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211 | 7th & 6th Grade | Ms. Gipson

Dear Parents, 


Grading Scale

Class Assignments                               40%

Assessments                                         40%

Class Participation                                          20%

100 - 90             A
89 - 80                B
79 - 70                C
69 - 60                D
59 and below    F

Letter to Students and Parents

6th and 7th Grades  

Dear Students/Parents:

I am so glad to have the privilege of teaching you this school year.  I have taught Social Studies for the past 7 years and find it exciting.  This year we will be studying ancient cultures in the 6th grade and the settling of the United States in the 7th.  Both groups will also be learning about financial literacy.

New Book:  We have a new Social Studies book which is also an ebook.  Here is the link to access it:  Be aware that dates on the calendar may change slightly as we become familiar with the book.   If I determine I need to spend more time on a topic making sure you, as the student understands, I will absolute do that.

Grading Policy: Assignments will be graded at 40%, Assessments at 40%, and Class Participation at 20%

Attendance: You will be tracking your own absences.  On the days you are absent, you are to coordinate the assignment you missed on that day with the calendar.  Write it in the day missed and show it to me. You will have as many days as you were absent to complete the work. Example, if you were absent 2 days, you will have two days to submit the work.  When the work is turned in, you must go to your calendar to the date you turned it in and document that you turned it in.

Late Work:  I am accepting up to 3 late assignments per quarter. If you have left your assignment for the day in your locker it will not be considered late if you turn it in after the first opportunity you have to go to your locker, however, you will not be allowed to go to your locker during class to retrieve it. If you turn it in after you’ve had opportunity (recess/lunch for 6th grade; the end of the day for 7th grade), it will be considered late. Upon its being graded, your work will drop (1) letter grade from the grade given. Example:  If you earned an 85%, your grade will be a 75%.

Testing Policy:  Testing is assessing the knowledge you have gained as an individual.  If you are talking, your eyes are wandering, your hands are in your desk or you have unauthorized papers on your desk, I will assume you are using notes or others’ work to assist you in your answers.  Your score will be a ‘0’ in this instance. If you have a question about the test, ask me.

Contacting me:  My email address is  I check my emails in the morning when I get to school and during my preparation period which is 8 - 9.  If you email me during the day, I will return it as promptly as I can. I try not to email over the weekend as I need that time to prepare for the upcoming week but you can expect a return email on Monday.  If there is a question about homework over the weekend, email a study buddy to see if they have the answer. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me for clarity.

Your Teacher,

Miss Gipson

Study Skills

Organizing at Home

Turn off the TV and turn on your thinking power!

Choose a place to study

Find a spot that’s comfortable Study in the same place everyday.

Choose a time to study

Pick a time when you’re most alert. Study EVERY DAY

Plan how long to study

Study at least 90 minutes every day. Study in short bursts, and then relax.

Gather your equipment

Get the supplies and references Keep your supplies in one place Make files of class work

Find a Study Buddy

Choose a friend or classmate to help you
Ask for help when you need it: Parents, Teachers or Homework Hotline

Lots of teens think they can play The Study Game with only a few minutes preparation. Or they put off homework till it’s too late, and then skip it completely. Why? Television. Too much TV watching is a big problem for many students today. It can keep even the brightest people from doing well in school. Don’t kid yourself! You can’t do your best thinking with the TV on. If you try, you’ll pay the penalty in poorer work. It’s the biggest favor you can do...for you!

Now that the TV’s off, what else can you do at home to prepare for better grades?

Choose a Place to Study

Find a spot that’s comfortable. Music is okay-but only at a low level in the background. Study in the same place every day. Get in condition and it’s easy to follow this new habit.

Choose a Time to Study

Pick a time when you’re most alert to study. Maybe you like to get your homework done as soon as you get home from school. Great! Maybe you’d rather relax for a while and study after dinner. That’s fine too. The point is to choose a time, then make the most of it. Study every day. It’s the mental workout that keeps you in condition and on top of your game.

Plan How Long to Study

Set aside between 30 (5th grade) and 90 minutes (9th grade) of study time every day. You may need more time, depending on your classes. Sometimes you’ll have to study longer because of papers, projects or tests. You may feel that others study much less. But others may not have your goal of getting great grades!

Study in short bursts of about 20-30 minutes each. You remember things best from the beginning and end of each study session. So take breaks often to stretch, get a glass of water, a healthy snack, etc. It helps relieve the ‘brain drain”.

Gather your Equipment

No athlete functions without the right equipment. Get a dictionary, atlas, almanac, pens and pencils. Get a typewriter if you can. Your parents may help with supplies. Check used bookstores and office supply stores for bargains. Keep all your supplies in one place where they’re ready to go to work. Make files. Don’t throw away any coursework until a class is over. Keep all returned homework, quizzes and other papers. Use this material for review before tests.

Find a Study Buddy

Choose a friend or classmate to help you with drills (language, vocabulary, etc.)

Ask a classmate who gets good grades for help in a subject that’s hard for you. Exchange phone numbers so you can get assignments when you are out sick or need help on an assignment.

6th Grade

7th Grade