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224 | 4th Grade Math & Science | Mrs. Conley, NBCT

4th Grade Mrs. Conley
Math, Science, Writing

Donations - If any parent has used or new tennis balls that you don't need, I'd love to have them! I want to use them for chair footies to cut down on noise in the classroom. 

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Mrs. Conley

Feb 18 - No School - President's Day 

No-Name Papers: Papers without a name are kept but then thrown away at progress report and the end of the quarter. If a student knows they turned something in, and it's listed as missing, he/she should come see me. 

Missing Classwork: At the end of class, I remind all students that if they have not yet turned in classwork, to do so. Several students are not turning in this work and I don't catch it until I grade the papers at home that evening or the following day. If you see any of these classwork zeros, please speak to your child and remind them to turn it in! I DO accept late classwork! 

Homework:  Students are given time to write homework in their agenda, it is written on the homework calendar in class, and can be found on the homework calendar above. Homework is listed early on the homework calendar so students may choose to work ahead. Homework is usually checked for completion only but occasionally collected and graded. Homework grades worth 5 points indicate it was just checked for completion. Students must complete ALL of the homework to receive the 5 points. Partial credit isn't given.

Science homework will occasionally be given. Typically, students will have science homework 1-2 times each month, at most. 

Reading and Social Studies: 
Information can be found on Mrs. Sosa's Page.  

Absent Work:
Students will have the same number of days to complete work after an absence as the days they were absent. I encourage students to use the homework link to be sure they complete all homework. Any handouts that were given during an absence will be given to the student when they return. 

Specials for 2nd Quarter
Specials 11am-12pm M-F
Monday - Library or Computers 
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - PE
Thursday - PE
Friday - Art

Grading Scale:
100-90 = A (greatly exceeds standards)
89-80 = B (exceeds standards)
79-70 = C (meets standards)
69-60 = D (below standards)
59-0 = F
Topic 10
Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors Continued

Jan 24  10-1 - Division as repeated subtraction
Jan 25 10-2 Division as repeated subtraction (continued)

Jan 28 10-3 Division as Sharing
Jan 29 10-4 Dividing 2-Digit by 1-Digit
Jan 30 No School
Jan 31  No School

Feb 4 - 10-5 and 10-6  Dividing 3-Digit by 1-Digit and Deciding where to start dividing
Feb 5 10-7 Dividing 4-Digit by 1-Digit
Feb 6 10-8 Problem Solving and Study Day
Feb 7 Topic 10 Test
Feb 8 Data Day

Feb 11 - Start of topic 11

Students are working on a new really cool feature on IXL that includes individualized diagnostics! As students answer questions, and let the program know what they haven't yet been taught, they will be given an exact level in each skill category as well as personal RECOMMENDATIONS! I'm so excited to start using this feature to better personalize each students learning experience! This will also be really helpful for students when they write their reflections and goals!
Usernames are the child's first name followed by conley224 with no spaces. For example, Steve will be steveconley224. The password is mathclass4 for all students. 

Spelling tests take place each Friday. These spelling words complement the reading class (Mrs. Sosa's classroom). Lists of words are posted on Mrs. Sosa's page as well as the workbook pages that accompany each week's story. 
Mystery Science

This unit helps students develop the idea that sound is an actual thing, a wave of vibrations traveling through the air. Equipped with this understanding, students can begin to make sense of how sound and music work


Grading Scale for Participation in Science and Math
5 points “A” 
• Works until finished; always on task 
• Completes all required work to specified standards 
• Shows initiative by helping others 
• Asks for assistance in an appropriate way  (raises hand, doesn't interrupt, waits until teacher is done with other students)

4 points “B” 
• Works until finished but needs support to remain on task 
• Needs a little prompting to complete work 
• Works and helps others with some guidance 
• Usually asks for help in an appropriate way 

3 points “D” 
• Needs regular prompting to finish work 
• Does not consistently complete work as directed 
• Works with others with little prompting 
• Usually does not help others 
• Needs reminded to ask for assistance in an appropriate way 

1 points F 
• Often off task, multiple, personal redirects were given and then ignored. 
• Often gains attention through inappropriate means (class clown, acting out)
• Incomplete work (due to lack of attention to assignment), or does not complete it according to directions (due to excessive talking/not paying attention)