencils (mechanical, if possible)
  • colored pen
  • math book
  • calculator
  • agenda


Classroom Procedures

1.               Be prepared with materials and pencils.

2.               Look at the board for the lesson of the day and set up your notebook.

3.               Put homework on your desk for me to check. 

4.               Begin warm-up.

5.               If you finish warm-up before class begins, review homework.


Class Participation

I expect you to be involved in class at all times.  This includes independent work, partner work, group work, whole class discussion, or instruction time. Group work is a major part of this class and I expect you to work cooperatively within your group.



Your grades will be given in the following categories:

  • Assignments (30%)
    • Any assignments completed in class (scavenger hunts, task cards, reviews), homework analysis (collected for a grade), POM (Problem of the Month), center work (1/week), and anything else that is not listed below.
  • Homework (5%)
    • Assignments completed at home.  Homework is used to reinforce concepts taught in class, as well as teach responsibility.  Homework in your notebook is credit/half credit/no credit. 
  • Assessments      (50%)
    • Quizzes are given approximately once a week to assess concepts taught in class.  You will be given notice and should be studying daily for upcoming quizzes. 
    • Exams will be given at the end of a unit.  You will be given plenty of notice, an in-class review and an opportunity for extra help.   Please contact me any time to discuss extra help.
  • IXL (15%)
    • IXL will be completed at home or in school and you will always be given skills to work on.



  • Math homework will be assigned DAILY.  You will receive 5 points for completion of homework.  If is not completed, with all work shown, you will not receive the credit.
  • In addition to homework, you should be studying DAILY.  Study current topics being covered, prepare for upcoming tests or quizzes, or go on the following websites:  IXL, Khan Academy, or Buzz Math.
  • IXL - Assigned every Sunday and is due the following Sunday.  Students have one week to complete the assigned skills.  Please see the homework calendar for skills assigned and when they are due.



·         If you know in advance that you will be absent, please talk to me to get the assignments you will miss while gone.

·         With an excused absence, you have as many days as you were gone to make up the work.   For example, if you were absent 1 day, you have 1 night to make up the work.  If you were absent 3 days, you have 3 days to make up the work.

·         All assignments will be placed in the folder by the door.  If it is missing, please let me know immediately. 

·         Turning in late work (due to an excused absence)– Give all missing assignments directly to ME unless I tell you otherwise.


6th Grade LaSalle II Dollars "bank accounts"

7th Grade LaSalle II Dollars "bank accounts"

6th Grade Math

Students will begin the school year with a diagnostic assessment and review of 5th grade material. All students will be given clear expectations of work quality and completion, as well as the importance of all assessments.

Unit 1: Numbers

  • Module 1 Integers
  • Module 2 Factors and Multiples
  • Module 3 Rational Numbers

Unit 2:  Number Operations

  • Module 4  Operations with Fractions
  • Module 5  Operations with Decimals

Unit 3:  Proportionality:  Ratios and Rates
  • Module 6:  Representing Ratios and Rates
  • Module 7:  Applying Ratios and Rates
  • Module 8:  Percents
Unit 4:  Equivalent Expressions
  • Module 9:  Generating Equivalent Numerical Expressions
  • Module 10:  Generating Equivalent Algebraic Expressions
Unit 5:  Equations and Inequalities
  • Module 11:  Equations and Relationships
  • Module 12:  Relationships in Two Variables
Unit 6:  Relationships in Geometry
  • Module 13:  Area and Polygons
  • Module 14:  Distance and Area in the Coordinate Plane
  • Module 15:  Surface Area and Volume of Solids
Unit 7:  Measurement and Data
  • Module 16:  Displaying, Analyzing and Summarizing Data
    • Statistics Project (Due April 26th) will be worked on in school.
Unit 8:  The Number System


  1. No more online math homework due!  

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Embed gadget

7th Grade Math

Students will begin the school year with a diagnostic assessment and review of 6th grade material.  All students will be given clear expectations of work quality and completion, as well as the importance of all assessments.


Unit 1:  The Number System

  • Module 1 Adding and Subtracting Integers.
  • Module 2 Multiplying and Dividing Integers
  • Module 3 Rational Numbers

(see files for a unit newsletter with more detailed information

Unit 2:  Ratios and Proportional Relationships

  • Module 4 Ratios and Proportionality
  • Module 5 Proportions and Percent
Unit 3:  Expressions, Equations and Inequalities
  • Module 6:  Expressions and Equations
  • Module 7:  Inequalities
Unit 4:  Geometry
  • Module 8:  Modeling Geometric Figures
  • Module 9:  Circumference, Area and Volume
Unit 5 Statistics
  • Module 10:  Analyzing and Comparing Data
    • Statistics Project 
  • Module 11:  Random Samples and Populations
  • Unit 5 Test
Unit 6 Probability
  • Module 12  Experimental Probability
  • Module 13 Theoretical Probability and Simulations
Unit 7 Real Numbers
  • Module 14 Real Numbers
Linear Equations Review
Factoring Polynomials
Quadratic Equations

*Quiz dates are TENTATIVE and will change based on student need.

  1. No more online math homework due!

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